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Trace Decay - Darrin Bradbury - Winona Oak - Ted Z and The Wranglers

Trace Decay have released a very fine indie pop - rock song entitled 'Passivity', where their gliding vocals, smooth guitar work and layered synths make the most of this hook filled track. From Darrin Bradbury we have 'Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs' the title track and one of eleven on the album. His lyrics are wry and so engaging and his delivery reminiscent of a younger John Prine on this sublime song, a real teaser if ever there was for an album. Winona Oak  might be up in the millions in terms of song streams and hardly in need of our support but 'Break My Broken Heart' is just to good to miss out on, so we haven't. Americana with a buzz was my first impression for Ted Z and The Wranglers and their new song 'Guests On Sunday Morning', it's also my second impression and that's good enough. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trace Decay - Passivity. Arriving with their in

/fyo͞oɡ/ - Kacy & Clayton - Maddee - Jay Elle - Michael Blakeman - Dominic Sen

Taken from there new Temp'rall Sho'gazing album we have a couple of songs from /fyo͞oɡ/ namely 'Better' and 'Blues After Hours'. The two tracks give a good feel for the whole, Katarina's vocals are exceptional and the musical arrangement polished, the compositions mixing Jazz and Blues and taking the material in differing directions is wonderful. Kacy & Clayton return with a second song and video ahead of their album release, this time we have 'High Holiday' another genre spanning song which for convenience sake I will describe as up skilled Americana. 'Clouds' by Maddee is a gently paced soulful song with just a hint of the blues, her vocals are strikingly good, just right for this type of music. Jay Elle brand of pop is refreshingly uncomplicated as witnessed by 'Sickly Sweet' a catchy and unpretentious piece that veers a little towards modern folk. With some eighties synth rock vibes Michael Blakeman has shared 'B

Deux Furieuses - North Mississippi Allstars - Rev Rev Rev

We were introduced to Deux Furieuses just a month ago, and they are back with 'Civilians', the second song share from their forthcoming album 'My War Is Your War'. It's a striking rocker with plenty of punk determination and a potent riff that is impossible to ignore. North Mississippi Allstars have shared a video for 'Up And Rolling' the title track from their scheduled October album release, and it's a gorgeous mixture of soulful blues and natural roots rock, it's also an almighty teaser for the album! Rev Rev Rev new single 'One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another' is accompanied by an intriguing video, as the bands mix of psych and shoegaze is given a clever visual interpretation, that said, the song remains solid and stands on it's own feet. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deux Furieuses - Civilians. Civilians is the second instant gratification track - following t

Franke Swain - Isaiah Sharkey - Pauline Andrès

Franke Swain has a new video for her latest single 'Emergency Alarms' where her melodic and quite intimate vocals are supported by a gentle musical backdrop. I realise not everyone has access to Spotify in which case Isaiah Sharkey and the recently released album 'Love is the Key' is worth searching out elsewhere, especially for lovers of refined and timeless soul music, RnB and blues, as this collection of songs is absolutely wonderful. Back in the day this guy would have been serious competition for the likes of Marvin Gaye through to Curtis Mayfield, and some!  Pauline Andrès has released the wonderfully titled 'Hoping For The Best At The Springwater Supper Club' a refined and atmospheric piece of Americana that just exudes quality. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Franke Swain - Emergency Alarms. Frankie Swain has just released the emotive video for her new single Emergency Alarms. Directe

David Wax Museum - Heather Newman - Babe Rainbow

David Wax Museum have released 'Equal In The Darkess' from their fifth album 'Line Of Light. Richly textured music accompanies the exceptional dual vocals giving off a beautiful folk pop vibe with more than a hint of Nashville running through the song. If bluesy natural rock is your thing then Heather Newman is more than worth a listen, as the featured track 'Lonely On Beale' amply demonstrates. Taken from the new album 'Rise From The Flames' it's one of thirteen original songs, that consistently hit the spot. Back in May we first featured Babe Rainbow who return now with 'Many Moons of Love' which is another gorgeous psychedelic pop song where the melody, vocals and harmonies sync perfectly on this very catchy piece. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- David Wax Museum - Equal In The Darkess. David Wax Museum, fronted by David Wax and Suz Slezak, r