Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Heart - Chicago USA 1976

This is Heart Live in Chicago, USA, on the 3rd August 1976.

This boot has been called 'Heart'n'Zeppelin' for obvious reasons, tracks one, three, and five are all Led Zeppelin covers, which for Heart fans would, I imagine, make this something of a collectors item.

This recording was from a single CD, with some obvious editing, however this remains a feisty performance with an excellent collection of songs.

Band line up was:

Ann Wilson - lead vocals
Nancy Wilson - guitar and vocals
Roger Fisher - lead guitar
Howard Leese - guitar
Michael Derosier - drums
Steven Fossen - bass guitar

Set list:

1. Rock 'n roll
2. Heartless
3. The Battle Of Evermore
4. White Lightning & Wine
5. The Rover
6. Devil's Delight
7. Magic Man
8. Crazy On You
9. Barracuda

The recording is stereo soundboard sourced and good quality.


Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bjork - Berlin 2003

I could write thousands of words about Bjork.

From a personal ego perspective, I might keep on about how I was a fan of The Sugarcubes, before their debut UK single onwards, and the fact that, I have heard her perform live, singing in Icelandic.

However this only places me in the mainstream of Bjork fans.

So I have to accept a probable Bjork fact, that her music can be listened too, on an extremely personal basis, along with a huge army of others, and any unique aspect, is in reality, only perceived.

Thats music for you!

I like her both recorded, and live, therefore I am inclined only to pass on, boots that do her music justice.

This seems to fit that category.

This is Bjork live at The Treptow Arena, Berlin, Germany, on the 23rd June 2003.

The set list is (as the editing of this recording goes) :

01. [crowd]
02. Pagan Poetry
03. Hunter
04. Desired Constellation
05. Cocoon
06. Unravel
07. Heirloom
08. Joga
09. Nameless (Storm)
10. An Echo, A Stain
11. Where Is The Line
12. Hyperballad
13. It's In Our Hands
14. Bachelorette
15. Pluto
16. [crowd]
17. Army Of Me
18. [crowd]

As far as I can confirm, this is the whole show including encores.

This is a stereo soundboard recording of the show - very high quality.


Bjork Cd's HERE in the Beehive Candy Store.

I will keep the 'thousands of words' for another time, or use them as a threat to coax others to share more Bjork boots...

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Cult - Live In London 1985

This is a live concert from The Cult, from 1985, the year they broke through to mainstream success in the UK.

In March 1985, The Cult recorded their fourth single, "She Sells Sanctuary", which charted at Number 15 in the UK charts.

It re-entered the charts at Number 56 in September 1986, spending 41 consecutive weeks on the charts.

The song has also been voted Number 18 in one of VH1's Top Indie 100 charts.

For me The Cult were one of the defining bands of the 'post punk' era.

The clear impression was of a band that played what they wanted to play, with a refreshing energy, and enjoyment for good old rock music.

Just to demonstrate how 'time flies' (as if the 1985 concert date was not enough) it was nearly two years later that The Cult, toured the USA as headliners, with a widely unknown band called Guns'N'Roses.

This is The Cult at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, on the 31st October, 1985.

The set list is:

4.Hollow man.
5.Big neon glitter.
6.Brother wolf sister moon.
7.(Here comes the) Rain.
8.Dream time.
9.She sells sanctuary.
10.Go west (crazy spinning circles).
11.Horse nation.
12.The Phoenix.

Recorded from a BBC Radio broadcast in FM stereo.


The Beehive Candy Store includes Cd's from The Cult HERE.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Patti Smith - Live In Sweden 1976

Patti Smith is a permanent reminder that punk and/or new wave music independently developed both sides of the Atlantic.

Whilst what would become the UK punk scene, was slowly forming in pubs and smaller venues around London in 1975, across the pond in New York, Patti Smith was already recording and performing.

She was for her part, influential in the birth of the punk movement with her 1975 debut album Horses, and her second album Radio Ethiopia.

Called "Punk's Poet Laureate" she integrated the Beat poetry performance style with garage-band Rock and Roll.

This is Patti Smith on the Scandanavian part of her 1976 European tour.

This particular boot is sometimes called 'I Never Talked To Bob Dylan'.

