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Little Quirks - Charlie Houston - Fresh

Little Quirks - Maybelle. Little Quirks – Australian sisters Abbey and Mia and their cousin Jaymi – are excited to reveal new single 'Maybelle' - another undeniably catchy folk-pop earworm, lifted from their forthcoming Call To Unknowns EP – out August 25th via Glassnote Records. Abbey Toole muses, “Maybelle is a story of a woman with a wild mind and imagination. She travels town to town, sharing stories of her adventures. Over time, the news spreads and she becomes the legend of Maybelle. “I wanted to write a song that would draw audiences to dance and get excited! I wrote it while stomping my feet around the house and clapping to the beat. “This one was especially fun to record as we got everyone involved in the recording in a big room to stomp, clap and chant. Maybelle is fun and energetic, our favourite song to play live. We can’t wait for everyone to finally hear it!” The band has had a busy year so far having toured their high-energy live show through USA and UK. Today t

Improvement Movement - Forever Honey - Melting Dreams - Paper Foxes

Improvement Movement - 11:00. With so much of the music industry feeling constantly inundated with projects being disguised as indie music by major labels, there seems to be a level of exhaustion around the discovery of new bands. The Atlanta, GA-based Improvement Movement sets out to vertically and horizontally integrate all your needs with their debut project, Don’t Delay, Join Today! – out July 29, 2022, through Acrophase Records – which is a collection of songs that might gravitate towards fans of Drugdealer, Altin Gun, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, as well as fans of startups like Theranos, WeWork, and Juicero. In all seriousness, the project is a special amalgamation of insanely talented Atlanta musicians who have found a way to collaborate with each other under the band title. Improvement Movement includes (but is not limited to) a rotating cast of Atlanta musicians like Tony Aparo, Zach Pyles (credited on projects from Washed Out, Neon Indian, and Deerhunter to name a few), Ma

Why Bonnie - Solis - Tanzos

Why Bonnie - Nowhere, LA. New-York-by-way-of-Texas transplants Why Bonnie share a new single, “Nowhere, LA” from their debut album, 90 in November, out August 19th on Keeled Scales. On “Nowhere LA” - LA as in Louisiana - Blair Howerton uses a broken down car on an isolated road as a metaphor for a stalled relationship: “I know I walk fast, but my heart moves so slow,” she sings. Howerton elaborates: “Inspired by a true story of breaking down in the middle of nowhere Louisiana with an ex, this song is about looking at a relationship in the rear view mirror. Once you’re further away from a place, you can see it all more clearly and with a bit more understanding.” In-step with previous singles “Sailor Mouth,” “Hot Car, “90 in November,” and “Galveston,” “Nowhere, LA” is emotionally-charged and driven by rousing guitar. 90 in November is inspired by fellow Texans Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, alt-rock like the Lemonheads and the Replacements, the eccentric pop of Sparklehorse, and Sheryl

Tallies - Steven Keene

Tallies - Memento. The Toronto-based band, Tallies are today sharing their new single, "Memento" which comes as the final advance preview of their forthcoming album, Patina which is out this Friday, July 29 via Kanine Records (US), Hand Drawn Dracula (Canada) and Bella Union (UK/EU). The latest single arrives following a string of recent tracks which have found support at many major publications and notable radio stations. Speaking about this new single, Sarah of the band says: "I am a firm believer in “what goes down must come up,” people usually say the opposite, but this is a motto I’ve used throughout my life. When things aren’t going well, they have a tendency to bounce back. 'Memento', to me, is my pick-up song. When I sing “gotta get you on your way now”, I’m saying that it’s time to move on and move forward. I’ve had many moments in my life where I’ve lost momentum and felt directionless like I’d fallen into a black hole. It’s hard to crawl out of the ho

Jackson Mico Milas - Free Time - David Beck - Bill Scorzari

Jackson Mico Milas - White Noise. Accomplished musician and composer Jackson Mico Milas unveils his debut album this November. ‘Blu Terra’ brings together eleven tender and emotive compositions and finds the British artist hitting his stride. New single ‘White Noise’ follows first album track drop ‘Lost In Seasons’, which has picked up airplay from BBC 6 Music’s Cerys Matthews and came alongside a hypnotic visualizer for its B-side ‘Katia Standing Alone’. On ‘White Noise’, Jackson’s eclectic sonic vista expands from the hushed acoustic lushness of ‘Lost In Seasons’, inviting the listener further into his intimate world, with subtle electronics and gorgeous airy atmospheres layered over organic drums and double bass. ‘White Noise’ washes over the listener like a cool summer breeze, with Jackson’s soft vocal hooks and melancholic tones penetrating that inner psyche. The accompanying video is the first of three videos which will progressively expand visually to narrate the Album’s journe