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Josienne Clarke - Anna Sun - The Delines - The Wild West - Amy Jay

Josienne Clarke - Driving at Night. When award-winning singer, songwriter and producer Josienne Clarke was performing at a show prior to lockdown, a moment meeting a fan afterwards remained fixed in her memory. “There was this one woman who came up to me at the merch table in tears. She was a fan pleading with me to write something in the style of how I write, but more positive,” Clarke recalls, saying that while the fan had been visibly touched by her emotive, melancholic songs, she was craving something more joyous. The fan told Clarke she was going through her own difficult time. “She wanted something with hope, something with a bit of light in it,” Clarke recalls. This is where Clarke’s new EP, I Promised You Light was born. After the release of her critically acclaimed album A Small Unknowable Thing earlier this year (which earned four-star reviews from the likes of The Financial Times and MOJO), Clarke set about her next project with the words of her fan front-and-centre. “It st

Selci - Violent Vickie - KAELI - In The Pines - KAVYA

Photo - Annabeth Trondsen Selci - Ghost. Calgary-based art-pop artist Selci released their latest single “Ghost,” mixed by Sylvia Massy, with a stunning visual accompaniment, directed by the artist herself. Watch + share via YouTube. “Ghost” offers a first taste into what will be a fruitful 2022, as Selci puts the finishing touches on a two-part album project, details of which will be announced next month. Discussing “Ghost,” Selci noted that, “it’s about being ghosted - literally and figuratively. The first verse is about the elusiveness of truth. This feels augmented in our current reality with the lack of trustworthy sources and the influx of political conspiracies. The second is about being ghosted by a love interest and washing it away with liquor. The third is an outcry - it gives me the feeling of falling to my knees in surrender to the things that I cannot control in this life. This song is very much a response to the political climate of the past two years. It takes the lamen

Eucereon - Alice SK - Pierce Turner - Scarves

Eucereon - Go. Eucereon is a UK/US based DIY singer, songwriter, and producer. Improvised guitar riffs, beats, and vocals shaped through her loop station along with personal and introspective lyrics create the ambient landscape of the music. Eucereon now unveils her haunting new offering ‘Go’. The folk-tinged indie ballad combines wistful vocals and a foreboding guitar line with delicate synths, creating a melancholic soundscape to capture the dark themes of the track.  “Go is about codependency masquerading as love, and the fear of leaving when you're made to feel you can not leave. The context of the song is based on one particular evening, as many of my songs are. ” Eucereon explains. Using her loop pedal to create layers of guitar riffs and vocal harmonies, she created the somber atmosphere of the track. This song went through several different sets of lyrics before the ones it ended up with, coming from an improved stream of consciousness technique Eucereon often uses when wr

Teeniest - Alyssa Gengos - Gabrielle Metz - Buster Baer

Teeniest - A Hand to Hold Forever. Beehive Candy are really fond of these two artists music whether together as Teeniest or apart in other ventures. This song is no exception as the (and we quote) "acoustic-guitar-based and thematically seems all warm & fuzzy, but the accompanying vibraphone and eerie science fiction/horror undertones create a rather unsettling vibe." The video notes tell us: This music video for this song is inspired by the virtual reality game, Lone Echo 2, an emotional highlight of which is two friends holding hands. In this outer space adventure, the two friends are Captain Olivia Rhodes and her assistant robot, Jack. Excellent writing and voice acting (Troy Baker and Alice Coulthard) really give Jack and Liv vitality and personality. Olivia has a fully-realized human character. Through banter, jokes, and working side by side, she becomes your friend -- this emotional connection is the real surprise in VR. When she is in peril, you feel a visceral ne

Sweet Tempest - Faye

Photo - Tina Dubrovsky Sweet Tempest - Modern Justice. "This is our song about worldwide misery and we would love for you to dance to it” – Sweet Tempest ‘Modern Justice’ is the 2nd song in a trilogy of new tracks with accompanying videos directed by Matthew Thorne. It is a closer look into a series of gritty, grubby, thought-provoking vignettes filmed in Eastern Europe in stark but nonetheless nuanced contrast to the bright lights and sleek surfaces of the songs. “This song is about the strange and almost perverse situation, wherein one is sat here in the center of Europe where things could be considerably worse, and reading, seeing or hearing about the immense amounts of injustice inflicted upon people around the world. Modern Justice’s’ original inspiration was a different kind of power imbalance: the demonstrations about democracy in Hong Kong and how screwed they seemed and, it turned out, were. Worst of all, the disheartening realisation that to some extent, you’re complete

Yard Arms - Noir Disco - North Mississippi Allstars - Winter Grain

Yard Arms - Pirouettes. After the successful release of their recent single ‘Hollow Ankles’, Bristol-based melancholic pop duo Yard Arms return with follow up single ‘Pirouettes’, released today. Forming in 2018, their first year saw them release their hauntingly beautiful debut EP ‘Maiden’, soon followed up by their sophomore EP ‘A Glossary of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts’. Their third studio EP 'Sanctuary Lines', described by Atwood Magazine as a "heart-on-sleeve exhaust of emotion" was released in June of 2020. Pirouettes - recorded, mixed and mastered with long-term collaborator and producer Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw) at Stage 2 Studios in Bath - is a playful insight around the concept of karma and the fragility of modern day brain health. ’They’re probably thinking this scene is senseless as well’ encapsulates the track’s theme and the idea that everyone is just as clued-in or perhaps as clueless as the next. “It’s how we present this to one another that seems