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Saturday Double: Treetop Flyers - The Minerals

Treetop Flyers - 31 Years. Background promo - For Treetop Flyers, the last few years have been a case of needing to fall apart, in order to rebuild, and come back stronger. Two and a half years on from their acclaimed debut album ‘The Mountain Moves’, fate showed its macabre sense of humour in dramatically shifting the ground beneath the London five-piece. The grief for lost parents, broken marriages, the near-death of a close friend, the departure of long-time bassist Matthew Starritt, the loss of numerous behind-the-scenes personnel (as well as an accountancy bill that they say “would make the government weep”) led to a prolonged period of upheaval and an unsettled and anxious camp. It was perhaps natural that Palomino was to become an honest, raw, and reflective record. As vocalist / guitarist Reid Morrison puts it; “We'd been through a lot individually and collectively. Coming together to make this record was very therapeutic for us, in a sense. It brought us closer and allow

Start The Weekend: The Flavr Blue - Tinted Sun

The Flavr Blue - Supply. Promo info - In celebration of the release of their EP L​ove Notes and the announcement of their upcoming tour, the Flavr Blue is proud to share "Supply". Coming after the releases of upbeat satin thrill ride "Oxygen" (feat. Jarell Perry) and sensual synth wave "Majesty", "Supply" is another eargasm that showcases the trio's ability to create multi-textured masterpieces rife with beautiful vocal layering and harmony. After a 2015 of major milestones, including a main stage performance at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party and a sold out performance with Kiesza for Red Bull's 30 Days in LA Festival, Seattle-based trio the Flavr Blue sets out in support of their newest release, the Love Notes EP, a collection that marries the group's crackling energy with a soulful musical wisdom inherited from influences ranging from Cut Copy and Miike Snow to Feist and Sade. The band's success is driven by the way i

Four More: CLAVVS - Crystal Cities - SheLoom - Andy Ferro

CLAVVS - Leviathan. Promo words - Atlanta based duo CLAVVS have just released their stunning new single titled "Leviathan." Filled with stunning vocals from frontwoman Amber Renee, she is accompanied by the intricate instrumentation of Graham Marsh. Together the two bring to the table, an honest, heartfelt, and emotional brand of electro-laced-pop that brings their sound to life. "Leviathan" kicks off 2016, one to be a high-profile year for the group, as their charming, yet haunting sound lingers in your ears; drawing you back in every timeIf not for a chance meeting at a house party in Atlanta one summer night in 2013, Amber Renee might never have met Graham Marsh, and the pair might never have realized their shared love for hip hop and Radiohead. That same love would ultimately evolve into CLAVVS, a musical partnership fronted by Amber and produced by Graham, the four-time Grammy winner behind artists like Gnarls Barkley, Kid Cudi, and T.I. Over two years late

Tuesday Two: Quiet Lights - Merival

Quiet Lights - In The Future. Background - A long time ago, Beehive Candy featured Quiet Lights. Their new record, In the Future, was out last  Friday, Jan 15th, and it reminded me of just how much I enjoyed their somewhat distant last release. Recorded over two to three years, In The Future features nine songs and shows Quiet Lights heads down in sound-scapes and uplifting restraint. The band describe the making of this album as "two years of entropy, agony, and ecstasy (but never apathy) of weaving layers to get it completed". You can hear and buy more on Bandcamp ( here ). The featured 'title' song from the album, is indicative of the superb atmospheric dream pop Quiet Lights produce with such mastery. It is to all intents artful music, however never pretentious, and just so good for your ears and mind and soul. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merival - Kicking Y

Sunday Duo: Slingshot Dakota - Golden Daze

Slingshot Dakota - Paycheck. Background promo words - Slingshot Dakota is an indie rock band from Bethlehem, PA. Comprised of two people, this band has no shortage of volume, energy and catchy tunes. Carly Comando shreds an 88-key digital piano through multiple effects pedals and provides vocals for the band. Drummer Tom Patterson keeps the beat while energetically crushing his drums, a sight that is both entertaining and inspiring. While Comando and Patterson are influenced by their respective punk and hardcore basement scenes, their music can be described as poppy indie rock. Their live sound is loud, full and raw, but at the root of it all is an addictive rock song. Over the course of the last three years since Slingshot Dakota's last album, 2012's Dark Hearts (Topshelf), the pair allowed themselves the freedom to write new material at their leisure as well as succumb to the temptation of outside opportunties - Comando, a commercial licensor, earned herself an Emmy