Sunday, 30 September 2007

A Trip Before The Beatles - The Quarrymen 1960

If you are not familiar with The Quarrymen, John Lennon's 'skiffle' group, that eventually became The Silver Beatles, and then of course The Beatles, the Wikipedia article HERE is really interesting.

I thought of just providing some selected parts within this posting, but the whole article provides excellent background to this recording.

This rehearsal recording was made just four weeks before they changed name to The Silver Beetles, and John Lennon's friend Stuart Sutcliffe made up the quartet.

This recording was made at Paul McCartney's home early in 1960, prior to Pete Best joining as drummer, and of course the Hamburg, Germany era.

This is obviously a wonderful piece of musical history, and the audio quality reflects the historical aspect, home taping circa 1960, likely on one microphone, and with a muffled sound and hiss, that an old tape would retain however much you try to clean it up.

That said I find it fascinating, and a must have for any Beatles fan, and for anyone who values rock and pop musics heritage.

Track listing:

1 I Love Her So - vocals Paul McCartney
2 The One After 909 - vocals John Lennon and Paul McCartney
3 I'll Always Be In Love With You - vocals John Lennon
4 You'll Always Be Mine - vocals John and Paul
5 Match Box - vocals George Harrison
6 You Just Don't Understand - vocals Paul
7 Some days - vocals Paul
8 Thinking Of Linking - Instrumental
9 I'll Follow The Sun - vocals Paul
10 The One After 909 - Version Two vocals John & Paul
11 Hey Darling - vocals George and Paul
12 You Must Lie Everyday - vocals unknown
13 Guitar Bop - Instrumental
14 That's When Your Heartaches Begin - vocals John
15 Hello Little Girl - vocals John and Paul
16 That'll Be The Day - vocals John

Replacement files in comments below or click on the picture (24th January 2010).

OK so the audio ain't brilliant, but as collectors items go this has to be right up there - enjoy!

The Beatles merchandise HERE

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Aretha Franklin - Live in Jamaica - 1982

OK lets get the all important 'Queen Of Soul' reference stated, and out of the way!

From the mid 1970's Aretha Franklin's musical career was struggling, not surprisingly as her personal life was troubled by family tragedy and a big problem with tax debt issues.

In 1980, Aretha Franklin's career was given a much-needed boost thanks to a cameo appearance on The Blues Brothers, singing 'Think' as Mrs. Matt Murphy. That same year, Clive Davis signed Aretha, to his Arista Records.

'United Together' and 'Love All The Hurt Away', a duet with George Benson, returned her to the Top 10 on the Billboard R&B charts.

Her 1982 release, 'Jump To It', produced by longtime admirer Luther Vandross, gave the singer her first R&B chart-topper and pop success since '(Giving Him) Something He Can Feel'.

The Jump To It album enjoyed a long run at Number One on Billboard's R&B Albums chart.

Aretha was back on form, as this live recording demonstrates. Recorded at the Jamaica World Music Festival in 1982, as part of a live FM broadcast, this is Aretha Franklin, doing her stuff.

This performance was recorded on November 26, 1982 at the Bob Marley Performing Arts Center, Freeport Zone, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Unedited it includes introductory announcements and so forth - the concert comprises of the following:

01 - Announcer Talk
02 - Instrumental Intro & Announcer
03 - Hold On I'm Coming
04 - Love Me Forever
05 - It's Your Thing
06 - Make It Up To You
07 - Talk By Aretha Over Intro To Golden Moments Medley
08 - Daydreaming
09 - Rock Steady
10 - Say A Little Prayer
11 - Respect
12 - I Hurt Myself (I'm Guilty)
13 - Ain't No Way
14 - Instrumental Outro To Set & Announcer
15 - Band Intro
16 - Because Of You
17 - Jump To It
18 - Announcer & Jump To It Finale
19 - Announcer & Crowd Noise

Put some soul, some energy, and some Aretha on your hard drive!

Sound quality: Original FM stereo source - very good.


You can browse and even run the risk of purchasing some quality Aretha Franklin Cd's HERE.

Bootleg Originals Part Two - Santana - USA 1976

Carlos Santana is sixty years young this year, yep once again another one of those now familiar milestones for music fans.

Was it really 35 years ago that I bought Caravanserai, an album of timeless qualities, which I think pretty much sums up so much of the music of Santana.