Patti Smith - Live at The Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden 3rd October 1976.

Set List:

1.Real good time together.
2.Redondo beach.
3.Free money.
4.Pale blue eyes / Louie Louie.
5.Ask the angels.
6.Ain't it strange.
7.Time is on my side.
8.Radio Ethiopia / Rock ’n’ roll nigger / Gloria.

From one of the original stereo vinyl boots, in very good quality condition, this is a mixed soundboard recording.


Some Patti Smith Cd's including the above mentioned HERE.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Focus - The Paris Theatre - London 1972

Having vivid, exciting, and first hand memories of the punk revolution, that was the mid 1970's, I remain surprised that the expression 'progressive rock' remains, as a use-able tag.

I suppose one of the saving graces of 'prog rock' from those heady late sixties and early seventies days, was the fact many of the performers were very capable musicians.

From a very English perspective, I never really thought of Focus as 'prog rockers', after all they were from Holland !

Those quirky alto flute riffs, accordion presence, 'different' guitar and drum solos, whistling, nonsensical vocals, falsetto singing, and yodeling, were a by product of being Dutch.

Focus remain to this day, and appear comfortable with the 'prog rock' tag, however I would venture to say, that however much my collection of old 'prog albums' grows, I cannot say for certain they belong there.

Rock they are, different they are, Dutch they remain, but their old music, has a timeless edge these days, that many first generation 'prog rockers' have sadly lost.

For your pleasure this is Focus - live at the Paris Theatre, London, England on the 20th July 1972.

Originally for a BBC FM broadcast, hosted by presenter Bob Harris ( of Old Grey Whistle Test fame), this is the whole session uncut.

1. Bob Harris Intro
2. Anonymous II
3. Brief Bob Harris Announcement
4. Focus I
5. Focus III
6. Answers Questions...
7. Focus II
8. Brief Bob Harris Announcement
9. Hokus Pokus

Band line up was:

Jan Akkerman - Guitars
Bert Ruiter - Bass, Backing Vocals
Pierre Van Der Linden - Drums
Thijs Van Leer - Keyboards, Flute, Vocals

Quality is very good (FM stereo or soundboard) and despite the odd 'Bob Harris' moment this is an outstanding performance, all the better for remaining unedited.


Some of the early Focus albums can be found on Cd HERE in the Beehive Candy Store along with Kraftwerk, Can, Earth and Fire, Gong and other great seventies European bands.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Bangles - California USA - 1983

This is The Bangles live a couple of years before they hit the big time, with 'Manic Monday'.

Having morphed from The Bangs (for legal reasons), the band was part of the so called 'Paisley Underground' scene in LA, which featured groups that played a mixture of 1960s influenced folk-rock and jangle pop with a more modern punk/garage band undertone.

This is the band performing in Valencia, which a quick google suggests, is a pretty up market and wealthy location, sorry I do not know the specific venue.

In actual fact the band played two shows on this date, and I am pleased to have both of them to share, hence some songs appear twice, however they are very much to individual performances.

This is The Bangles - Valencia, CA, USA on the 27th May 1983.

Set lists are as follows:

Early Show:

Mary Street
Hazy shade of winter
I'm in line
Where were you when I needed you
Dover Beach
The Real world
All about you
Tell me
Want you
How is the air up there

Late Show:

The Real world
Getting Out Of Hand
I'm in love
Dover Beach
Tell me
Outside Chance
Renaissance man
Mary Street
Steppin' Out
Want you
7 and 7 is
Pushing too hard

This is a good soundboard recording of both performances.

New file link in comments below - Re-uploaded 2012 (Stealth project).

Some Bangles goodies in the Beehive Candy Store including 'The Best Of' at a crazy low price.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Whats Up Doc - Number Six - February 2008

I am not a number !! - I am a free man !! - welcome to number six of 'Whats Up Doc' (fans of the sixties TV series The Prisoner, will know what I am on about).

The Drive By Truckers new album 'Brighter Than Creation's Dark', is the top choice for both of the UK's leading music monthlies, Uncut and Mojo Magazine, for their album reviews, in the March 2008 publications.

Not surprising, this is one incredible album.

