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Lucy Francesca Dron - James McMurtry - Lindsay Jarman - Pollena - Simone

Lucy Francesca Dron - Leftovers (E.P). Brisbane-based songstress Lucy Francesca Dron has been turning heads with her genre-defying style and compelling storytelling, her most recent singles ‘What Is Next?’ and ‘Liquid Numbing Pain’ paving the way for highly-anticipated EP ‘Leftovers’ (out now). Combining her enchanting fusion of indie-rock and lo-fi folk with her feathery jazz-style vocals, Dron has delivered an introspective coming-of-age journey in ‘Leftovers’, each of the five tracks representing a different stage of her transition into adulthood. Dron further explains: “Leftovers is like a musical journal of my experience transitioning from a teenager to a young adult. Each song represents a piece of the journey, exploring themes of curiosity, anxiety, love, heartbreak and acceptance.” Similar to a journey of self-discovery, the five tracks making up ‘Leftovers’ were once thought of as outcasts, not fitting into any of Dron’s other album concepts, until finding their rightful plac

MARBL - Alicia Toner - Keegan Chambers - The Felice Brothers

MARBL - Never Get Out. When you break up with someone you love fully, you can't really let them go. Apparently, it happens, but there's always a room in your heart, one only you know, where your lover still lingers in. I remember the moment I realized that he might never get thin enough to leave through the door to his room in my heart, and how I wrote it down immediately. This song was written not long after the latter single "It's Always Our O'clock Somewhere", and it goes together with its message, that I think a lot about lately - love is the energy of life, the answer to our constant questioning, the merging point between the random and the sacred, so when it's over, it can't really be over, it has to go somewhere.“ - MARBL The video by Tomer Levi shows a dark cloud following MARBL everywhere as a metaphor of not being able of letting go but finally disappearing in the end. MARBL, who also works as a vocal coach in Tel-Aviv, was able to generate

Pearl & The Oysters - Edouard Landry - Jennifer Lyn & the Groove Revival

Pearl & The Oysters - Treasure Island. Treasure Island is the name of a beloved beach town on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The TI beachfront is home to a number of pretty iconic 1950s roadside architectural landmarks, like the Thunderbird Resort’s oversize neon sign, which we reference in the opening line of the song. It’s not a hidden-getaway type of spot but to us that beach always radiated a kind of magical healing energy. This song whose basic rhythm track was composed and recorded in a 10-minute span at Rockaway studio in December 2018 was our humble attempt at bottling Treasure Island’s atmosphere, in musical form. Featuring “the funkiest drum machine ever,” according to Shags. Flowerland is the third album from French-American duo Pearl & The Oysters, available September 3rd, 2021 via Chicago’s Feeltrip Records. With the band having recently relocated to LA, the album was intended as the final installment of Pearl & The Oysters’ ‘Florida trilogy,’ begun on their self-

Josienne Clarke - Niloo - Rhys Evan - Reliant Tom

Josienne Clarke - Sit Out. For the first time since her early beginnings, Josienne Clarke is flying solo. No label, no musical partner, no producer. Clarke is in complete control of her songwriting, arranging, producing, release schedule and musical direction. A Small Unknowable Thing, Clarke's second solo album will be released on August 13th via her own label, Corduroy Punk Records. Today she has shared the first taste of her new album and new sound in the form of defiant new single. 'Sit out' is frustration and defiance in sonic form. “All you stand for / Makes me want to sit out” she sings over thick, driving guitars and an almost Beastie Boys-esque drum beat. The heaviest moment on the album, ‘Sit Out’ sees Clarke fully let rip. Despite writing a plethora of critically acclaimed songs, winning a BBC Folk Award, opening for Robert Plant on his European tour, playing prominent slots on some of the UK’s biggest festivals and even taking a leading role in The National The

James - Spud Cannon - Jen Fodor ft Nadia Vaeh - Seafoam Green - Megan Wyler - The Speed Of Sound

James - All The Colours Of You (Album) UK alternative band James have released their new album All The Colours Of You. James will perform tracks from the new record and many more from their rich catalogue live this summer, across festival dates in the UK and Europe. James’ sixteenth  studio album, All The Colours Of You was recorded in part before the Covid pandemic struck and is produced by the Grammy award-winning Jacknife Lee (U2, REM, Snow Patrol, The Killers). Matching the energy of the lyrics, Lee brought a fresh approach to James’ sound, working remotely from his studio with Booth (Lee’s Topanga Canyon neighbor) and liaising in a daisy chain with fellow band member Jim Glennie, reimagining their demos, and capturing the band in all their virtual glory. The result is a record with the most fresh and festival ready tracks of their 39-year career, the sound of one of Britain’s best bands, deconstructed and reassembled by one of the world’s most renowned producers. Since their brea