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New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Fillmore East 1971 (IA)

From the Internet Archive (IA) this is the New Riders Of The Purple Sage live at the Fillmore East, New York, USA back on the 28th April 1971. Back in 2009 we featured the band live at the Fillmore West from the same tour, (that feature has now been updated with Internet Archive streaming and download links). The Fillmore East gig is such an excellent performance and recording, that I just could not resist featuring this to. The background for the band below is the same as, that we provided with the 2009 feature. The group emerged from the psychedelic rock scene in San Francisco in 1969, and its original lineup included members of the Grateful Dead. After a few warm up gigs throughout the Bay Area in 1969, the New Riders (for all intents and purposes John Dawson and David Nelson) began to tour in May 1970 as opening act with the Grateful Dead. This relationship continued on a regular basis until December 1971. Throughout much of 1970, the Dead would open with an acoustic set th

Radiohead - Spectre

Radiohead - Spectre. And we quote - Last year we were asked to write a theme tune for the Bond movie Spectre. Yes we were. It didn’t work out, but became something of our own, which we love very much. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Simply wonderful, enjoy Radiohead and their interpretation of a Bond theme for Spectre. In my opinion, better than.... but hey ho, I'm an unashamed Radiohead fan. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Southern End - Lost Girl

Southern End - Lost Girl. Background promo - Newcastle band Southern End, formed in early March 2014 with members Patrick McBeath on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Aidan Liddle on lead guitar, Duncan Brown on Drums/percussion and Andrew Gray on bass guitar and backing vocals. After getting together in high school through similar influences, they decided to jam out a few of their favourite songs and have since then written and recorded many songs.  Lead singer Patrick McBeath brought ‘Lost Girl’ to the band’s rehearsal the day before their scheduled recording session at Trackdown Studios with producer/engineer Evan McHugh. Impressed by the songs potential the band quickly stuck the pieces together and recorded it in the studio the next day. “We had heaps of originals to go in with, but after we finished it at rehearsal we all knew it was the right song to use” says Southern End.  The finished product was a track that took an atmospheric pop approach to blues. Southern End are looking

Gently Does It: Joseph Sant - Glass Face

Joseph Sant - Nor'easter. Background promo - Joseph Sant is a musician living in Brooklyn, NY, hailing originally from Seattle, WA. He deals in lush, green, mountainous musical textures hewn out of his Pacific Northwest. He composes with angular shapes, the noise of subway brakes, off-kilter grids, and the encroaching sea. His debut, Sea White Salt, is influenced by New York’s coasts, imperilled as they are by climate change, reshaped in an instant by catastrophic storms, and prey to wolfish markets. These songs explore the connections and analogies between forces of nature, impassable social barriers, and the gravity of all-consuming love and persistent dreams. For Sea White Salt, Joseph collaborated with his good friend and producer Gabriel Galvin, erstwhile proprietor of Four Foot Studios in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They recorded Sea White Salt in a few overnight marathon sessions in the dead of winter, just before Four Foot Studios was evicted, casualty to the overh

Monday Double Up: Twin Ages - Sophie and The Bom Boms

Twin Ages - Outlaws. Background promo - Formed in Melbourne’s inner South East, from the ashes of original angry, young band Junk and Jill, that featured various musicians and produced a couple of independent releases, Twin Ages has come a long way conquering everything you could throw at a band, from a broken hand in a broken down van to dating every Yoko in Melbourne.  Their passion is now supported by an arsenal of stories presented to you in the form of cut throat rock and blues. Twin Ages have played some of Melbourne’s most prestigious venues, (Espy, Cherry Bar, The Vineyard, The Hi- Fi Bar, The Brunswick hotel, Revolver, etc, etc) to large crowds. The unique sound these guys produce is unlike anything else coming out of this generation, combining a throwback to traditional Blues, a lot of rock and even some heavy undertones. Their style is one of a kind and marks them for future fortunes. ‘Sabertooth’, their 2nd release is already receiving airplay in Melbourne, and the new

Alternative Take: Zaflon - Colder

Zaflon - Nightmare Division (feat. Gilan-Music). Background - An ambient and sinister down tempo, LDP 1 is the debut EP from South London innovator Zaflon. Two songs featuring Zaflon’s latest collaborator Gilan_Music among the cyclonic sub-bass, abstracted guitars, harmonic piano and crooked percussive breaks. The featured track is described as follows - ‘Nightmare Division’ (feat Gilan_Music) – is the first of two tracks featuring Gilan (both the low male vocal and high female vocal are sung by her). “This track uses a lot of samples of river noises that I recorded on the Thames riverbank, including the hull of a big old barge being hit with a stick. There are flies, doors and breaking watermelons in there, too, among plenty of other things. Abstracted guitars and an outro consisting of an old piano and a 909 drum machine play out as a modern nocturne. The river driftwood vibe is a theme that runs throughout LDP 1.”  'Nightmare Division' is the second of four tracks