Based in Athens, Georgia, though three out of five members (Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood, and Shonna Tucker) originally hail from The Shoals region of Northern Alabama, this is 'southern rock / Alt Country' at it's finest, I cannot recommend this album enough!

From the album check out:

Links Removed - MP3 Policy.

Drive By Truckers - Self Destructive Zones (07).mp3

Here is a live version (unofficial) recorded in Athens, Georgia a month ago, of another track on the new album.

Drive By Truckers - 3 Dimes Down (Live Version - 12th Jan 08).mp3

Buy or discover more HERE.

Serious fans of indie rock are no doubt already aware of Vampire Weekend, whose self titled debut album is now released.

Ignore the hype, this band are talented, and they do not rely on their 'Brooklyn New York' pedigree, in fact they just get on with playing what comes naturally to them, a nice mix of intelligence, street wise awareness, and energy.

The indie blogs are putting them about - here are the four main mp3's getting plugged.

Vampire Weekend - (02) - Oxford Comma.mp3
Vampire Weekend - M79.mp3
Vampire Weekend - (04) - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.mp3
Vampire Weekend - (10) - Walcott.mp3

Bet they exit the year, a whole lot better known.

Check out the new album with discount purchase options HERE.

Nick Cave's 'Grinderman' venture last year, has understandably led to a new 'Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' album.

The Grinderman album and subsequent live performances, seem to have lifted a weight off of Nicks shoulders, and this new 'Bad Seeds' album, has that edge, I have selfishly come to expect.

Check out the title track:

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig.mp3

Buy the album (inc discount) with 54 page booklet, including writings, lyrics, and photos HERE.

You have to be brave/mad/inspired/indulgent etc, to undertake an entire album of Dusty Springfield greatest hits covers.

Shelby Lynne has proven to be both inspired and highly respectful of Dusty, and has produced a lesson for anyone inclined to undertake a 'stripped down' or 'unplugged' version, of such a major and much missed artist.

Like many (I expect) I assumed this would be awful. It is not, it is emotional, yet so fresh and clean, go on, check these two songs, and differ if you must.

Shelby Lynne - How Can I Be Sure.mp3

Shelby Lynne - (02) - Anyone Who Had A Heart.mp3

Buy 'Just A Little Lovin' by Shelby Lynne HERE.

Following on from the Goldfrapp Glastonbury concert recently provided on the Beehive, and the 'A&E mp3' provided from their brand new album, here are a couple more tracks, to ensure as many visitors as possible, buy this superb release.

Goldfrapp - Happiness.mp3
Goldfrapp - Caravan Girl.mp3

Buy the new Goldfrapp album 'Seventh Tree' (deluxe CD/DVD plus generous discount) HERE.

These are just a taste from 'Seventh Tree' - Goldfrapp never cease to astound, and the album is an absolute pleasure.

In keeping with 'Whats Up Doc' the usual 'final song' or in this case couple of songs, are as ever for no other reason than, they are currently getting played in my car, and bringing back memories, some more recently then others...

JJ72 - Snow.mp3
Lee Marvin - I Was Born Under A Wandering Star (from 'Paint Your Wagon')).mp3

More HERE.

Until next time - Whats Up Doc?

Monday, 11 February 2008

Avril Lavigne - Live in France 2007

I had Avril Lavigne down as pop music for the early 'teens'.

Maybe her first hit single, and the fact she appeared in the movie 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch', confused me, and I am afraid I have rather ignored her music.

So I set out to try and find out more. Wikipedia gave me a good laugh - I quote (well copy and paste anyway).

"In Lavigne's official MySpace page, she affirms that her music genre is Pop/Punk/Rock; but All Music Guide and other reviewers consider her "Punk, Punk-pop, Pop/Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Pop-Rock, Modern Rock and Post-Grunge". The reason for the confusion appears to be for her punk-like appearance, however, she has frequently stated that she's "not punk", and that she never claimed to be. Lavigne said this despite her many claims to be a "skater punk" in her earlier years. Lavigne cites many early punk bands and figures as influences (most notably Sid Vicious), but her music has little in common with 1970s punk".

OK that clears that up...

Any how when I received this concert, (along with a few excited comments singing her praises) I was impressed.

Lets just say the girl (and band) can rock, and the millions of people who have bought her music in recent years, were well ahead of me.

