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Kate Bush - Butterfly Kisses

I have always liked Kate Bush . She epitomises every thing that is good about a creative artist & musician. I could go on and on, I guess you know all this. She has been, and remains one of the best female artist's in popular, and contemporary music. This is a compilation of live TV appearance soundtracks, 70's & 80's charity contributions, and limited live material that has been circulated under the title ' Butterfly Kisses'. I am not sure if this was originally one of those cynical 'rip off' Cd's traded as an official release, or just a collection of fans material (hopefully it is the latter). Track listing: 01 - Wuthering Heights (3:00) BBC TV, Top of the Pops - 16 Feb 1978. 02 - The Man with the Child in His Eyes (2:51) 03 - Them Heavy People (2:48) TV (New York), Saturday Night Live - 09 Dec 1978. 04 - Under the Ivy (2:13 Studio, Abbey Road, March 1986. 05 - Breathing (3:07) 06 - Do Bears? (3:49) BBC TV, Comic Relief - 04 April 198

Bootleg Originals Part Four - Jefferson Airplane - New York 1967

Am I glad I was just a minor in 1967. The whole hippie, summer of love, flowers in your hair, psychedelic thing would surely have sucked me in. These day's, I'd be recounting tales of just how 'far out' I really was, in that boring monotonous way that only old stoners can. Hmmm maybe... This is another moment in rock music history. First of all the venue, the 'Cafe Au Go Go'. The Cafe au Go Go was a Greenwich Village night club located in the basement of 152 Bleecker Street, New York, NY. The club was the first New York venue for the Grateful Dead, and has a veritable whose who, of 1960's artists that played there. Jefferson Airplane performed for two weeks at the Cafe au Go-Go, with supporting act Richie Havens, from February 1967. This recording was from 4th March 1967. As far as the Jefferson Airplane go, they had formed in 1965, in San Francisco, with their debut show on August 13th 1965, at the Matrix nightclub (San Francisco). Vocalist

The Black Crowes - Live In London - The Following Evening

Celebrating the 100th post on this still very young blog, I can think of no finer band than The Black Crowes. Back on the 26th July, I put up the full concert from the 19th March 2006 at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire. The following evening (yep - I make that the 20th) they played a second concert, and here is where you start to learn just how cool, unique, talented, and other thingies the Black Crowes are. They play a very different set, different songs, unique jams, and a stonking performance. Now the 19th March gig can still be downloaded, so if you are new to the band, why not download the first part of the 19th and compare it to the first part of the 20th March performance. If you are not a fan at the end of both, do the following. Go and stand in front of a full length mirror, look yourself up and down (no touching) and say out loud, "I am not a rock'n'roller". There is no known cure for this condition, however a quick dose of James Blunt,

Whats Up Doc? - Second Helping

Time for another bout of Whats Up Doc? Plenty of very good new music, some brand spanking new, some recent. Not long now before the record industry starts the season of inevitably dodgy repackaged compilations... So whats on my play list right now? Lets start with the new album from Siouxsie namely 'Mantaray'. If you like anything by the Banshees, or The Creatures, it's a must to check out. Have a listen to: Links Removed - MP3 Policy. Siouxsie - Into a Swan (radio edit).mp3 Official site and more info HERE . Radiohead have announced the release of a new album - 'In Rainbows', as I am sure all their fans already know. For full details go to their site HERE . Two options, one - pre-order to download the single album, you choose the amount you want to pay, and two - order the comprehensive Cd & vinyl package, that will be dispatched in December. Some of the songs from the new album were played on their tour last year. Whether they are like the finished

Bootleg Originals Part Three - The Waterboys - Glastonbury 1986

When is a bootleg, not a bootleg? "I think 1986 was a peak", states The Waterboys founder Mike Scott, "We never really came back to where we were in 1986." How good was their concert at Glastonbury in 1986? So good that in 1998, Mike Scott released a live album of The Waterboys including the Glastonbury performance, despite the fact it had been bootlegged from the radio broadcast twelve years earlier! It's all a bit of a conundrum, when you consider the 'official release', and what has subsequently happened, it goes like this. According to Mike Scott, the album was put out by New Millennium Records (although credits it to "Msi", and All Music Guide credits it to "Pilot" and "Griffin"). Mike Scott claims that New Millennium stopped paying royalties to the band but continued to sell the album. The album is not listed on the band's own 'official' discography. Whatever the actual facts are,

A Trip Before The Beatles - The Quarrymen 1960

If you are not familiar with The Quarrymen , John Lennon's 'skiffle' group, that eventually became The Silver Beatles, and then of course The Beatles, the Wikipedia article HERE is really interesting. I thought of just providing some selected parts within this posting, but the whole article provides excellent background to this recording. This rehearsal recording was made just four weeks before they changed name to The Silver Beetles, and John Lennon's friend Stuart Sutcliffe made up the quartet. This recording was made at Paul McCartney's home early in 1960, prior to Pete Best joining as drummer, and of course the Hamburg, Germany era. This is obviously a wonderful piece of musical history, and the audio quality reflects the historical aspect, home taping circa 1960, likely on one microphone, and with a muffled sound and hiss, that an old tape would retain however much you try to clean it up. That said I find it fascinating, and a must have for any Beatl