Sunday Duo: Slingshot Dakota - Golden Daze

Slingshot Dakota - Paycheck.

Background promo words - Slingshot Dakota is an indie rock band from Bethlehem, PA. Comprised of two people, this band has no shortage of volume, energy and catchy tunes. Carly Comando shreds an 88-key digital piano through multiple effects pedals and provides vocals for the band. Drummer Tom Patterson keeps the beat while energetically crushing his drums, a sight that is both entertaining and inspiring. While Comando and Patterson are influenced by their respective punk and hardcore basement scenes, their music can be described as poppy indie rock. Their live sound is loud, full and raw, but at the root of it all is an addictive rock song.

Over the course of the last three years since Slingshot Dakota's last album, 2012's Dark Hearts (Topshelf), the pair allowed themselves the freedom to write new material at their leisure as well as succumb to the temptation of outside opportunties - Comando, a commercial licensor, earned herself an Emmy Award for her song "Everyday" used in an episode of The Simpsons, Patterson wrote and recorded two albums with his doom metal band, Fog Cult, and what could be their biggest project to date, getting married.

Slingshot Dakota worked with photographer David Brandon Geeting on the album design. "He has an amazingly eclectic style, and his photos represent his interpretation of our record’s theme," explains Comando. The album cover album is a bouquet of flowers with a broken vase taped together in a sad yet hopeful way, and the back cover is the same concept but with a tree branch and leaves. "There’s something melancholy yet beautiful in his art," Comando says. "The images are bright and colorful, even though they evoke something sad." - Release Date: March 11, 2016. Label: Topshelf Records.

'Paycheck' has a punk feel, with vocals initially buried amongst a potent rock beat and fuzz laden digital piano. It's catchy straight music with a bite.


Golden Daze - Low.

Background promo - Formed by Ben Schwab and Jacob Loeb, Golden Daze is a collaborative song writing duo. Inspired by 60's melodic rock and contemporaries like Cass Mccombs and Brian Jonestown Massacre, Golden Daze drenches their straightforward earthly pop tunes in ethereal drones and tape flutter.

The duo, originally from the Midwest (Schwab from Ohio and Loeb from Chicago), are based in Los Angeles and will be releasing their self-titled debut LP on Autumn Tone Records on February 19th.

This week the band shares album cut "Low," a track they say is "like our version of 'I Believe I Can Fly'."

'Low' opens as something of an anthem, with the vocals bringing an additional lift. The sixties melodic rock inspiration, is pleasingly evident on this song, giving it a rich overall texture.