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Freyja Elsy - Terry Emm - Jake Morley - Awkward Branches

Freyja Elsy - Golden Hour. Freyja's vocals on her new song ‘Golden Hour’ are breathtaking and oh so versatile, add in a gorgeous musical arrangement and this really is a standout song. The promo is spot on telling us that the song  encapsulates the nervous joy that comes with change and seeking the strength and bravery to take a different path. Experimenting with vocal chopping alongside deep harmonies, Elsy constructs a warm sonic bath of piano, strings and synthesisers around lilting melodies and uplifting crescendos. Previous singles ‘Lungs’ and ‘Requiem’ drew praise, coverage and radio play internationally - including BBC 6Music. On ‘Lungs’ the BBC’s Adam Walton said: “This gave me goosebumps that haven’t subsided since I first heard it … off-the-scale evocative” and for ‘Requiem’ Circuit Sweet said of Elsy: “A classic composer on all levels with an understanding of connection within their creations.” Freyja Elsy is an independent songwriter and composer who produces layered,

Native Harrow - The A.M.s - Brenda Carsey - Land Of Pure - The Darts

Native Harrow - Old Kind Of Magic (New Album). We are delighted to share the title track 'Old Kind of Magic', leading the way on the fifth long player from Native Harrow (their third for prestigious London based label, Loose). The album is described as "a sojourn on their passage between two lands; a luxuriant and fecund annunciation." Beehive Candy have featured them before and we were really impressed back then. Now we are blown away by the new collection of songs, both beautiful, thoughtful and wonderfully natural.   In the first days of 2021, the band known as Native Harrow landed seaside in Brighton, England. Its leaders, Stephen Harms and Devin Tuel, arrived with a few trunks worth of books, clothes, guitars, and microphones. Settling in at the very top of a crumbling regency building where the seagulls call to the sun's rise and fall each day, they thought “this is the perfect place to make a record.” Immersing themselves in a new place filled with unfamil

Oneiros Way - Ace Of Wands - Nico Paulo

Oneiros Way - Mourning. "'Mourning' is the lament of death, a siren that announces its sound, a round murmur, the malevolent reverberation of an end that escapes, that is beyond to come but that does not come: because rather than death what's coming is sleep, apathy, the trap of return, the eternal damnation of the present. Mourning is inspired by Jean Cocteau's Orphèe 1950, death is a mirror that entraps, eternal return, continuous re-proposition of dream scenarios. A lament, a call and a new lament, as if death were nothing more than a new beginning. " Hailing from Milan, Italy, electro-dreampop duo Oneiros Way deliver dark-tinted, ethereal songs, rooted in a vintage cinematic imagery. Cocteau Twins echoes on trip-hop rhythms and post-rock subtileties. Regina (voce, pianoforte, synth e organi) and Claudio (voice, chitarre, Lunabass, drum machine / campionatore, synth) have made wide use of analog instruments like MS 20, Solina, acoustic pianos, banjos, anal

WILDES - Beck Black

WILDES - (Run to the) Flames. London singer/songwriter Ella Walker aka WILDES has released her new single "(Run to the) Flames", the latest taste of upcoming debut album 'Other Words Fail Me'. The new album was produced by St Francis Hotel (Michael Kiwanuka, Greentea Peng, Little Simz) and will be released on 13th January 2023 via AWAL. While Walker’s gaze is set firmly on what is in front of her, there is still room to acknowledge where the she has come from. “(Run to the) Flames” was written in 2019, the only track brought forward to the album from that period of time. “It was a time where I felt really useless, musically,” she explains. “I was really without direction. I had a strong connection with it emotionally: it was all about running into the flames when you’re in a really dark, sad place, and deciding that you’re going to change.” This elegiac song honours the ‘old’ WILDES sound of grand, sweeping endings, but stays true to the artist she is now with new so

Quasi Qui - Abby Sage - Iceblynk - Astralux

Photo - Maxime Imbert Quasi Qui - Terminal 5. Since the announcement of their signing to microqlima records (Isaac Delusion, L’Impératrice, Pepite, Fils Cara), things have moved fast for British alt-pop duo Quasi Qui. After playing a number of tastemaker festivals in France (Pete The Monkey, Coconut, Love Letters..), and the release of the singles 'Directorial Debut', 'Epoch' and '10 years', the duo is back with 'Terminal 5'. A dense and colourful number, much like the forthcoming album Downloading A New Operating System, which is set to be released November 4. Together, Yehan Jehan and his sister Zadi are Quasi Qui. In the dystopian / utopian sci-fi reality that they envisage on their new album, the earth has split into two, and it’s up to you to hitch a ride on the parallel universe of your choosing. The duo are not only reimagining how to make great pop music on their debut album, they’re also remodelling the future and imagining a civilisation that