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Grin - Washington DC 1972

Before forming Grin, Nils Lofgren had already played piano in Neil Young's Band (and whilst with Grin he performed on the album 'After The Gold Rush').

I understand that it was on the strength of his membership of Neil Young's band that Grin obtained a record contract and in their short history they recorded four albums.

Nils Lofgren of course went on to become highly successful as a solo artist, along with his long standing membership of the E Street Band.

Having discovered Nils Lofgren through his 'Cry Tough' release in 1976, I rapidly bought his back catalogue of Grin albums, and was surprised by how diverse the songs were.

This is Grin live in concert at the Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington DC back on the 1st December 1972.

Source: Soundboard

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Rock, Blues, Country Rock.

Set: Full Set.

Set List:

01. I Had Too Much
02. Ain't Love Nice
03. Love Or Else
04. Please Don't Be Long

Beehive Recommends - Darla Farmer

I am told that Darla Farmer"arose from the kind of disenchantment one can only experience when living in the musical mold known as Nashville. This septet is a rousing douse of musical Discordia, who makes it their goal to sonically please, displease, and please again.Inspired by Tom Waits, The Blood Brothers, Man Man and other musical outfits alike, their arrangements include guitar, bass, drums and vocals, topped with a blasting horn section, piano and violin. Using this instrumentation to their advantage, Darla Farmer is simultaneously tumultuous and triumphant; chaotic and organized"
Well having listened to them live I would have to say that's a fairly accurate summary of the whole thing, and to add my own opinion, they are best listened to fully awake otherwise you might miss something !Listen:'The Strangler Fig' & 'The Quotient' (both live).
MP3's: HERE.
Website: MySpace
Buy: Rewiring The Electric Forest
Darla Farmer’s first full-length album, “R…

Siouxsie and The Banshees - Hamburg 1982

Good quality live recordings of Siouxsie and The Banshees appear to be a bit thin on the ground, which is surprising considering they have toured regularly down the years and the whole punk & new wave scene in the early days was hardly water tight against bootlegging.

So for one of my favorite bands that came out of the original punk music scene, on this occasion I will have to settle for a pretty good audience recording of a very good live show.

This is the band live at Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany way back on December 12th, 1982.

Source: Audience Taped

Sound Quality: Very Good (for audience).

Genre: Punk Rock, Post Punk, Gothic, New Wave.

Set: Full Set.

Set List:

01. Israel
02. Fireworks
03. Green fingers
04. Paradise place
05. Cascade
06. Melt!
07. Pulled to bits
08. Nightshift
09. Sin in my heart
10. Christine
11. Slowdive
12. Painted bird
13. Arabian knights
14. Spellbound
15. Cocoon

Links: Official site HERE.

Comments: Some audience recordings are awful. This one is highly listenable and the audio …

Beehive Recommends - The Postmarks

I like The Postmarks. I have always had a liking for female vocals on pop, rock, indie you name it. However it only works if the music is good, the ideas great, and the whole thing pretty much top dollar.

An American band that can play with a strong retro sound, hints of France and England, well now that's just plain teasing!

Their new album 'Memoirs at the End of the World' was recently released, and gets the mighty Beehive approval. The mixture of classic pop sound, with sweeping orchestration does it for me.

A little more detail:

'The Postmarks are led by Tel Aviv born female singer/songwriter Tim Yehezkely, a beautiful, yet inscrutable individual possessed of a soft-textured voice that's simultaneously seductive and detached. Memoirs is the follow up to the band's 2007 debut self-titled album and 2008 covers album entitled By The Numbers. The band has a headlining tour under their belt, played Lollapalooza in 2007 and has toured with Múm, The Apples in St…

Beehive Recommends - As Tall As Lions

According to their press release 'New York’s As Tall As Lions’ hard work has paid off in spades. Their heavy touring history and solid fanbase has helped land them the coveted direct support slot to MUTEMATH’s 35-date “Armistice Tour,” this Fall, starting September 22nd in Cincinnati , OH' .

“This is a great tour, we have been waiting for one like this,” said ATAL frontman, Dan Nigro. “MUTEMATH writes intelligent songs and has a passionate audience, and we like to think that we do too.”

OK so I give them a listen, not sure what to expect from a band name dropping another as part of the promotion. Well getting straight to the point, I am impressed. They have the ability to both rock, and take it a little more gently, the songs are crafted in layers that certainly please my taste, so they get a share on the Beehive! Dont take my word for it, check em out.



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The new album 'You Can…