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Paper Cameras - Elva - Eyreton Hall

Paper Cameras share some rich and powerful alt rock with 'We Hear Your Name' ahead of their new album due in a few days. The duo Elva are an absolute delight, we've featured Allo Darlin in the past and Elizabeth Morris's vocals can once again charm us as does Ola Innset with his pristine musicianship. Eyreton Hall provide us with a melodic and beautiful song that is steeped in folk sensibilities and crafted to a very high standard. Paper Cameras -We Hear Your Name. The Painted Light LP from Paper Cameras has been a long time coming and well worth the wait. The lo-fi polyphonic soundscape is full of ethereal harmonies reminiscent of the 90’s garage influenced rock scene that veteran Portland musician Michael Carothers helped form. The history of Paper Cameras began in 2005, when Carothers (Spectator Pump/All The Dead Horses/The Glib) conceived the project and began writing songs. Three years later, the E.P. Lost Weekend was born. The E.P. was recorded with longtim

VOIID - Seatbelts - Wy - Junodream - Jonny Kosmo - Morabeza Tobacco

VOIID just cut to the chase with Vile, a punk fuelled song without the pretence, but armed with plenty of hooks. Seatbelts 'Spanish Songs' is a refined piece that mixes fine vocals, harmonies and a few spoken words whilst the refreshing musical backdrop adds more. The vocals on 'Softie' are gorgeous and distinctive ensuring Wy standout, as they tease us with this taste of the forthcoming album. Junodream offer some rhythmic indie rock with some sparkling guitar as 'Terrible Things That Could Happen' hits the spot. Jonny Cosmo's quirky video makes a good companion for 'Circus Of Dreams' a catchy vibrant song with plenty of charm. Morabeza Tobacco have a rich and expansive sound for just a duo, what's more their music is lush, melodic and just so dreamy. VOIID - Vile. Taking no prisoners with an authentic riot grrrl approach, VOIID's latest belter 'Vile' isn't too dissimilar from what has come before, instead acting as a viv

Cat Princess - Guest Directors - Charlotte Cornfield

Cat Princess serve up a funky and vibrant slice of art rock with some dance along vibes for good measure. Guest Directors new E.P. covers a few rock genre bases, the bands musicianship is noteworthy, as their versatile material demonstrates. Charlotte Cornfield's 'Storm Cloud' is gorgeous, her vocals are beautiful, the lyrics intrigue, and the catchy nature of this song ensures a good few listens are likely. Cat Princess - Sweet. Uppsala quintet Cat Princess formed at a New Year's party and debuted only days after playing at guitarist Robin's birthday party. Singer Nils joined the gang after drummer Victor claimed Nils was "a diamond in the rough" of a front-man. Just as spontaneous as the band's birth are their music. Today the catchy Sweet is released, "an ode to the endless pursuit of peace" and the first single from Cat Princess' long-awaited debut album Forbidden Items. Sweet comes a year after their last single, the retro b

Fragile Animals - Tullycraft - Pure Bathing Culture

We have featured Fragile Animals just once before back in 2017 and the new song 'Come Down' makes for a pleasing return, as the trio mix indie pop and rock styles together in a dreamy manner. In December we shared the video for 'Passing Observations' from Tullycraft. We now have a couple more music videos from the new album (The Railway Prince Hotel) of which we previously commented - "the band seemingly tear their way through the album with some highly original indie pop songs, that consistently have the bands unique and adorable sound". Another band making their second appearance on Beehive Candy is Pure Bathing Culture. Their honed and polished indie based music has feeling, originality and plenty of variety.   Fragile Animals - Come Down. Following the warm reception late last year of single 'Landing', Sunshine Coast-based dreamy rockers Fragile Animals reveal stunning new single 'Comedown', stepping closer to the release of their fo

The Curls - Wovoka Gentle - The Underground Youth - Malihini - Post Louis

With a steady rhythmic vibe The Curls interact beautifully in terms of musicianship, add in the melodic dual vocals and this psych pop song is extremely catchy. We featured Wovoka Gentle a couple of times last year and their return with 'Sin Is Crouching At Your Door' where psychedelic vibes are everywhere on this charmer. The Underground Youth deliver some solid rock and roll where the distinct vocals swirl above the momentum adding some angst and emotion. Malihini offer us some refreshingly creative lo-fi pop, where the hooks gradually work their way in deep. It's getting on for a year ago when Post Louis were featured here twice, and the new song is another good one, where the musical textures are fabulous as are the vocals and harmonies.   The Curls - Isn't It Funny (ft. Sophagus). Chicago, Psych-Pop band The Curls have shared their new single "Isn't It Funny". The track features experimental artist Sophagus on lead vox and is one of the band