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And Four More For Saturday

Oakland - As a matter of interest - Following on from last month's sold out single launch for brand new track 'Into The Sea', Perth alt-indie-popsters Oakland are wasting no time with their EP launch of the same name, with proceedings to take place at  Mojo's Bar in Fremantle July 31. Channeling a love for such universal acts as The National and Arcade Fire, Oakland gigged feverishly last year before settling down with esteemed engineer Andy Lawson (Eskimo Joe, Tired Lion, Our Man in Berlin) to carefully piece together the five track offering. Guided by a refined pop sensibility, the EP features a compelling mix of cavernous reverbs, driving beats and earnestly delivered vocals. Gathering momentum, crumbling into minimalism, then picking itself back up again, “Into the Sea” as the leading single is both emotionally rich and dynamically engaging, confirming the band’s investment in focused and impactful song writing . Indie rock like so many music genres, is a c

Five For Friday

Roses and Revolutions  - Based in Rochester, New York, Roses and Revolutions are guitarist Matt Merritt and singer Alyssa Coco. Their new EP ‘Torch’ was released this week. Roses and Revolutions' songs have appeared in soundtracks everywhere from MTV and VH1 to Showtime and E!, and they've shared stages with The Head and The Heart, The Lone Bellow and many others. This is a fine EP. There may only be two of them however they have an expansive sound on some songs. It's also hard to try an pin them into one genre, a mixture of indie pop and folk with a hint of singer songwriter thrown in for good measure. There is a mature feel to the lyrics and the production is spot on. Facebook ( here ). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binary Circus - Background - Binary Circus have brewed up something special with the upcoming release of their latest single ‘Storm’ on the 7th of Augus

The Singularity - Album - '404 Not Found'

The Singularity - The Bio - Los Angeles based The Singularity ready themselves to release their self-titled debut album.  Front man and multi-instrumentalist Julian Shah Tayler’s childlike fascination with science, space and the big questions that trouble the human condition has fuelled the creative output of The Singularity since the band’s inception in early 2012. “Everything burst out of the centre of a super massive black hole,” remarks Julian, “and we are going back there one day, so let's just enjoy it.” This sentiment pretty much sums up  The Singularity’s manifesto and echoes the ‘party like its 1999’ hedonistic attitude of the artist Julian has been most frequently compared to, Prince.  Taking their name from the Ray Kurzweil book, The Singularity is Near, which heralds a new frontier of indistinguishable integration between man and machine, the sextet has spent the last 12 months shaping Julian’s unique songs into a captivating live experience, which has been thorough

Quality Not Quantity - Acoustic & Electric Delights

Great Father - Coming soon - Bicentennial Blue by Great Father out on September 25, 2015. After taking a break from song writing for more than a dozen years to work full-time as a hospice social worker and found the label Exit Stencil Recordings, Brandon Stevens delivers us a meditation on the commonplace complexities of ageing---the disappointments, losses, regrets, and inevitable changes that arise as youth fades further in the rear view and middle-age unexpectedly approaches.   The album has a decidedly overcast aesthetic, wrapped in the warm tones of nostalgia for the '70s a la Tobias Jesso Jr., and delivered from a perspective of someone who lives with loss close at hand.  At times reminiscent of Mojave 3's dream/country/folk amalgamation; at others, an Elliot Smith / Conor Oberst-like approach to lyrics and vocalisation; and at others, just approaching things straight up like Pink Floyd and letting it breathe. Keep Great Father in mind, the featured track is just a

Jefferson Starship - Santa Cruz, 1992 (Internet Archive).

From the Internet Archive this is Jefferson Starship live at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, USA, back on October 9th, 1992.  Prior to inclusion on the Internet Archive the recording circulated as a bootleg and was originally titled, "Hal's Death by Jefferson Starship #1," it included a phone message and an interview with Papa John and Gretchen Creech, which were removed to ensure there would be no conflict with anyone's permission policies. In 1992, Kantner reestablished the group as "Jefferson Starship – The Next Generation," a nod to the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. This version of the band would, at times, include various former Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship members, to tour and perform. After the first couple of years, the band dropped the use of "The Next Generation", and began to perform as Jefferson Starship. The revived band grew out of Paul Kantner’s decision, following the "Unplugged"

Sundays Expansive Alternative Take

DVN - About them - Nileskog & Anton Stjärnqvist are DVN. At just 22 & 23 years-old, DVN have been have been hard at work in their studio for three years now, and with a big with a side-dish of DJing which in the past have had them open for a few big domestic names in the form of, Sebjak, Mikael Wermeets and Alex Moreno. They now have honed their skills to a point where they are ready to release their soulful deep-house influenced first single Oblivion feat. Duncan. DVN hail from Landskrona, in the southernmost part of Sweden. A place that has shaped them musically and where they work daily in their production-lab . Passionately sung vocals over a refreshing soundtrack take it in turns to dominate this piece, all to good effect. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Afternoons in Stereo - Tells us -  It's been ten years since my first Afternoons in Stereo release and I'm celebr