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Xanthe Alexis - Garrett Owen

Xanthe Alexis has released her new album 'The Offering' and we have two more songs from it namely 'Moon' and 'The Heart Needs Time' both of which typify this fabulous album. === Garrett Owen shares 'No One To Save You' following on from 'These Modern Times' which we featured in July and again the Texas singer songwriter delivers another refined slice of Americana. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xanthe Alexis -Moon / The Heart Needs Time. Xanthe Alexis' new album The Offering, out this weekend, is simply stunning, from her goosebump-inducing voice to her personal and vulnerable writing; and from the indie-folk production that encompasses acoustic guitar as much as drum machines to the radical empathy she practices in her life and art. Like so many of her songwriting sisters and brothers in a year of lockdown, Xanthe Alexis has been awaiting the summer day she can give her

The Hengles - Astrid Cordes - Mines Falls - Charlie Nieland

The Hengles make their fourth appearance here with the new single 'Fire In The Rain' and once again the Amsterdam trio serve up some refined and catchy indie rock. === Astrid Cordes shares her brand new song 'Portrait', the Danish artist moving from sweet indie pop to a more contemporary and imaginative style. === Mines Falls have released 'Red Moon Car Wreck' a track that sees the duo deliver some intricate, personal and beautiful music. === Charlie Nieland is no stranger to Beehive Candy having appeared here as one half of Lusterlit, his track record in the music business is also rather impressive. His new song 'Pawns' is imaginative, the lyrics splendid and as a whole it's pretty hypnotic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Hengles - Fire In The Rain. The distinguished gentlemen of The Hengles have more than earned their musical spurs in the past. The guys from Amsterdam p

Luciana Valentina - Juanita Stein

Luciana Valentina new single 'The Murder Of Margaret' is described as a theatrical pop piece and it's all of that, her vocals are resplendent, the arrangement dramatic, put simply, it's a fabulous affair. === Juanita Stein has been featured here a good few times including last month when we shared the title track from the forthcoming album 'Snapshot'. She has followed that up with 'The Mavericks' and it's another gorgeous, atmospheric alt rock song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Luciana Valentina - The Murder Of Margaret. Luciana Valentina is thrilled to announce the release of her latest single and music video, ‘The Murder of Margaret’, available everywhere now. ‘The Murder of Margaret’ is a theatrical-pop piece with a touch of Amy Winehouse-like jazz and reflective yet blunt lyricism which wittily comments on the dark sides of society. Double standards; insecurity; trust issues a

Vexillary - The Native Sibling

Vexillary shares a video for 'Annihilation' taken from his new E.P 'SurViolence'. The musical styling is consistent on each of the four tracks however they are all  distinctly differing in their characteristics as Rezi Seirafi demonstrates his flair for creative music. === The Native Sibling have just shared 'Growth' where the duo deliver a beautiful indie folk song with mesmerizing dual vocals and a fresh musical backdrop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vexillary - Annihilation (Video) / SurViolence (E.P). New York-based electronic act VEXILLARY has unleashed an innovative new video for their track, "Annihilation."  The song appears on VEXILLARY's new EP, SurViolence.  Visuals and editing were done by Svitlana Zhytnia and production was done by Reza Seirafi. About the SurViolence EP: SurViolence adopts the theme of unease in an overly politicized society; using surveillance cu

Melic Moon - Mt Doubt - Anya Hinkle - Carmanah - Alex Little and Suspicious Minds

Melic Moon released their album 'Natural Thing' a little while back however it's to good to ignore, as the featured title track I feel confirms. The bands multi genre music is both stylish and in a word - wonderful. === Mt Doubt have just released 'Dark Slopes Away' one of eleven songs on their upcoming album 'Doubtlands' and a fine indicator of what to expect with their creative and darker shade of indie rock. === Anya Hinkle shares her beautiful new Americana track 'Hills of Swannanoa' where Bluegrass and folk come together in a gorgeous way. === As it's our fourth feature for Carmanah this year I reckon that speaks volumes in itself, so check out 'Mountain Woman'. === Alex Little and Suspicious Minds brand of Garage Pop & Rock is on top form with the rather frisky and addictive 'Broken Bones'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Melic Moon - Natural Thing.