This concert was recorded in 1976. Lets get the period in context.

Carlos Santana along with Tom Coster, producer David Rubinson, and drummer Ndugu Leon Chancler had formed yet another version of Santana, adding vocalist Greg Walker.

The album "Amigos" was released in 1976 which featured the songs "Dance, Sister, Dance" and "Let It Shine" and had a strong funk and Latin sound.

The album also received considerable airplay on FM (USA) album oriented rock stations with the instrumental "Europa (Earths Cry Heavens Smile)" and re-introduced Santana back into the charts. Rolling Stone magazine ran a second cover story on Santana entitled; "Santana Comes Home" there was a lot of interest in the band that year.

This concert captures so well one of Santana's most special aspects, namely playing live.

Recorded at The Beacon Theatre, New York City, USA on the 7th May 1976, the band were in sparkling form, the venue seems ideal for their kind of skilled musicianship.

This was a professionally recorded and mixed show, that does such a well crafted and vibrant band justice. It was recently given a digital clean up by the BBC for rebroadcast. This is the nice new 'cleaned up' copy!

Set list is:

1. Gitano
2. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
3. Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)
4. Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)
5. Samba Pa Ti
6. Let Me
7. Incident At Neshabur
8. Evil Ways

Replacement download link in comments below (8th February 2012).

Some Santana Cd's from their seventies era HERE .

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


R.E.M. will release a live CD/DVD, the first ever of their 27-year career, on Warner Bros. Records on October 16th, 2007.

Titled R.E.M. Live, the 22-track audio and visual package captures singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, and bassist Mike Mills doing what they do best at a dynamic show at the Point Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, on February 27, 2005.

REM are currently in Dublin with producer Jacknife Lee (U2, Snow Patrol) recording their 14th studio album, to be released next year(2008).

Beehive Candy are pleased to share two exclusive tracks from the DVD.

Click on the links to see both performances from the DVD:

I Took Your Name

Bad Day

For more details check out:


Or Watch The Live Trailer

REM Trailer

The track-listing for R.E.M. Live is as follows:

01. I Took Your Name
02. So Fast, So Numb
03. Boy In The Well
04. Cuyahoga
05. Everybody Hurts
06. Electron Blue
07. Bad Day
08. The Ascent Of Man
09. The Great Beyond
10. Leaving New York
11. Orange Crush
12. I Wanted To Be Wrong
13. Final Straw
14. Imitation Of Life
15. The One I Love
16. Walk Unafraid
17. Losing My Religion
18. What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
19. Drive
20. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
21. I'm Gonna DJ
22. Man On The Moon

If you downloaded the Hyde Park concert from Beehive Candy, you have only a taste of what you are in for, this is the full blown show, incredible audio, and excellent film, you will not be disappointed!

(Beehive Candy Authorised Promotions 2007).

Marillion - Live In London - 1984

Guess which one went on to a solo career and acting? Hmmm....

OK so Fish was a bit of an extrovert, that said Marillion have done very well since he left, way back when.

This is interesting, the band on tour prior to 'Misplaced Childhood' being released, and the very successful hit single 'Kayleigh'.

They played some of the 'forthcoming material', which for Marillion fans, is fascinating to hear.

The comments from Fish, introducing the 'new material', also demonstrates that the final album structure was not quite as planned.

Also the lyrics on 'Kayleigh' are different from the final album/single version.

This was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on December 14th 1984.

The original source was stereo soundboard, and considering that the likely path was vinyl, then CD, and finally digital, the sound quality remains excellent.

Setlist is:

01. Garden Party
02. Cinderella Search
03. Jigsaw
04. Chelsea Monday
05. Pseudo Silk Kimono / Kayleigh
06. Bitter Suite
07. Heart of Lothian
08. Incubus


Some Marillion material from the era available HERE.

... and I did not mention Genesis or prog rock once ! ...

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Bootleg Originals Part One - The Rolling Stones - USA 1969

Welcome to Bootleg Originals number one, an occasional look back to some of the defining moments in rock bootleg history.

Bootlegs have been around for a long time, way before rock'n'roll, however this series will focus on the rock/pop era.

1969 tends to have tacit agreement, as the year rock bootlegs began to surface for sale, particularly in the USA. Bob Dylan is often regarded as an early 'target'.