It is also a welcome chance to post another more current 'artist' as opposed to the stream of old hippies that find their way onto the Beehive.

This is part of the concert and the audio quality is excellent.

Tracks are:

01 - Girlfriend (3:58)
02 - I Can Do Better (3:34)
03 - Sk8ter Boy (3:33)
04 - When Youre Gone (4:01)
05 - The Best Damn Thing (3:17)
06 - Everything Back But You (3:11)
07 - I Dont Have To Try (3:19)
08 - Complicated (4:19)

This was recorded live at Le Trabendo, France, on the 27th March 2007.


Avril Lavigne purchase options HERE

Official web site HERE.

Right then, it's time for my afternoon lie down and hot milk now - see you later...

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Anorak Corner - Part Twelve

Pictured left is the MV Fredericia home of Radio Caroline North from 1964 - 1968, anchored off the Isle of Man, with a broadcast area of much of the North of England and beyond.

As mentioned in part eleven of Anorak Corner, Radio Caroline DJ's on both the south and north ships featured a reasonable amount of Soul and Motown music back in the 1960's.

Some presenters such as Johnnie Walker on the South ship, and Tony Prince on the North ship, clearly loved and played the music, along with many other presenters.

Following on from part eleven, this is a 'toe in the water' of Northern Soul.

The phrase northern soul was coined by journalist Dave Godin and popularised in 1970 through his column in Blues and Soul magazine, he later explained that he had first come up with the term in 1968 as a sales reference for use in his record shop in Covent Garden, London, to help staff differentiate the more modern funkier sounds from the smoother, Motown-influenced soul of a few years earlier.

Radio Caroline North can only claim part of the influence, on the development of the Northern Soul scene, however as the BBC at that time gave virtually no airtime to pop music, let alone a sub genre, Caroline was the only radio outlet in the North of England for this music.

The club scene at that time has to be given due recognition.

The Twisted Wheel was a nightclub in Manchester, England, open from 1963 to 1971. It was one of the first clubs to play what became known as northern soul.

A large proportion of northern soul's original audience came from the UK's Mod movement.

Some mods started to embrace the psychedelic rock of the late 1960s, but other mods, especially those in northern England, stuck to the original mod soundtrack of soul and blue beat. Some mods transformed into what would eventually be the skinheads, and others formed the basis of the northern soul scene.

Other northern soul clubs included the Golden Torch in Stoke, Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino and Va Va's in Bolton.

Many of the records played at the Twisted Wheel were rare even in the United States, and some may only have been released in one city. At the time, in addition to records released by larger record companies, there was a huge number of soul releases by a wide variety of artists on a multiplicity of obscure, independent labels.

The sheer volume of material meant most were unable to get airtime or proper distribution, resulting in high-quality records being commercially unsuccessful. This vast reservoir of creativity may well have been lost had it not been for those early Twisted Wheel DJs. Many records that had an enthusiastic audience in the UK soul scene were unknown or forgotten in the United States.

Radio Caroline were key to the exposure of many Soul and Motown artists from the USA, here in the UK. Whole 'youth movements' such as the Mod's found the offshore stations of the sixties, the radio home for their musical tastes. The clubs made a real connection, and Northern Soul left a huge mark on many fans, the legacy continuing to this day.

And it was great to dance to...

To help dip that 'toe in the water', and to ensure I mix my metaphors, here is just the 'tip of the iceberg'.

In no order, sense of priority, or anything else, a few northern soul classics.

MP3 Policy - Links Have Expired.

01-the cavaliers _ hold on to my baby.mp3
02-lorraine chandler _ i can't change.mp3
03-the metros _ since i found my baby.mp3
04-the exciters _ blowing up my mind.mp3
05-the dynamics _ i need your love.mp3
06-sonny till _ tears and misery.mp3
07-willie kendrick _ what's that on your finger.mp3
08-ketty lester _ some things are better left unsaid.mp3
09-herb ward _ honest to goodness.mp3
10-sharon scott _ could it be you.mp3

Some Northern Soul artists albums can be found at the Beehive Candy Store HERE.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Blur - Live at Hultsfred Festival - 1996

Lets start with an apology - 'sorry' but here is another one of those 'how old do you feel' moments.

