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Golden Earring - Live in The Hague - 1989

Considering Golden Earring formed in the mid 1960's, and have enjoyed popularity in Holland and a number of European countries ever since, it's great to see them still touring and recording right up to date, and with gigs scheduled into 2010! They scored their biggest UK and USA success with the classic rock song 'Radar Love', which in some ways over shadows a considerable amount of other great material they have produced down the years. For your enjoyment this is Golden Earring live in concert at the Parkpop Festival, Den Haag (The Hague), Holland on the 25th June 1989. Source: FM radio broadcast (this is from a later 're-broadcast'). Sound Quality: Very good, 320kbps stereo 'off air' recording. Genre: Rock (from 'classic' to 'prog' to 'Nederland beat') Set: This is the full broadcast material, it excludes the first two songs from their performance (Back Home & To Much Women), the total recorded time was 51:28 (117mb). Se

The Rezillos - BBC & WFMU Radio Sessions

Here's another example of just how many great bands have come out of Scotland. The Rezillos formed in Edinburgh, Scotland, back in 1976, and were quickly associated with the punk and subsequent new wave movement in the UK, with their panache for short, sharp, three minute pop gems. The band toured constantly with the likes of The Ramones and The Undertones, by 1979 it was all over. In 2001 they reformed for a one off gig, and reignited, leading to their continuing and welcome musical presence in 2009. Source: BBC and WFMU Radio sessions - Total Playing Time 44:43. Sound Quality: Very good 'off air' stereo mp3 recordings @ 320 kbps Genre: Punk, New Wave, Power Pop. Track List: 1-6 BBC Radio Mark Lamarr Session 14th February 2009 1.Out Of This World. 2.Yesterdays Tormentor. 3.Ambulance. 4.No 1 Boy. 5.I Can't Stand My Baby. 6.River Deep Mountain High. 7-8 BBC Radio Session 31st March 2006 7.No 1 Boy. 8.(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures. 9-12 WFMU Radio Session June 27t

Love - Live At The Fillmore West 1970

Love started out playing the L.A. club scene in April 1965, and by the time of this concert in 1970, had already experienced a turbulent history, with line up changes, problematic tours, and the ravages of drug excesses. The one constant was the late Arthur Taylor Lee, along with some superb sixties albums and singles. This then is Love with both the early and late shows at the Fillmore West, San Francisco, USA, back on the 21st November 1970. Source: Concert soundboard. Sound Quality: Very good, 320kbps stereo (a few glitches due to age, that do not distract). Genre: Psychedelic rock, garage rock, sixties west coast. Set: Early and Late show performances. Set List: Early Show: 01 Product Of The Times 02 Stand Out 03 Keep On Shinning 04 Andmoreagain 05 Singing Cowboy / Good Times Late Show: 06 Stand Out 07 Product Of The Times 08 Bummmer In The Summer 09 Gotta Find Somebody 10 Signed D.C. 11 Slick Dick 12 Always See Your Face 13 Singing Cowboy Links: Excellent fan site HERE . Offi

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - Sessions 1969

This is hardly making it's Internet bootleg debut here, however the Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash sessions from 1969, remain elusive for many collectors, and I am happy to do my bit to help. The often asked question regarding these sessions is, why have they never been officially released ? The musically historical importance, audio quality, and perhaps the actual performances themselves, make that a reasonable question, however in all honesty forty years on, the 'cats out of the bag' if you get my drift? The contents of the sessions are detailed in track lists below, if you have just passing interest in either of these two artists, I would suggest that the recordings are well worth a listen. Source: Taken from an early generation silver CD. Sound Quality: Very good stereo soundboard, studio and auditorium. Genre: In all fairness Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash will suffice. Track List: BS studios, Nashville, TN , USA - February 17th -18th, 1969 . 01 Good Ol'