Friday Three: Oddity - Nevruary - Grieving

Oddity - Ghost.

Background promo - Chicago trio Oddity are gearing up to release their debut album ‘Settle Down’, produced by Steve Albini. Talking of the track, the band say; “We wanted to expand on our sound and with that I thought that our production had to be different,” explain the band. “As soon as we can up with the riff for ‘Ghost’ I knew immediately that this was the sound we wanted to go for.” ‘Settle Down’ is due for release on 24th June;

“Wind me up, push me around, just don’t tell me to settle down.” That’s the sound of singer Oscar Baker’s voice as it pulsates through the title track of Chicago-based alt-rock trio Oddity’s debut album, Settle Down. Guided by the prolific producer Steve Albini, who steers the band’s sound in line with his own masterful résumé, he pieces together the band’s understanding of their own history, while giving them space to envisage on their own where that history might lead them. “Why fly like a monster, when you’re moving like a dancer,” Baker sings as he inaugurates his listeners to these 11 tracks.

Oddity formed around January of 2012 under the name Fletcher and released two EP’s, Open Arms and Thundersteps, which helped to establish their serrated rock credibility with audiences and critics across the U.S. In the opening months of 2016, the trio decided to go in a different direction artistically, and this change in approach eventually prompted the name change. “We changed our name because we are reinventing our sound, so we’d thought we should reinvent ourselves,” front man Oscar Baker elaborated.

Nice and powerful indie rock, with a raw no nonsense feel, is how I would describe 'Ghost'. A foretaste of the new album which sounds like it going to be a feisty affair.


Nevruary - The Runner.

Background bio - In place of a screaming guitar, insert a melodic bass. When you think the verse is building into a stadium anthem, relax & settle into a groove with a swirling falsetto vocal hook. This track has both electronic beats & acoustic drums, hard hitting lyrics & gentle melodies, piano riffs & mesmerizing synths, verses that resemble Rap countered by Soul-inspired choruses, thoughtful guitar playing, and tight harmonies. This is Nevruary: a band rooted in rock but not limited to the genre.

Since their formation in 2013, this Los Angeles foursome has released their phonetically self-titled debut album, (Nev-Rü-Air-Ee), performed extensively at clubs in & around Hollywood (House of Blues, Universal Studios, Vaucluse Lounge, Amplyfi), and have recorded their second album, “Noegenesis”, which is to be released in the spring of 2016. Nevruary is comprised of J.M. Long, Josh Pryer, Cal Pryer, and David Myers, Jr.

'The Runner' is my personal introduction to Nevruary. That it's catchy is stating the obvious with hooks a plenty, what's extra pleasing is the band not feeling the need for a dominant guitar sound and playing to their strengths instead. Nice intro, it will be interesting to hear more.


Grieving - Ownership.

Background promo - Grieving are a new band from Cambridge, playing direct, twisting indie-punk. The band played their first shows over the last couple of months, alongside the likes of Tellison, the much buzzed about Muncie Girls and Three Trapped Tigers and have recorded six songs set for release as an EP release, "Demonstrations", in July. The band have said of "Ownership":

“This was a big shift musically from our first track, No Sleep, and I'm sure we'll take another shift on the next. There’s definitely a Dischord / Touch & Go feel to some of those guitars and any imperfections here are what makes it what it is. The vocals were done in one or two takes, and were the last to be put to tape of the six demos we recorded, so you can hear that rawness in there. There are some dark themes lyrically but then there’s melody and warmth too. Hooks will always be an important part of what we do."

The band will play the following dates w/
Post War Glamour Girls at The Corner House, Cambridge on 27th May
F A L L S at The Old Blue Last, London on May 30th.

Second time on Beehive Candy for Grieving having featured their first song share a few weeks back on the 3rd April. The band continue to impress with 'Ownership' demonstrating they are far more than a one trick pony. Plenty of energy again along with passion in the vocals and music. The EP is teasingly not out until July, by which time I reckon there will be considerable interest.