Friday Uplift: Rabid Young - Peter Henry Phillips - Indiago

Rabid Young - Not Enough.

Background - At some point in 2014, Las Vegas musician Eric Rickey found himself at the end of a well-travelled road wondering where to go next.

That year Eric’s previous band, Most Thieves, had opened for the Killers through Europe and Canada, playing arenas and getting a taste of international success. Reflecting on the experience Eric explains: “We had all the opportunity in the world but for whatever reason it didn’t pan out.” That tour culminated in a home town show at the Cosmo on New Year’s Eve where they played for thousands of people before the members decided to take a break from the project. It was at this pinnacle, looking out at the sea of eager faces, when the words “rabid young” popped into his head.

Back in Vegas, Rickey joined up with friend and fellow musician Jackson Wilcox (A Crowd of Small Adventures) and the two began plotting their new endeavour with fellow Most Thieves alum Bobby Lee Parker (guitar), as well as Matthew Long (drummer for Roky Erickson) and Alex Stopa (The Silver State, Big Talk). Each of the band members’ musical pedigree was solid but they were all involved in more “heady” forms of rock. This was going to be an unabashedly deliberate attempt to go in a pop rock direction under the new banner. The newly christened Rabid Young decamped at Eric’s studio, Electric Animal, which is usually booked up by local talent (Eric provides bands an affordable place to track when he is not working in the audio department for Cirque du Soleil).

The result is the bands freshly minted self-titled debut EP, mixed by Grammy winning engineer Adam J. Odor. While the songs are influenced by classic rock, the production palette is strictly 21st century and one can tell that plenty of thought went into deconstructing the radio pop that took hold of the charts in the 80's and fusing it with its not-so-distant cousin; current top 40; straight forward lyrics cut right to the heart of the matter, melodies leap from the speakers and a metric ton of shimmering keyboards cascade over the methodical beats.

'Not Enough' is from the bands debut EP released today, and is indicative of the five songs on the EP. It's a creative mix of synth pop with a rockier edge, all of which have a generally bright and breezy feel to them.


Peter Henry Phillips - I Wanna Go.

Bio and Info - Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Peter Henry Phillips will make his highly anticipated American debut at Culture Collide in Los Angeles on Thursday, Oct. 8 at Taix and Friday, Oct. 9 at The Champagne Room. 

Peter Henry Phillips has been working on his solo project for over five years. The Origin is inspired by nature and the beauty surrounding our daily endeavours. Phillips’ mesmerising melodies have a soothing quality, maintaining a symbiosis with the charismatic and introspective feel of the album. With the cinematographic opening piece “The Wind,” the joyful first single “I Wanna Go,” and the Lennonesque “Burn & Crash,” Phillips has solidified his place among today’s elite songwriters.

In addition to having written, composed, and produced The Origin, Peter played keyboards, guitar, bass, and pedal steel. According to Peter, his debut full-length captures his generous nature and his impassioned approach to life: “This album represents my desire to exist and to share my passion for life, music, and humanity. It has helped me to remember where I’m from and to better know where I want to go.”

Peter Henry Phillips, known as Pilou in Canada, became a fixture on the Quebec scene via his work with artists such as Jorane, Ariane Moffatt, and Tomas Jensen. The Asbestos native also collaborated with Maxime Morin, better known as DJ Champion, as the lead vocalist for his last two albums, Resistance and °1. In 2010, Pilou became one of Quebec’s most beloved singers when he performed on the television show Belle & Bum.

During the past decade, Peter has worked as a producer for a variety of artists, including Marie-Jo Thério (Chasing Lydie), Philippe Brach (La foire et l’ordre), and Sébastien Lacombe (Territoires). The multi-talented artist performed on the original soundtrack of Denys Arcand’s last movie, Le règne de la beauté, which included two of his original songs in the score.

'I Wanna Go' is one of those songs that feet cannot stay still to, it kinda makes me feel I need to march along to it. Really fine vocals and a sweeping production, make this a really nice engaging tune.


Indiago - Been So Long.

Background provided - Mixing the perfect blend of a funky rhythm section and ambient guitars, with the heaviness and huge Rock sound the band is known for, the new single ‘Been So Long’ is a breath of fresh air from Adelaide Hills rockers Indiago. 

Off the back of their Independent EP in 2013, and single release ‘Fleetwood' earlier in the year, the new track is a true testament to the complexity and diversity in the young band's song writing.

Heading back to Hothouse Audio, St. Kilda, and joining forces once again with legendary Producers Craig Harnath and Jez Giddings (Jet, Kingswood, The Living End, Ash Grunwald, Dan Sultan), this could be Indiago's most up- beat and positive songs to date.

"We wanted to write something more uplifting," says lead singer Will Solomon, "something people could move to, while still staying true to our signature sound."

The constant moving of funky bass, played by AJ Janus and the scattered, intricate drums of Shane Cox, teamed up with wailing, reverbed guitars from James Fishers and Harry Townsend, opens the song with a head-nodding, but smooth intro. Frontman Will Solomon compliments the vibe with a catchy, soulful melody that flows through the music. In true Indiago style, the song builds and builds, and climaxes with three huge guitar tones, thrashing drum and bass and gritty vocals that soar across the track, leading into a double-time ending of full-on, fast paced Rock-and-Roll.

The vocals demand attention, whilst the rest of the band demand you just love the whole song. There is an underlying power in the music that is constrained, to allow the positive feelings to run free.