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Cass Clayton Band - Bridal Party - Radio Drive

Cass Clayton Band released their new album entitled 'Play Nice' a few week back and it's well worth us catching up on it. The musical influences that inform the bands direction include rock, soul, funk and blues which ensures plenty of variety, more importantly the new collection of music has plenty of melodic hooks and is delivered with quality, passion and style. We have already featured a couple of tracks from Bridal Party this year ahead of their 'Too Much' album release, and now we have the full album to enjoy. Their goal of making music they like is all apparent, as is their ability to write and perform exceptional, imaginative and notably creative pop songs. The sixth full album from Radio Drive is 'In The Light'. Packing a fine collection of indie and alt rock tracks, the bands unpretentious natural rockers are determined and catchy throughout.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cass

Twelfth Day - Shotgun Tori & the Hounds - Rapport - Rosa Bordallo

Along with UK tour dates later this year Twelfth Day have just shared a new video for 'Keep Me' their latest single.Their musicianship and choice of instruments is described as unconventional, the end result is fabulous and the vocals and harmonies make the music soar to even higher places. We have the full (self titled) album to from Shotgun Tori & the Hounds to enjoy via the Bandcamp stream below. Intelligent or with good humour, their lyrics alone are splendid and the mixture of folk, indie and country styles is delivered with quality and feeling. From Johannesburg, South Africa, their music crosses continents with ease, this really is a fine album. Rapport have shared the first single and accompanying video today, the track is entitled 'In The Dark' and its a taste of what's in store on their debut E.P. due in October. It's a feel good indie pop/rock song where melodic hooks and a pleasing video suggest the band are worth keeping a look out for. Mu

Xul Zolar - Fime - The Dollyrots

We have the brand new video for Xul Zolar and the song 'Nightfalls'. Musically it is somewhere between alt rock and indie with a definite experimental feel to the arrangement, the video is a fine accompaniment to a very fine song and E.P. Fime have a new video for 'Solo / Together' which is a powerful indie rocker with a subtle melody and potent chorus line, it bodes well for the five song E.P due in October. It's official The Dollyrots know how to party as is witnessed by the song and video for (drum-role please) 'I Know How to Party'. This is a hook filled and upbeat punk track that simply exudes good vibes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xul Zolar - Nightfalls. Cologne based indie four-piece Xul Zolar shared the new three-track 'Nightfalls' EP on August 23rd via Asmara Records/Kitsuné. Alongside two recently released tracks: 'Perfume' and 'Nightfalls', the ‘

Rebekah Hawker - Candy Ambulance - Cold Reading

Rebekah Hawker has released 'Kempenfelt Bay' a stunning country folk song which places her on a par with many a fine artist who inhabit the world of Americana or should that be Canadiana. We have featured Candy Ambulance just once before back in 2017 and now we have 'Road Valium'. The trio mix grunge rock with a dash of pop sensibilities on this track and do so splendidly. Lucerne based Cold Reading have a new single entitled 'Present Tense', which is our third feature for the band and follows on from 'Through the Woods, Pt.1.' shared earlier this year. The bands alt rock is a little softer this time, the melodic hooks and impassioned vocals are notable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rebekah Hawker - Kempenfelt Bay. Arguably, the defining characteristics of a modern musical artist with breakout potential are aesthetic in nature. Carefully chosen fonts are assigned to enigmatic mo

ROCH - Moon Panda - Shhe

We have a brand new track from ROCH entitled I Love To You. With a gentle pace, a soothing atmospheric musical landscape and Roch's beautiful vocals gliding above, this is a wonderful song. Moon Panda were featured here a couple of times last year and we catch up with them with their latest song 'On The Attack'. This time they have shared a refreshing mixture of indie pop with a few splashes of dream pop and some psychedelic vibes for good measure. Shhe has shared 'Saint Cyrus' and what a refined and dreamy song it is. It's accompanied by an intriguing video, the track itself was recorded in just one take, impressive to say the least. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROCH - I Love To You. ROCH just released an atmospheric new track, 'I Love To You'. Inspired by a phrase coined by feminist writer Luce Irigiray, in an attempt to rephrase and reposition “I love you” in order to liberate