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Parliamo - Late July - Lilly Hiatt - BlackieBlueBird

Parliamo - Echo In My Chamber. Perth, Scotland based 6-piece Parliamo release their new single "Echo In My Chamber",  lifted from the band's upcoming EP 'The Parliamo Manifesto', out October 7th via Modern Sky (The Coral, The Lathums, Abbie Ozard). Drawing from a plethora of influences from The Avalanches and Massive Attack to Super Furry Animals and The Beta Band – Parliamo bring together witty social commentary–styled lyricism with a distinctive songwriting approach very much of their own. New single "Echo In My Chamber" represents the band's most high-reaching moment to date; an armoury of joyous harmonies, crunching indie-rock guitars and a chorus to rival the very best. Speaking on the new track the band said, "Echo In My Chamber is a story of infatuation rather than love, with the lyrics telling of a dichotomy within yourself as you struggle with how you really feel about someone. The chorus is essentially a conversation with oneself, as

Lost Tuesday Society - Annabel Gutherz - Charm of Finches - Sylvie

Lost Tuesday Society - Lights. Swansea Folk-pop aficionados ‘Lost Tuesday Society’ have announced a brand new album entitled ‘Bee Skin Rug’ which will be released independently on Friday 22nd of October. ‘Lights’ the first single to be taken from the ‘Bee Skin Rug’ album is a terrific uplifting burst of energy that works as a fantastic preview of what we can expect from their new works. Harmony flooded and certainly becoming a real automatic-earworm, ‘Lights’ really excels and shows off ‘Lost Tuesday Society’s new material to a T, and accompanied with the production of acclaimed long-time friend and producer Joe Gibb, LTS are kitted out to establish themselves as a tour de force in their respected genres. Lost Tuesday Society are Jay Browning (bass) Alfie Scheinman (guitar, flute, vocals) Sarah Birch (guitar, vocals) Darran Browning (guitar, vocals) Simon Jones (drums) Kate Ronconi (violin, vocals). Lost Tuesday Society are a 6 piece band who have collectively come from a variety of d

Parrot Dream - Taxiway - Eddie Davis

Parrot Dream - Red Circle. NY-based dream-pop duo Parrot Dream are sharing a new single, "Red Circle." Parrot Dream is the Brooklyn via Santiago, Chile duo of Christina Appel and Gonzalo Guerrero. Good Eye released their debut, Light Goes, which dealt with themes of disconnected memory and loss as the partners grappled with their different senses of home. "Red Circle" is part of a set of material that they had planned on recording in a studio in 2020 and ended up recording in their home throughout the year. It's also their first new work operating fully as a duo. "'Red Circle' has its origins in an older song that we pulled apart and rebuilt. The central song idea for this track is one we’ve held on to for a while as it’s evolved through versions and phases. The earlier version was lighter and minimalist, and we moved the song to a bit of a more somber place with space for the melody to expand. The lyrics allude to a lush, hazy kind of love that bu

Allison Lorenzen - Alyssa Gengos - Séan McCann

Allison Lorenzen - Mirrors. Still reeling from the gut-punch of the distortion filled lead single “Vale” released earlier this year, many of us wondered what a full-length LP by the Denver based artist would sound like. Using the dystopian fever-dream of the aforementioned Midwife collaboration as a noise floor, the 8 songs on Tender spiral upwards like worried smoke against a low cloud ceiling, reaching towards the light but always within sight of the loamy earth surface. Shepherding lush, heavy compositions by way of synths, keys, guitars and subtle percussion, Tender finds Allison Lorenzen at her most vulnerable. Nursing old wounds from the end of a relationship and her musical project School Dance, Tender is also filled a renewed sense of heartbreak-made-triumphant that comes after the wisdom of solitude, allowing oneself to be taken care of by family and friends and, finally, documenting the way through. The way through figures heavily on Tender. Imagery of passages through limin

Angelina Luzi - Gone To Color (feat. Kurt Wagner)

Angelina Luzi - Beast. Italian English independent female artist, Angelina Luzi launches a haunting new project which kicks off with single ‘Beast’ as she draws her listener in with her captivating, emotive vocals, which beguile and enchant as she bares her soul on this striking alt-pop ballad. Being Italian and hugely inspired by British trip hop artists like Portishead and Massive Attack it’s clear to see how this passionate, cinematic soundscape has made its way to being released ahead of many more gems Angelina worked on during the recent lockdowns. A fully creative artiste who not only writes, performs, and produces all her own songs and has been building up a dedicated loyal following since moving to London several years ago. Angelina explains on ‘Beast, “I wanted to treat the lyrics as though they were from the pages of my most intimate diary. On ‘Beast’ I fight with the addiction of a toxic relationship. One that is deeply dangerous, yet so familiar and misleadingly safe.” Sho

Nadia Vaeh - Lizzie Esau - Birdtalker - Brion Starr

Nadia Vaeh - Leap of Faith.  A messy and distressed apartment in Los Angeles provides the unique setting for the latest music video for the song “Leap of Faith'' by conscious pop singer and Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh releasing this Friday, September 24th, 2021. Filming for the music video took place in her actual apartment as she prepared to move back to her hometown of Atlanta. The video captures the story of her leap into the music industry while dropping everything she had to jump in her Toyota Corolla and move to Los Angeles. Filmed entirely with a cell phone the music video also tells the story of her leap back to Atlanta. Images of Nadia packing, and labeling boxes surrounded by piles of clothing reveals a real story unfolding in real-time. “There is no better setting for this story in the real place where I lived, with the real mess I had when moving out”, states Nadia. “I was stressed, homeless and forced to move. There is no better imagery to depict the uprooting of my