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Leonard Cohen - Royal Albert Hall 1988

This is Leonard Cohen live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England back on the 30th May 1988. The performance was recorded by the BBC (from their own soundboard) but never subsequently broadcast. In 1987, Jennifer Warnes's tribute album Famous Blue Raincoat helped restore Leonard Cohen's career in the USA and the following year he released 'I'm Your Man', which marked a drastic change in his music. Synthesizers ruled the album and Leonard Cohen's lyrics included more social commentary and dark humour. It was Leonard Cohen's most acclaimed and popular since Songs of Leonard Cohen. "First We Take Manhattan" and the title song have become two of his most popular songs. Source: Soundboard (BBC). Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Folk, folk rock, blues. Set: Full Set*. Track List: 01 Dance Me To The End Of Love 02 Ain't No Cure For Love 03 Who By Fire 04 Bird On The Wire 05 I'm Your Man 06 Sister

2010FM - Alcoholic Faith Mission

Here's a band I really do like and new little about until those very nice folk at Paper Garden Records sent me a copy of their current album, and am I glad they did! I reckon a lot of people are gonna be 'getting into this band' in 2010, and those already in the know are probably feeling rather smug. Alcoholic Faith Mission are from Copenhagen however started out in Brooklyn in 2006. Whether it is the contradictory band name, the band’s multinational conception, or just the creation of eerily beautiful music, Copenhagen’s Alcoholic Faith Mission have already proved their worth in Europe with coverage in NME, AOL UK and more in addition to consistently selling out high-profile shows across the European continent. Listen: 'We All Have Our Shortcomings' Website: MySpace . Buy MP3's: Alcoholic Faith Mission Bio: Alcoholic Faith Mission started in Brooklyn, NY in 2006. The apprentices of dejection, Thorben Seierø Jensen and Sune Sølund, were wandering ar

The Specials - USA 1980

This is The Specials live in concert back in January 1980 at Hurrah's, NYC. The Specials began at the same time as Rock Against Racism which first gathered in 1978. According to Jerry Dammers, anti-racism was intrinsic to the formation of The Specials, in that the band was formed with the goal of integrating black and white people. 2009 has seen the band undertake a 30th anniversary tour (minus Jerry Dammers, however Terry Hall has stated 'the door remains open to him'). The tour has been very well received, their performance on BBC's 'Later With Jools Holland' can be seen on You Tube HERE . This concert takes us back three decades to a much younger band. Source: FM Broadcast Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@256kbps. Genre: 2 Tone, Ska, New Wave. Set: Majority of set Track List: 01 Monkey Man 02 Rat Race 03 Blank Expression 04 Rude Boys Outa Jail 05 Too Hot 06 Doesn't Make It Alright 07 Stupid Marriage 08 Too Much Too Young 09 A Messa