Next year, it will be twenty years since Blur formed, and by the time of this concert, Blur were most emphatic that they had already left Brit Pop behind.

Indeed Blur nearly broke up in February 1996, following a violent scuffle between Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn.

Now that would have made a great music video!

Having toured up to March 1996, and with the 'temper tantrums' on one side, and a new album recording schedule planned for later in the year, Blur only played a few festivals that summer.

This then is Blur live at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden on the 15th June 1996.

The concert includes the live debut's of 'Chinese Bombs' and 'Song 2'.

The full set list is:

01. Jubilee
02. Chinese Bombs
03. She's So High
04. To The End
05. Mr Robinson's Quango
06. Globe Alone
07. Advert
08. This Is A Low
09. Song 2
10. Girls And Boys
11. Country House
12. Stereotypes
13. Parklife
14. The Universal

Now I am probably not the first to share this concert, however this is a really good copy of the original FM stereo broadcast of the show, and the actual performance is very good in my opinion.


The usual Blur official CD options are HERE.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Dresden Dolls - Live In St Louis USA - 2008

Something tells me, we need a little more current music, and from an act, to young to remember the last couple or so of postings, first time around.

Yep 'old timers' we need to take our 'recent tablets'.

The Dresden Dolls are a musical duo from Boston, Massachusetts USA.

Formed in 2001, the group consists of Amanda Palmer (vocals, piano, harmonica, ukelele) and Brian Viglione (drums, percussion, guitar, vocals).

This is the important bit!

The two describe their style as 'Brechtian punk cabaret', a phrase invented by Amanda Palmer because she was terrified that the press would invent a name that would involve the word Gothic.

Now any band that includes punk and cabaret along with another word that means nothing to me, as describers of their music gains my attention.

Seriously they are very good. Having enjoyed their music for a couple of years, I was delighted to receive the following concert from their recent series of live dates in the USA.

Along with their own 'Brechtian punk cabaret' originals, they will often perform a cover song, and this concert is no exception.

This is the Dresden Dolls, live at The Pageant, St. Louis, MO, USA, on January 6th, 2008.

The set list is:

1. In the Flesh (Pink Floyd cover)
2. Girl Anachronism
3. Missed Me
4. Sex Changes
5. Ultima Esperanza
6. Glass Slipper
7. The Gardener
8. Golden Age (Beck cover)
9. Fight For Your Right To Party (Beastie Boys cover)
10. Coin Operated Boy
11. Sorry Bunch
12. Mandy Goes To Med School
13. Astronaut
14. Mein Herr
15. Gravity

The sound quality is good - however I do not know the stereo source.


As mentioned they perform some excellent covers, and here are a couple more examples, to enjoy.

Dresden Dolls - 2005-04-26 - Life On Mars.mp3 (David Bowie).

Dresden Dolls - 2005-05-31 - Karma Police.mp3 (Radiohead)

For a host of other Dresden Dolls goodies, and the opportunity to share a dollar or two with them in exchange for some excellent songs go to their official site HERE.

Check out their own 'official boots' that you can download for free, (and make a real contribution to the band whilst cutting out the 'middle man').

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Jimi Hendrix - Koln (Cologne) Germany 1969

I was still a little to young to appreciate what Jimi Hendrix was all about at the time.

I guess by the time I started to really appreciate rock & blues music, Jimi was already a casualty.

My clearest recollection of Jimi Hendrix was seeing him performing live on Lulu's BBC Saturday night show 'A happening For Lulu' on January 4th 1969.

Fittingly this bootleg is from a performance just nine days later in Germany.

On the day Jimi attended an autograph session at Studio Du Monde Book & Record Shop.

Part of the event was filmed and later featured as part of the German television program Beat Club.

In the evening The Jimi Hendrix Experience performed two shows with support 'Eire Apparent' at Studio Dumont in Cologne, Germany.

This then is one of those shows from the 13th January 1969. It is a very good quality soundboard recording.

The set list is:

01- Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
02- Foxey Lady
03- Red House
04- Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
05- Fire
06- Spanish Castle Magic
07- Hey Joe
08- Sunshine Of Your Love
09- Star Spangled Banner
10- Purple Haze


A few Jimi Hendrix CD options HERE.