Other obvious candidates were The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. It was made easier when the Rolling Stones undertook a 17 date US tour, in November 1969, culminating at the notorious Altamont concert on December 6th.

The third date (two shows) on November 9th 1969, at The Oakland Coliseum in California, has been widely circulated as a boot.

It was the US 1969 tour, and the subsequent bootlegs, that lead to the official release of the 1970 Rolling Stones album 'Get Your Ya Ya's Out!' (predominately recorded from the Madison Square Garden concerts element of the tour).

This first bootleg in the series has been circulated under a few different names, the copy I received aptly named 'Liver Than You'll Ever Be'.

For a more detailed history of The Rolling Stones 1969, USA tour click HERE.

The Rolling Stones - November 9th 1969 - Oakland Coliseum, California USA.

1 Jumpin' Jack Flash
2 Carol
3 Sympathy For The Devil
4 Stray Cat
5 Prodigal Son
6 You've Gotta Move
7 Love In Vain
8 I'm Free
9 Under My Thumb
10 Midnight Rambler
11 Live With Me
12 Gimme Shelter
13 Little Queenie
14 Satisfaction
15 Honky Tonk Women
16 Street Fighting Man

The sound quality is good - highly listenable - the rest is history!


You can grab a little official Stones merchandise HERE.

Among some of the artists to follow in 'Bootleg Originals' you can look forward to Led Zeppelin, The Waterboys, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Bob Dylan, The Who and more, so if you have not done so, bookmark or even better, RSS feed this page!

(Many thanks to Chris for this recording...)

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Dolores O´Riordan - Live in Santiago - 2007

This is Dolores O´Riordan - Live in Santiago, Chile, a month ago, on the 23rd August 2007.

It's a delight to listen to a concert from her current world tour, especially as she sounds genuinely upbeat, and playing with a really good band!

When I received this concert, it was one single mp3 file, interspersed with a lot of radio commentary, and announcements.

I do not know if there is a thriving counterfeit market locally, but I got this impression, from the radio broadcast that this is sourced from.

However I have managed to edit out all the commentary, and most station I.D's. I have left in a few very short spoken word station I.D's that are played over the beginning of some of the songs.

I do not think they detract. I have also split the file down to individual songs. Having played this through as a full show earlier, I am very pleased with the result.

Obviously FM Stereo quality, with a mixture of solo, and Cranberries material, I think this is a fabulous gig.

Set list Is:

01 Zombie
02 Angel fire
03 Animal instinct
04 Apple of my eye
05 Linger
06 Ordinary day
07 Human Spirit
08 Stay with me
09 Black widow
10 Pretty
11 Free to decide
12 I can't be with you
13 Loser
14 Salvation
15 When we were young
16 Ode to my family
17 October
18 Dreams


You can purchase Are You Listening by Dolores O'Riordan HERE, and The Cranberries material HERE.

Dolores O´Riordan - Official Website HERE.

Steve Forbert - Live New Jersey & New York - 1979/80

Steve Forbert is still touring, and also released a new album back in June. In some ways you have got to hand it to the guy.

Back in the late 1970's he was hailed as the 'new Bob Dylan' by some prominent music journalists.

Down the years comparisons have been made with Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, and anyone else whose name begins with B!

Along with this he has carried the long term 'underrated artist' label with dignity and endurance.

In a recent review of his current album he was described as the 'veteran Mississippi troubadour who mixes gentle folk/pop with the occasional piquant rocker'.

Anyway you draw your own conclusions.

My thanks to Chris for sharing this recording with me (along with some other rarities to follow soon), it is a fine example of Steve Forbert back towards the start of his musical career.

From two concerts:

Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, 1979.

1 Song For The Sun
2 What Kinda Guy (acoustic version)
3 Thinkin'
4 Goin' Down To Laurel

The Bottom Line, New York, NY, 1980.

5 If You Gotta Ask You'll Never Know
6 Laughter Lou
7 Cellophane City
8 Song For Katrina
9 What Kinda Guy (electric version)
10 School Girl
11 I'm An Automobile
12 Lets Get Well Soon

All very good quality, sound and performance, an upbeat boot that leaves me in a positive mood.

Reloaded - 20/May/2015 - download link in comments.

Steve Forbert site HERE with merchandise HERE.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Anorak Corner - Part Eight

September 1974, and Radio Caroline has returned to the English coastline, anchored in international waters.

