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Bear of Bombay - GIUNGLA - Tempesst

Bear of Bombay shares 'Night Tree' the first single excerpt from his 'Something Stranger', debut EP. Lorenzo Parisini has been creating electronic and dream-wave music for sometime and it's good to hear plenty of his originality and vibrancy is still fresh and present. ===== GIUNGLA has just released 'Walk On The Ceiling'. The project of Milan based artist Ema Drei, this is a smooth, rhythmic and striking track. ===== We first featured Tempesst in July 2016 and a number of times since. Taking a little look back at our older features and noticing the number of hits for their new piece 'Walk on the Water' this would appear to be a real and deserved breakthrough song, it's nice to have been a small part of that journey. =================================================== Bear of Bombay - Night Tree. 'Night Tree', is the first single excerpt from 'Something Stranger', debut EP by electronic / dream-wave project Bear of Bombay (Mil

Turkey The Bird - Golden Bear - Peter Cat - HMS Morris

Turkey The Bird were first featured here back in September and they return today with 'Art and Design' where their refreshing bright and stylish brand of indie pop impresses again. ===== Golden Bear have today released their new album 'Dear Texas'. The album mixes Texan country rock with Americana and both the musicianship and natural vocals ensure this is a great collection of songs. ===== Peter Cat has released the new album 'The Saccharine Underground' from which we have two tracks, namely 'SO STR8' and 'The Big House'. Musically the band cover considerable territory including post-punk, glam rock, baroque pop and synth-pop, so treat these two really fine songs as but a glimpse of the whole. ===== HMS Morris make their fourth appearance on Beehive Candy this year with today's single release 'Partypooper' and once again this versatile duo are on splendid and upbeat form. =================================================== Turkey

Tender Central (feat. Matthew And The Atlas) - The Besnard Lakes

Tender Central today shares 'Ashes' featuring Matthew And The Atlas and has also announced her debut album 'The Garden' which is due in January. 'Ashes' is a duet with Matthew Hegarty, where vocals and a clapping rhythm are eventually joined with a deeper musical arrangement, by which time the atmosphere and sheer depth of this song have dug their hooks in deep.  ===== Montreal psych-rock band The Besnard Lakes have released the gorgeous new song 'Raindrops' where all the renowned trappings of this act are present, indeed it's grand to see this band can still create epic and addictive music. =================================================== Tender Central - Ashes (feat. Matthew And The Atlas). Tender Central is the electronic pop project of Devon born, classically trained cellist India Bourne. Today, Tender Central has shared brand new single ‘Ashes’ alongside the announcement of her long-awaited debut album ‘The Garden’, which is set for releas

Graber Gryass - Sweet Roger

This week Graber Gryass officially release their debut album 'Late Bloom'. Comprising of twelve high quality folk based roots and bluegrass songs, the musicianship is constantly impressive with some stunning arrangements, whilst the vocals are a natural fit for this style of music. The collective are both creative and bring different styles to fruition with apparent ease. For anyone uncertain about these genres, Graber Gryass's new album is a great place to start finding out more. ===== Sweet Roger brand new release 'Pay Me' is a natural and at times raw acoustic song, the vocals are striking and add something of a blues vibe to this subtly addictive track. =================================================== Graber Gryass - Late Bloom (Album). Memphis bluegrass collective Graber Gryass have officially released their debut LP Late Bloom after receiving praise from Relix, Wide Open Country, AmericanaUK, and Glide Magazine in the buildup to release, with the latter

Silly Boy Blue - Lone Kodiak - Tay Temple

Silly Boy Blue shared 'Goodbye' last Friday and the attention it's getting is hardly surprising, considering just how blissfully gorgeous the song is. ===== We featured the track 'PDX '97' by Lone Kodiak back in September and they return now with another powerful and hook filled alt rocker called 'Bones'. ===== From Manchester, England we have the second single by Tay Temple which is released today, entitled 'Ladybird' this is a refined folk rock piece that impresses both vocally and through the beautifully arranged musical backdrop. =================================================== Silly Boy Blue - Goodbye. Silly Boy Blue reveals her brand new single “Goodbye.” Silly Boy Blue (real name, Ana Benabdelkarim) is an indie pop singer from Nantes, France who was recently snapped up by Columbia France. This brand new single follows up Ana’s previous offering - the delicate and hypnotic “Hi, It’s Me Again” - and further develops her signature as a

Loaver - Chris Mayer & The Rockets - Ordinary Elephant - Laura Carbone

Loaver has now released her debut album 'Fern' from which we have already had the pleasure of sharing three tracks. The full collection is streaming below and has lived up to our hopes and expectations, as Linnea Hall's creative and multi genre musical exploration truly impresses. ===== From Bavaria we have Chris Mayer & The Rockets with 'Autumn Riot' a refreshingly natural and hook filled indie/pop rocker. ===== Ordinary Elephant share 'Let Me Tell You What I Think' a raw sounding and stripped back folk song that simmers with emotion. ===== Berlin-based Dreamadelica rocker Laura Carbone just released 'Who's gonna save you Live at Rockpalast' a track built upon restrained passion and building vocal power, it's one of those songs that will resonate well in a sweaty nightclub or comfortably fill a stadium.  =================================================== Loaver - Fern (Album). Malmö, Sweden, based singer-songwriter Linnea Hall start