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Social Gravy - The Dream Syndicate - Historian

Social Gravy craft some excellent West Coast rock as is demonstrated by two fine songs that just get on with rocking in an unpretentious way. Spoken word, psychedelic vibes, and atmosphere are everywhere on The Dream Syndicate's 'Black Light' a gorgeous and hypnotic song. The new album from Historian is full of imaginative songs, where folk music of sorts is taken in all directions from psych to indie, and the quality throughout is notable. Social Gravy - Let It Out / California. This is the story of a Belarusian and a Britt who met in downtown Los Angeles. Two foreigners who live in the epicenter of contemporary pop culture, creating quintessential West Coast rock, spun from the same cloth as Hotel California. Brad Kohn and Vee Bordukov’s collaboration started in 2014, with a couple of song ideas and jam sessions. When the duo realized that they shared a mutual love of melodic rock and luscious harmonies, they started work on their debut album—2017’s Behind Every

The Astronots - Skye Wallace - Boo Boo Davis

The Astronots share a feisty and powerful rocker softened only by the more melodic layered vocals. Skye Wallace keeps the momentum going with a tornado of pure rock and roll, with storming vocals to match. Boo Boo Davis has been featured on Beehive Candy accompanying The Electro Blues Society, now we have some fresh material from him, where his superb blues vocals and musicianship can be sampled with five songs from the forthcoming album. The Astronots - Settle Down. The new single from The Astronots. ‘Settle Down’ narrates the feeling of anxiety and being trapped inside yourself. Featuring resonating guitars, throbbing basslines and eerie layered vocals the track truly packs a punch. The Astronots are an American rock’n’roll outfit, spearheaded by its founding members, Niko Giaimo (Vocals/Guitar) and Allee Futterer (Vocals/Bass). The two are established musicians in their own right. Futterer has had years of cutting her musical teeth, backing some of the biggest names in the

Native Harrow - Benedict Benjamin - Alice Phoebe Lou - Lowland Hum - Grace Acladna - Kuri

We begin today with Native Harrow and her gorgeous new video for 'Happier Now' a superb and natural indie folk song. Benedict Benjamin share's a fresh and unpretentious rocker with the emphasis on melodic hooks and an upbeat pace. At the time of writing this, Alice Phoebe Lou's new video for 'Galaxies' has already had close to forty thousand views, which is unsurprising, both the song and the video are sublime and totally moreish. We have featured Lowland Hum just once before and they are more than welcome back with this subtle and catchy albeit rather short modern folk song. Grace Acladna mixes quite differing genres together in style, in what is a very pleasing, original and refreshing song. We finish today's round up with Kuri and an original sounding and catchy folk based song, I say 'based' as it morphs comfortably beyond that genre, sounding really good as it does so. Native Harrow - Happier Now. Indie folk-pop artist Native Harrow, out