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Ali Sperry - LUIANNA - Josie Bello - The Hourglass Effect

Ali Sperry - In Your Dreams. Of "In Your Dreams," co-written with friend and fellow artist Carey Ott, Ali says: "As artists, one’s own authenticity and unique perspective is our greatest asset and in some ways, it feels like it’s all we really have. Our ability to look at something and respond as ourselves and reflect back in our own authentic way is crucial.  The goal is to create art that is un-self-conscious, that is our own truth, and not trying to be something we think might be trendy or popular or 'cool.' 'Don’t worry, don’t be sorry, say it' is the repeating mantra of this song and it is what I have endeavored to do throughout this record, and as I move forward through my life." The album features collaborations with some of Nashville's finest: Allison Russell, Kyshona, Natalie Schlabs, Jill Andrews, and more. At a time of desperately missing making music in a room with other people, Ali and her husband, producer Jamie Dick, made a virtua

The Selenites - Handsome and the Humbles - Jana Pochop - Niagara Moon - Debora Rusch

The Selenites - I Won't Go. Blinded by love, people make mistakes that are difficult to explain logically, however our passion and devotion to things we love is what makes us human. Occasionally it’s good to forget about our very rational mind. For that reason The Selelnites created their latest single  “I Won`t Go" as a hymn of praise to the gut feeling and matters of the heart. "The Selenites" - Sebastian Pichler (vocals, guitar), Thomas Berndl (drums) and Paul Hangler (backing vocals, upright bass) - are a three headed Rock'n'Roll band from Austria, who are dedicated to infect the world with their unique style of Rock'n'Roll. They play and interpret Rock'n'Roll as well as the different genres of Rockabilly (50s, 60s, Neo) in their own and new way, mixing it with elements of Surf and even Garage.  After their founding in 2018 the band already released their first album „Moon Madness“ in August 2020 and are now back with new material. From g

Ellen Arthur Blyth - Dana Gavanski - Many Voices Speak

Ellen Arthur Blyth - Young Ones. Ellen Arthur Blyth is a Dublin based singer songwriter. Her unique, soulful sound blends classic artists such as Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee with contemporary hints of Katie Melua and Lana Del Ray. Honing her craft over the years Ellen is excited to unveil her debut album ‘Nine’ in 2022. Leading up to the album release is her new single ‘Young Ones’. With a seductive vocal line and jazz-infused instrumentation, the new offering is a tantalizing tease of what we can expect more of from Ellen Arthur Blyth. “It's less about falling in love and more about choosing to stay in love, trying to find magic and playfulness with someone in the mundane of the everyday. It's striving to be someone’s safe place in a world that can seem overwhelming at times. Love is a choice and so it’s important how we frame it.” Ellen shares. The track was recorded as part of her upcoming debut album ‘Nine’ in Hell Fire Studios, Dublin and produced by Alex Borwick, head e

Andrew Ryan - Jody and the Jerms - Ghosts Of Torrez

Andrew Ryan - Midwest Kids. Andrew Ryan announces the release of his Americana single, “Midwest Kids,” out today. The single is off the album, A Tiny Death, due out April 1 on Delete Yourself. “Midwest Kids”  revolves around the growing pains of figuring out who you are or where you belong, even within yourself. “Midwest Kids” serves as a guide to navigating life, the good or the bad, from childhood through adulthood. Ryan says, “Being a father, I’m starting to see my daughter try to navigate the same waters that we all swim through.” The single is an open letter to Ryan’s daughter, who moved from being a kid to becoming a pre-teen when he wrote the song. After spending so much time on the road, Ryan found a kindred spirit in William Least Heat-Moon’s book Blue Highways. In fact, on his upcoming album, he wrote the song “Heat Moon” about the fellow traveler. The book chronicles Heat-Moon’s journey across back highways (blue highways), where he encounters a diverse group of people alon

Romantic Thriller - Van Chamberlain - Jules Jones & the Legendary Ten Seconds

Romantic Thriller - I Cannot Tell. LA based performance artist and mastering engineer, Rebecca Huston, aka, Romantic Thriller says her music is inspired by film noir, the dictionary states of the film genre: it’s marked by a mood of fatalism and menace. The avant garde artist weaves an intricate tale on her new offering ‘I Cannot Tell’. Eerie synths and an enigmatic vocal line make up the haunting soundscape of the track, making for an otherworldly listening experience. The track tells the story of teenage love, jealousy and big personalities that perhaps cannot coexist. Huston details the characters in her story; Cynthia, Heather and Jesse. On a mystifying night in the woods behind a fairground, things change forever as Heather goes missing and Cynthia and Jessie’s worlds collide. “Though no one knows a thing, really… about what happened that night in the woods, there are details Cynthia has never been able to bring herself to say. Would Jesse understand? Would Heather still be here

Anna Westin - Violent Vickie - Vakili Band

Photo - John Haney Anna Westin - Bright Burning Mess. Singer, songwriter, and poet Anna Westin, who hails from the UK by way of Canada, has released the second single from her upcoming album, LEV (the Hebrew word for “heart”). The single, “Bright Burning Mess”, which also opens the album, begins with some of Anna’s spoken word poetry, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and setting the thematic tone for the record as a whole. As the spoken intro of the song slowly gives way into a sturdy folk rock groove, Anna Westin’s entire musical style gently unfolds before you, drawing the listener with some of the album’s catchiest vocal melodies and lush backing instrumentation before dissipating back into the ether as Anna’s poetry returns in the track’s outro. Speaking to her inspirations for “Bright Burning Mess” and how the process of creating this song was the moment that unlocked the album as whole, Anna writes: “At first it was just a collection of songs. It was only later that the more r