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REM - Live In London - 2005

This is the 'broadcast' part of REM live in Hyde Park, London, on the 16th July 2005. It was the final date of their 2004/05 world tour, and had been put back one week due to the terrorist attack on London's tube system, just days earlier. I have seen a number of bands and artists myself in Hyde Park. I recognise it has been used considerably as a venue in recent years. A good number of charitable events have been televised in the UK. It is easy to get the impression that this is a fine venue to play. Hyde Park is a very big place, a very large park. For around ten years now, the gigs are performed with the stage at the Marble Arch end. The audience are placed parallel with Park Lane going south, between the internal roads. If nothing else, I hope I have confused some New Yorkers at there own game now, regarding concerts in Central Park (this time last year I was in Manhattan so understand this is said with kind affection). Put simply this part of Hyde Park

Genesis - Live In London - 1980

There was a time when Genesis would have automatically been included in my top favorite five bands. When Peter Gabriel left, like many I thought it was the end, however although the sound and style gradually developed, it was still Genesis, and some good music was produced. In 1980 the album Duke was released, and I was really impressed ! With hindsight this was the beginning of the end of my Genesis 'must buy - must have' era. After that for whatever reason only the odd song here and there appealed to me. As regards Phil Collins solo material, sorry I have tried, but it ain't for me. I think early on, he made to much of an effort not to sound like Genesis, but with respect was never going to be a crooner. To the point - This is Genesis towards the end of my 'Top Five Favorite' era. The details - Genesis live at The Lyceum London (second night) on the 7th May 1980. The Lyceum was one of the smaller venues they played on this tour. Set List: CD 1: 0