Caroline was proving a real alternative to the lack lustre BBC Radio One (in fairness with a few, presenter exceptions) at that time.

The station was also a tonic for those who had hoped that the new (licenced) local commercial stations would take up, from where the sixties pirates had left off.

Piccadilly (Manchester) and Capital Radio (Greater London) tried harder than most, but the stupid and restrictive regulations, left them sounding at best, a poor relation of what had come before.

Radio Caroline was financially supported by Dutch language services in the 1970's (more about them another time). This resulted in Caroline only broadcasting in the evening and at night for some parts of the 1970's, which probably helped the album and 'alternative music' format develop.

As in part seven here is another selection of mp3's, that give a further feel for the diversity and very positive sound, of 'Europe's first and only album station'. Again selected predominately from memory and in the usual non order please dip into some of Caroline in the 1970's.

MP3 Policy - Links have expired.

Ten Years After - Love Like A Man.mp3
The Doors - Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar).mp3
Nils Lofgren - I Came To Dance.mp3
Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady.mp3
Jon Anderson & Vangelis - I Hear You Now.mp3
Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.mp3
Supertramp - Logical Song.mp3
Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK.mp3
Steve Miller Band - Space Cowboy.mp3
Nils Lofgren - Cry Tough.mp3
Curved Air - Phantasmagoria.mp3
The Doors - LA Woman.mp3
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
Billy Preston - Thats the Way God Planned It.mp3
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit.mp3
Curved Air - Back Street Luv.mp3
Steve Miller Band - The Joker.mp3
Harry Chapin - Cats In The Cradle.mp3
Doors - Riders On The Storm.mp3
Gary Wright - Dream Weaver (Original Version).mp3
Steve Miller Band - Dream Weaver.mp3

Once again, this is only scratching at the surface, how do you capture a near decade of broadcasting into a couple of blog postings?

If you are interested, I will use one of Radio Caroline's Top 500's to develop this further, email me (see link opposite) or leave some feedback if you are keen for more music from this era.

If you would like to know more about Radio Caroline's history, or any other 'offshore pirate' radio station from the 1950's onwards, checkout Offshore Echos.

You can discover the history of a number of Europe's pirate stations, and download mp3 clips, you may even find yourself dashing out to purchase a brand new anorak.

Offshore Echos (memorabilia, DVDs, Air checks, documentaries, and more).

Check out The Beehive Candy Store for albums from the artist's mp3's above HERE.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Cranberries - Live Wire - 1995

This is a Cranberries boot known as 'Live Wire' from 1995.

I have only seen them in concert once, a few years after these performances, I was not disappointed.

Having been a fan of their music since the first album, I was mightily impressed with them live, so coming across a number of live concert boots, was a pleasure.

The good news is they have been a consistent class act, so if you want more from them let me know!

Live Wire is a compilation of three different concerts, from their 2005 world tour.

This is Live Wire:

Tracks One to Nine at The Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, England - 30th July 1995.

1. Sunday
2. Linger
3. Pretty
4. Wanted
5. Daffodil Lament
6. I Can't Be With You
7. Zombie
8. Not Hollywood
9. Dreams

Tracks Ten to Fifteen at The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland - 2nd June 1995.

10. Sunday
11. Dreaming My Dreams
12. I Can't Be With You
13. I Just Shot John Lennon
14. Twenty One
15. Ridiculous Thoughts

Tracks Sixteen to Seventeen at Cadena 40 Principale, Madrid, Spain - 31st January 1995.

16. Dreaming My Dreams
17. Zombie

Very Good Soundboard quality throughout.

Replacement download link in comments below (02 March 2012).

Usual selection of official stuff to browse, and maybe, ever so maybe, consider buying HERE.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Fleetwood Mac - Nashville USA - 1977

In 1977 Punk was happening, I was listening to lot's of young (similar age), high energy bands, raw and fresh, even if the musicianship was pretty low tech.

For me Fleetwood Mac were really special in the day's of Peter Green, in the late 1960's, they had then morphed into adult orientated rock, and I stopped taking notice of them.

With hindsight of course, things are different. Rumours was a solid album, and maybe some of Fleetwood Mac's songs, have and will continue to stand the test of time, more so than a lot of the 70's punk scene.

