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Rodney Cromwell - Tony's Tears - Big Little Lions

Rodney Cromwell - Get Me To Prague / Radagast The Brown. Rodney Cromwell is the nom-de-plume of Adam Cresswell. Both tracks on this new single were recorded while Cresswell was in his first band SALOON that operated between 1998-2003. Saloon released three albums with Track & Field (UK) and Darla (US). They toured extensively in Europe, supporting the likes of STEREOLAB, ELECTRELANE, QUICKSPACE and OF MONTREAL. They are remembered mostly today for their 3 John Peel Sessions and four Festive 50 entries, including the number one in 2002.  ‘Get Me To Prague’ was written and recorded in 1999 on a Yamaha four-track tape recorder using a bomtempi organ, casiotone and Moog Rogue. Recorded in a single evening, the track is an exploration into proto-germanic electronica in the style of Ralf & Forian era Kraftwerk.  Taking 22 years to get a mix he was happy with, Cresswell cites this as because “I didn’t like the snare sound.”  In 2001, Saloon were asked to offer a track for a tribute t

Drew Haley - Blake Morgan - Andrew Bees

Drew Haley - A Good Woman. Drew Haley's emotional and heartwarming music video for her latest single "A Good Woman" has officially debuted just in time for the holidays. Drew Haley's heart is permanently on her sleeve, but her latest single allows listeners into her childhood and her relationship with her mother. With a singer-songwriter flair and her signature lush vocals, Haley paints a vivid picture of her loving mother's sacrifices and lessons that the singer has carried with her throughout her life. Through home videos, our hearts burst as we get glimpses of Haley’s ordinary yet beautiful childhood. These nostalgic moments are interspersed with shots of Haley today, reflecting on the impact her mother, Laura, has had on her. From the perspective of a daughter who was given a life full of love, "A Good Woman" fuses nostalgia with gratefulness. Despite all the sacrifices Laura made as a single mother, Haley’s lyrics reflect on the unconditional love

Mark Welles - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - Tom Freund

Mark Welles - It Started Last Fall (Album). Flashback to early 2020: Maybe it was becoming a new father, the onset of a global pandemic, middle-aged malaise, or all three. A period of introspection led me to reevaluate what I value most in life, what brings me joy.  What I found was something was missing — music. Although a lifelong musician and longtime songwriter, I had let my passion for music take a backseat to my corporate career and other endeavors. I realized I needed to bring music back into the forefront, and that I had something to contribute creatively. After buying some new equipment, transforming a spare bedroom into my home studio, dusting off some old songs and writing a few new ones, I set out on recording a body of work to represent my unique musical voice. The result is “It Started Last Fall”, my debut album of 11 original songs about love, setbacks and looking forward. I hope you enjoy the music, and greatly appreciate your interest and support! Whilst Beehive Candy

Talmont - Team Me - Ultraviolet Communication

Talmont - Moving Further Than Before. Mixed by Marta Salogni – who co-produced Romy’s “Lifetime” alongside Fred Again.., Joy Anonymous and Jamie XX – and built by the band around a brass sample from Italian composer Piero Umiliani’s “Blood River”, South London-based three-piece Talmont released new single “Moving Further Than Before” on 10th December 2021, the second single lifted from forthcoming full-length. Originally from Lincoln and Leeds then later meeting at Goldsmiths in London, Talmont is Martha (songwriter and lyricist) with Joe and Jules (across production and instrumentation). Martha admits that her lyricism is based upon an embellished, filmic view of the past. Gleaming with lucid stories, she references Joni Mitchell as an inspiration, though at times a song is merely there to portray an emotion she was feeling at the time, whether it’s anxiety, excitement, or apprehension. Previous single and debut “IDATMT” saw support from BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire’s Hannah Fletc