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Midnight Clover - Misty Blues - Mojow

Midnight Clover - FLoW (Album). Midnight Clover is an up-and-coming alternative rock band who consider themselves to be innovators in their genre. Brimming with talent, Midnight Clover’s alternative rock provides a refined version of the popular genre, as if their music is an ode to the classics while simultaneously being full of innovation. With their second studio album titled ‘FloW’, Midnight Clover has certainly exceeded the expectations of fans worldwide.  Midnight Clover formed around 7 years ago when guitarist Johnie Stomp encouraged Amber ‘Clover’ Corby to sing. She taught herself how to structure songs and even helped recruit the band bassist Roman, and band drummer Jimmie. The rest is history.  The Las Vegas-based band released their debut record, Turner, in 2016, and have previously also released two EP’s titled ‘Lovage’ and ‘Never Bring Me Down’. ‘FloW’ features eight tracks and was recorded at June Audio Recording Studios in Provo, UT.  Gaining inspiration from influentia

Gemma - Jeremy Macklin

Gemma - Μασέτι. It’s been less than two months since Gemma introduced themselves with their debut album and took us along on an ambient, electro-rock journey entangled with the Cretan folk music. This time Gemma returns and shares with us a different aspect of their music creativity! With the drums, percussion, loops and bass they create a rhythm that makes the body move and on the other hand, the electronic ambience, the enchanting voice and the eerie sounds they make the mind travel. Maseti is a mystical, dance track which carries us in its raving world! A sharpened knife, Maseti for Gemma is all about the contrasts, the conflicting elements and the choices we make. In a society where anything that exceeds the limits of regularity is considered reprehensible we must gather the strength to cut down our shackles, stand strong in the face of fear and let ourselves be free to express what we truly feel. A party beyond restrains! Gemma consists of Danili Evangelia (voice, loops), Kaparos

Sad Daddy - The Magic Epic

Sad Daddy - Cold Rain. Little Rock and Hot Springs, AR/Austin, TX foursome Sad Daddy will unveil "Cold Rain," the second single from their brilliant new LP Way Up In The Hills. This track shows off the less grassy/more folk-pop side of the band, and it's one of my favorites from the record. Band member Joe Sundell, who wrote this one, was inspired by the loss of control we were all going through at the start of the pandemic--both as individuals and as a society--and how it made some of us feel like the walls were closing in. The imagery is powerful - there's a man whose life is turned upside down and finds himself in a hole at the bottom of a lake. It's the idea that as things keep progressing the way they are, we all have to jump into this new reality and learn to swim. Sad Daddy's four members, Melissa Carper (upright bassist who released her critically acclaimed LP Daddy's Country Gold in March), Brian Martin (guitar), Joe Sundell (banjo), and Rebecca

Lasse Matthiessen - HVOB - Timo de Jong

Lasse Matthiessen - Closer. Hot off the heels of the release of his new EP ‘Coordinates Remain’, Danish artist Lasse Matthiessen is set to release a perfectly reflective new single for Xmas time, ‘Closer’. The new single continues a bold new change in direction for Matthiessen which he fleshed out with ‘Coordinates Remain’. Having previously built up a large following with a folky sound, the EP and ‘Closer’ push in a bigger, atmospheric, electronic direction. The works are Matthiessen’s most experimental and effect-bearing pieces to date.  The striking change in sound and new material was inspired by a dive back into the memory banks of Matthiessen’s past during the lockdowns of 2020. Having re-visited many child-hood haunts and feelings during this time, the music plumbs deep depths and eschews genre categorization, combining a feeling of melancholic dystopia with big electronic-pop moments and then evading the listener completely in a mysterious nostalgic shadow.  ‘Closer’ seems to