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Jeen - Slow Weather - Girlhood - Wild Pink

Jeen already has a notable legacy in music having started out age sixteen and her brand new song 'Idols' simply demonstrates just how fresh and gorgeous her musical capabilities are. ==== Slow Weather have just shared 'Great White Male' which has all the hallmarks of a timeless UK indie pop song with that extra gritty edge. ==== Girlhood have released 'It Might Take A Woman' where a number of genres come together beautifully and some wonderfully catchy moments cry out for another listen. ==== Wild Pink have a new video and song entitled 'The Shining But Tropical' and it's quickly gaining a whole lot of attention down to the superb nature of this addictive piece. =================================================== Jeen - Idols. Jeen started in the music industry busking on Queen West in Toronto at 16. It was there she and her band were scooped up by the Jeff Healey team, and were managed by them for the half decade that followed. After two subsequent

Emma Miller - Thrillhouse - SOUP! (feat Meredith Adelaide - Meisha & The Spanks

Emma Miller just released a soothing and gently flowing singer-songwriter track called 'Sail Away'. ==== Back in March we featured 'Lesser' from Thrillhouse and they are back with 'If It's Important' which is a catchy fast moving and rhythmic song. ==== SOUP! share 'All To Myself' featuring Meredith Adelaide and between them they have created an original and vibrant modern pop track. ==== Miesha & The Spanks new song 'Wanna Feel Good' is a potent garage rocker that fires hooks in all directions. =================================================== Emma Miller - Sail Away. Following the release of her folk-tinged single “Honey”, Scottish artist Emma Miller returns with her introspective new track “Sail Away” - further demonstrating her inquisitive nature as a songwriter. Experimenting with soft electronics and shimmering harmonies, “Sail Away” is a beautiful offering from the young artist. The delicate soundscape allows Emma’s powerful

Leahy - Hannah Scott - Tamara Willamson - Kill The Giants - Palberta

Leahy have shared the title track from their new album 'Good Water' and what a superb piece it is with wonderful vocals and harmonies. ==== Our third feature this year for Hannah Scott comes in the form of 'Untangling' where once again her beautifully crafted music and distinctive vocals impress. ==== It's been quite some time since Tamara Willamson last graced our pages and it's a warm welcome back as we feature her new single 'Swim' along with another recent one 'Flashback' both of which confirm she can and still does deliver creative and fabulous music. ==== Kill The Giants have released a poignant video for the title track of their new album 'Three Word Phrase'. This eclectic and genre defying band have produced a gem of an album of which this track is but one dimension. ==== Palberta are getting plenty of attention with the new song and video for 'Before I Got Here' where melody, harmonies and punk sensibilities come togeth

Zachary Kibbee - Jody and the Jerms

Zachary Kibbee has a new video for his single 'Somewhere To Put My Gold'. The video captures the sheer vibrance and energy of the song which is a funky, riff driven affair with a mass of musical hooks to dig in deep. ==== Jody and the Jerms make their third appearance on Beehive Candy with 'It's All Up To You' a song that exudes charm, energy, melody and just plain gorgeous vibes.   =================================================== Zachary Kibbee - Somewhere To Put My Gold. Los Angeles rocker Zachary Kibbee has released the new video for his single, “Somewhere To Put My Gold.” The track is a part of his new album Life In Low Fidelity, released earlier this summer. Kibbee exhibits sincere enthusiasm for music with his unique combination of modern alternative rock elements with his authentic gritty, bluesy style in his video. Zachary Kibbee’s “Somewhere To Put My Gold” video is now available to view on his YouTube channel. Zachary Kibbee and his fellow band member

Starveya - Billie Jo - Mags On Earth - This Frontier Needs Heroes - Carmanah

Starveya are a Los Angeles-based psychedelic indie rock band who have just released 'Let You In' and it's a well cultivated, melodic and soothing piece. ==== Billie Jo has a new single entitled 'Simpler Way Of Life' where crafted country music is well matched with Billie Jo's passionately delivered vocals. ==== Mags On Earth appeared here a couple of times last year and makes a welcome return with 'The Good Man In Town' which is another "inventive and alluring song" to quote our previous description. ==== This Frontier Needs Heroes is the moniker of Brad Lauretti and 'Go With The Flow' is the title track for his fifth album and it's something of a genre defying but nonetheless hook filled song that could loosely fall under the Americana umbrella.  ==== As stated before we don't often feature cover versions however Carmanah have just released their take on the classic 'Bang Bang' and as they have already impressed us a