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PJ Harvey - Live in New York - 2007

Reloaded - 06/June/2015 - PJ Harvey's ninth studio album recorded with a studio audience in January is eagerly awaited. Word is that the material is similar in style to the fantastic 'Let England Shake' album, however the lyrics have a more global nature. This featured and probable audience recording (excellent quality) from 2007 is another reminder of how much I simply love her music. Polly Jean has truly earned the respect she has, always surprising, fascinating and always herself. Some artists can fall into a 'love them' or 'do not love them' category quite comfortably. PJ Harvey has plenty of people who readily claim to love her music. There are probably plenty of music fans that would also say, 'hmmm'. However I would wage a bet that there are a lot of music lovers out there, who having heard her music wander off thinking 'interesting' and find themselves coming back again and again to hear some more. I am fascinated by PJ Harvey, t

Quality Not Quantity - A Little Bit Of This and That.

We are informed that - Seven-piece, New Orleans rock hybrids The Revivalists announced their upcoming studio offering, Men Amongst Mountains set for release on July 17th 2015 via Wind-up Records. The band, known for their enigmatic live shows, continue to tour across the country this summer, with a slew of upcoming dates and festival appearances, including two album release shows in NYC on July 15th and 16th at Bowery Ballroom and The Music Hall of Williamsburg . We say The Revivalists are aptly so called, there is a depth to their music that is so rich. Funky and Soulful and yet Alt Rocking, a crazy mixture that simply put, works. More HERE . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAYE has teamed up with Simon Field on a release, reworking Night Bus by Lucy Rose, resulting in an amazingly warm production with tastes of deep house and indie dance adding a very current feel still honouring the

2015 - Out Of Our Inbox - June - One

Closet Straights we are told are - a young, scrappy team of talented multi-instrumentalists from Melbourne, Australia. The quintet were born out of troubadour front man Alex Lashlie's desire to have his ethereal compositions fleshed out for a live environment. Individually, each member of Closet Straights brings their own inspirations and inclinations that reach from the far out regions of jangle-pop to the vast plains of true-country ramblers. As a unit however, these differences cum together to create a melting pot of true fusion . They first worked together in late 2013 and have now arrived at a point where their music has been described as 'heavy pop'. Well heavy, jangly, or whatever else, their recent single release 'Zadie' is a fine song to kick off this edition. It has that ethereal feel around it, I like the word ethereal, so only award it when justified, yep - ethereal heavy pop will do nicely. Bandcamp HERE . ....................................

Bob Dylan and George Harrison - Studio Sessions 1970

Reloaded 02/June/2015 - This is another recording, that from what I can work out seems to have been circulated in different forms for many years. Since we originally ran this feature I came across some additional material with two extra songs, so I have added that version as well, as part two below. In addition to the original comments below, other sources have stated that this was very much a Bob Dylan session and George Harrison was an invited support player.  Before the days of The Travelling Wilburys perhaps the various egos still jostled for superiority. Whatever the case it makes for a good listen.  Bob Dylan and George Harrison are remembered for working together in The Traveling Wilburys in the late 1980's, and of course, Bob Dylan's guest appearance at George's 'Concert For Bangladesh' in 1971. This session is from May 1970, when both artists were busy on solo projects. Indeed Bob Dylan released two albums in 1970, 'Self Portrait' and '

John Lennon - Alternative Mind Games and Shaved Fish

Reloaded 01/June/2015 - When I was much, much younger, I remember being asked on a number of occasions, who my favourite Beatle was? The years pass by and I guess the same question goes around with the latest charting boy bands today, probably the age group asking is much younger and the lifespan of the bands are possibly shorter. The reality was I never had a favourite, I just wished they had stayed together longer, there had to be a couple of more exceptional albums in them at least, surely? However my opinion is that John Lennon bared his soul and his grievances far more than any other member and that lead to some stunning solo material. Hearing again how they were formed into songs remains fascinating for me, by the number of visits this recording gets on Beehive Candy, I am clearly not alone. As you probably know , The Beatles and their component parts, are probably the most bootlegged band in the world. One constant theme seems to be 'alternative' album versions and t

Sundays Alternative Take

Nite School Klik - the new single from DJ Shadow's recently revealed duo with G Jones- Nite School Klik. Off their upcoming self-titled EP out June 9. Never had a nice nightmare, this may well be the musical antidote. ********************************************************************************* Chris Savor is a singer and producer from UK, roaming NYC creating soulful electronic music. He has some great tracks coming up with Honey Butter and spctra in the next few weeks. Intrigued and drawn in, the vocals are out there and somehow captivating. ********************************************************************************* Minotawr has been stretching audio boundaries for some time. When your ears are weary of the safe side of music, when you are struggling to find a real alternative Minotawr offers you a challenging escape. Website HERE . New album just released. Unexpected Music From Nowhere by Minotawr *******************************************************