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Will Loomis - Typhoon - Mind Monogram - Vern Matz - Spirit In The Room

Will Loomis - US Of RX. Background - Will Loomis spent his formative years in NYC, picking up guitar at age 7 after being inspired by the anthropomorphic rooster in the animated film “Rock-a-Doodle.” Loomis naturally gravitated to other dazzling musical personalities as he reached his teens. Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Kurt Cobain charmed his imagination and Will eventually began trying to place himself in that lineage; a pioneer in the art of raw, handcrafted rock. He formed the band Loomis and the Lust in 2008, releasing the catchy single “Bright Red Chords” which immediately got noticed by major labels and landed substantial syncs in commercials, TV and feature films. They won a $25,000 prize at the "Artist on the Verge" contest, gaining them a feature in Billboard Magazine and consecutive features on MTV Iggy. “Bright Red Chords” was eventually embroiled in an ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit between Loomis and Universal Music Group after Dr. Luke, a serial appropriat

Ghosts on TV - Locks - Ric Gordon - Dana And The Wolf - Mutant League Records

Ghosts on TV - A Fool Such As I. Background - Ghosts on TV are from Helsinki, Finland. They released their latest EP on the 8th of December. Ghosts on TV is a indie rock band formed in 2014 in Helsinki, which combines a broad range of sounds and influences, from post-rock and Radiohead to more conventional post-punk revival such as The National and Interpol, all spiced with a touch of traditional Finnish melancholy.  They have stood out of the usual Finnish indie-scene with this sound, and the first release "Lay yourself down" gathered a good response from Nick Triani at Radio Helsinki and the Finnish music magazine Rumba. Quoting the band "We started playing shows extensively around Helsinki, from small bars and clubs to established venues such as the legendary Tavastia. In 2016 we released our debut EP, including a sold out vinyl pressing by Royal Mint Records, released a split 7" through said label's 'Mint Singles Club' series, released another

Scott Graham - Canshaker Pi - The Foreign Films - Stonefield

Scott Graham - Little Minds Background - Formulating his musical identity by playing in and haunting the numerous great bars and music clubs in his hometown Melbourne while drawing inspiration from local acts such as The Teskey Brothers and Raised by Eagles, Scott Graham has been on a mission to create thought provoking songs that lead you down a non-conventional path that extends the boundaries of the pop roots experience. The first single, Little Minds from his debut solo EP Into the Sun, is a driving roots pop tune and modern take on the protest song; raging against the system and exploring how a powerful few can impact others. “The song was born out of my frustration of the continuous news cycle of innocent people suffering in war torn parts of the world and the apparent inaction of the people in power to recognise the root cause of these problems,” says Scott. “The song is both a protest and a call to action”. With Into the Sun, Scott Graham is building a repertoire of thought

Marine - Hood Smoke - Gold Fir - Gyasi

Marine - Mount Olympus. Background - London based quartet Marine have signed to The Vinyl Factory and shared new single “Mount Olympus”, which follows on from last summers “Red Fruit” single release. Marine make music that bridges the gaps between spectral pop, dreamy grunge and ambient folk, whilst lyrically exploring ancient tales of mythology and the underworld. Since forming in 2014, the band - made up of Cara Sebastian (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Ruby Jack (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Beth Dariti (Bass) and Kaja Magsam (Drums) - have been running their own show in their own way, touring across Europe and the UK and quickly building a cult following in both Berlin and London, whilst racking up support from tastemakers at BBC 6 Music and across the blogosphere. After wowing crowds at Secret Garden Party, Shambala and more this summer, the band continue to swim deeper into their own concepts, and next year will present their debut album, which was recorded at Grand Chapel Studios w

Moderate Rebels - The Echo Friendly - Faces on TV

Moderate Rebels - The Sound of Security (Album). Background -  London post-psych collective Moderate Rebels now unveil their debut full-length album, ‘The Sound of Security’, which further pursues their sonic manifesto of “using as few words and chords as possible”. “We tried to create conditions where the songs could write themselves with minimum resistance; an automatic writing situation,” say Moderate Rebels. “The point was to remove ourselves, our beliefs and our intentions as much as possible; to just let it happen. It’s never been about us, we want to make music that aims at being more important than that.”  Having set out their hypnotically brutalist improv with prior releases ‘God Sent Us’ (Nov 2016) and the ‘Proxy’ EP (June 2017), which garnered huge acclaim, not least from the aforementioned broadcasting luminaries, the group decamped to a small Bermondsey studio to cut an album influenced by (but by no means limited to) Spacemen 3, La Dusseldorf, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Mitchell Leonard - Norma - TALMA

Mitchell Leonard - Come Downstairs (Video By Haisi Hu). Background -  Artists of all muses seek to elicit a feeling, a response, or reaction from their art.  “Come Downstairs”, a video by musician Mitchell Leonard and animator Haisi Hu, which will do just that – raising the hairs on your nape, with breathtaking beauty and a myriad of emotions brought forth in a multi-dimensional art collaboration. Led by a piano-jazz ballad and the moving vocals of Mitchell Leonard, the music is brought to life in a ethereal other-world full of mysterious creatures and mirages, designed by animator and claymation artist Haisi Hu. With scenes inspired by Max Ernst’s Europe After the Rain and Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, “Come Downstairs” explores the moment before death – examining the character’s longing, fear, and numbness. “Although the piece resonates with themes of crossing through, it also imparts a feeling of connection to a life-giving source,” shared Leonard. “This is