Sundays Alternative Take - For Your Ears Only

Nightriders - Background - Boston-based house/nu-disco duo Nightriders kicks off the summer with five sizzling remixes of their track “Demand You,” taken from their February released EP ‘Until We Are Together.’ For the remix EP, the duo enlists heavyweights like Grammy-winning house music pioneer Ralphi Rosario, in-demand NYC producer/remixer, DJ, and Tiki Disco founder Eli Escobar, DJ/producer and Get Up! Recordings co-founder W. Jeremy, nu-disco maverick Alcala, and newcomer Jamie de Von to cleverly reinvent their slo-mo sleeper hit into a scorching summertime anthem covering the spectrum from deep tech house and nu-disco/indie dance and jackin’ Chicago house with hints of Detroit techno.

It was a tough choice on what remix to feature, the 'Alcala Remix' wins by a whisker for my ears, the variety of interpretation across all five versions is impressive. On iTunes Here.


Thomas Deil - Background - A young  DJ/Producer from Italy,with a Tropical House remix of KSHMR - Jammu, and looking for yours and my vote over on Spinnin' Records Talent Pool (Here) & that's all I know!

Worthy of a feature by us at the very least, this is a very cool remix. I will leave you of course to decide if you want to vote over at Spinnin' Records.


BluBird - Background - “Good music is its own genre. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.” So says Dejko, one half of Slovenian live-electronic outfit Blubird. Hailing from a part of the world perhaps best known for language barriers and border disputes, Blubird’s ethos is as unifying  as possible: they’re looking to blur the final gaps between DJ set and live act.

It’s a format that appears to be working. The likes of Klingande and Bakermat rate their tunes, as, it seems, does YouTube. The duo’s debut Emotions track featuring a live Sax earned over 100,000 plays in a couple of weeks. “We’re the kind of guys that’ll be playing tech house at a house party somewhere at Slovenia, then suddenly from the kitchen one of our dudes walks in with a trumpet and just starts going for it” explains other half of the pair Damjan.

The pair’s live sets in Slovenia, Croatia and Barcelona have already won them a cult following, all based on this unstructured, is-it-a-band, are-they-DJs approach which fluctuates between DJ set, live instruments, MCs, laid back tropical house or injections of tech house. ‘It’s not about being in a superclub, it’s about being at the best house party you’ve been at in your life..

Not only YouTube videos, you are also spoilt for choice on Soundcloud where there are some outstanding tracks by Blubird. Came up with this tune to feature, it is just one dimension of their art.


Kat Vinter - Background - Islands Remix EP. Vimes' remix of Kat Vinter's 'Downtime' has offered a lighter, more summery perspective of the original. Like dappled light dancing among the shadows, the sounds used create an atmosphere of buoyancy without losing the lush textures and intimacy of the former. New hooks are created by playfully pitched and stretched vocals, as they become less a plea for intimacy, than a celebration of it. 'Islands (Remix EP)' is out July 10th on Culvert Music.

Between the urban creative hub of Berlin and a small cabin located deep in the woodlands of the Swedish border to Norway the team has since been crafting layers of hip hop inspired beats, tribal drums, waves of synths and aching ethereal vocals. Themes such as isolation, intimacy, fate, deception and obsession surface and re-occur. The result is a lush and mysterious soundscape of brooding, beat driven pop music with moments of darkness and light, beauty and tension.

This is an incredible EP including the original version of 'Islands' along with remixes and 'Sooner Or Later' and 'Downtime' both of which have also been remixed with stunning results.


Babayaga DJ and Josh Blackwell - Background - Babayaga DJ and Josh Blackwell combines a melodic house vibes with deep sounding drums and synths to create a very cool dance floor oriented track. A super sexy deep vocal line and sporadic synth elements rise and fall over and over while the percussion keeps the entire ship afloat and rocking.

Short and sweet background info. Actually this has a timeless dance floor feel, along with it's own fresh and breezy style, I reckon you will be unable to stay still to this one.