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Psymon Spine - KnightressM1 - 0171

Psymon Spine are back after a three year hiatus and the Brooklyn psych/dance outfit have shared the addictive new song 'Milk' featuring Barrie. === KnightressM1 can declare with real certainty that they are not stuck in any specific genre as 'Polarity Integrate' capably demonstrates, whats more the song is just plain wonderful. === From Hackney, London we have pleasure in sharing 0171 and their new song 'Photograph' the third track to be released from the upcoming EP 'Change Nothing' and their experimental electronic music remains accessible, in fact pretty catchy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Psymon Spine - Milk (Feat. Barrie). After a three year hiatus, Brooklyn psych/dance outfit Psymon Spine today returned with their new single “Milk” and announced signing with Northern Spy Records. At the time it was written, band members Noah Prebish and Sabine Holler were also playing in the

The Icebergs - Favours - Circus Caravan - Bee Bee Sea - Tempesst

The Icebergs have released their new album today entitled 'Add Vice' and it's an eclectic and highly original collection of songs streaming in full below, if your on the look out for different, but really good different, get stuck in now. === Favours newest song 'Memories' is a fabulous affair, with dual vocals and harmonies, it's easy to understand the interest and hype they have already generated. === Circus Caravan have shared 'Cabo da Roca' the 6th song from the album 'Scattered Sketches' released back in May, the track itself is a mixture of indie styles and upbeat energy.=== Bee Bee Sea return to Beehive Candy with 'Gonna Get Me' and again the Italian garage-psych trio are on top form! === Another band who have impressed us this last year are Tempesst who are back with 'Mushroom Cloud' the second track to be lifted from their upcoming debut album 'Must Be A Dream' and if anything they have upped the expectatio

Muck And The Mires - Fat Night - Seela - Teenanger

Muck And The Mires share the title track from their upcoming E.P 'Take Me Back To Planet Earth' and it's a mesmerizing slice of top quality garage rock. === Chicago-based, indie/funk/soul four-piece Fat Night are on form with 'Live For Each Other' where natural vibes and an old style video come together wonderfully. === Seela a veteran Austin singer/songwriter/performer and back-up singer shares 'Cool' the title track from her sixth studio album and it's just gorgeous. === From Teenanger we have 'Touching Glass' where the Toronto post-punk/new wave group provide us with a vibrant hook filled and upbeat track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Muck And The Mires - Take Me Back To Planet Earth. The new video by Muck and the Mires features stunning footage of their hometown of Boston, MA under lockdown. Written recorded and filmed during the pandemic, "Take Me back To Planet

Illuminati Hotties - Violent Vickie - Ketch Harbour Wolves

It's almost a case of "gotta love the song title, gotta love the song" and with Illuminati Hotties and 'will i get cancelled if i write a song called ‘if you were a man you’d be so cancelled' that resonates well and with this short blast of punk attitude, the new album is extremely anticipated. === Violent Vickie was featured here for the first time in May and it's a big welcome back with 'The Blame' her new single where the Dark Synth Riot Girl once again delivers and impresses with class. === Ketch Harbour Wolves have shared 'Little Magic' from their brand new album 'Avalon' and this well established band continue to create gorgeous indie music that exudes personable feeling with high quality musical landscapes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Illuminati Hotties - will i get cancelled if i write a song called ‘if you were a man you’d be so cancelled. Coming off the