Anyway to the point. This is Fleetwood Mac live in Nashville on May 21st 1977, at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

This is during the 'Rumours' tour, and the band are playing really well, with excellent vocals.

Set List:

01 Welcome
02 Say You Love Me
03 Monday Morning
04 Dreams
05 Oh Well
06 Rhiannon
07 Oh Daddy
08 Never Going Back Again
09 Landslide
10 Over My Head
11 Gold Dust Woman

01 You Make Loving Fun
02 I'm So Afraid
03 Go Your Own Way
04 World Turning
05 Blue Letter
06 Second Hand News
07 The Chain
08 Songbird

This is a stereo soundboard recording that has been professionally mixed, so it is split over three files.

Because I was having a senior moment when putting these together, the Intro is in the second file - whoops...

Loads of Fleetwood Mac in the Beehive Candy Store HERE.

Replacement download link in comments below (02 March 2012).

Monday, 17 September 2007

Mink DeVille - New York - 1980

Mink DeVille formed in San Francisco having performed initially as Billy DeSade & the Marquis and also The Lazy Eights before settling on the name Mink DeVille. They relocated to New York in the late 1970's, and were quickly associated with the local burgeoning punk scene.

The reality was that at heart Mink DeVille was a soul orientated band with roots in R&B, the blues and even Cajun music.

This year their founder Willy DeVille, celebrates thirty years as a recording artist, 'oh how time flies' when you are having fun.

This is Mink DeVille Live from The Bottom Line, New York, USA, back on September 12th 1980.

If you are not familiar with the band, I strongly urge you to give them a listen. Many may recognise their hit single 'Spanish Stroll', there is however far more to this band.

They are one of those bands that simply light up a venue when they perform. This is a 'stonking' performance!

The set list is as follows:

1. Harlem Nocturne
2. Slow Drain
3. Savoir Faire
4. She's So Tough
5. Cadillac Walk
6. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
7. Just Your Friends
8. Desperate Days
9. Steady Drivin' Man
10. That World Outside
11. One Way Street
12. Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
13. Spanish Stroll
14. This Must Be The Night
15. Lipstick Traces
16. Easy Slider
17. Bad Boy
18. Soul Twist

The sound quality is excellent (FM Radio broadcast of the show).

Replacement file link - October 2011 in comments below.

Some Mink Deville Cd's to browse HERE.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

REM - Live In London - 2005

This is the 'broadcast' part of REM live in Hyde Park, London, on the 16th July 2005.

It was the final date of their 2004/05 world tour, and had been put back one week due to the terrorist attack on London's tube system, just days earlier.

I have seen a number of bands and artists myself in Hyde Park. I recognise it has been used considerably as a venue in recent years.

A good number of charitable events have been televised in the UK. It is easy to get the impression that this is a fine venue to play.

Hyde Park is a very big place, a very large park.

For around ten years now, the gigs are performed with the stage at the Marble Arch end. The audience are placed parallel with Park Lane going south, between the internal roads.

If nothing else, I hope I have confused some New Yorkers at there own game now, regarding concerts in Central Park (this time last year I was in Manhattan so understand this is said with kind affection).

Put simply this part of Hyde Park is flat, easy to fit in 80,000 people, not so easy to ensure they all hear, or even see the event.

In all seriousness unless you are an absolute fan, you are better off listening to the radio broadcast of the event if available, rather than risking, not being a part of the audience, close to the stage. Like I said, I have seen a number of acts there, it is a challenging venue for crowd and artist. REM did quite well!

This is REM as broadcast on BBC Radio Two live. It is not the full concert, rather the final hour. The sound quality is FM stereo, at it's best. I think it fair to say despite the challenges of the venue REM had their hearts in this gig, what do you think?

Tracks are:

01 - Kenneth
02 - One I Love
03 - Drive
04 - The Outsiders
05 - Leaving New York
06 - Everybody Hurts
07 - Electron Blue
08 - Final Straw
09 - Orange Crush
10 - Walk Unafraid
11 - Losing My Religion
12 - Man On The Moon

Replacement download link in comments below (2nd April 2010).

REM merchandise HERE.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Genesis - Live In London - 1980

There was a time when Genesis would have automatically been included in my top favorite five bands.

When Peter Gabriel left, like many I thought it was the end, however although the sound and style gradually developed, it was still Genesis, and some good music was produced.

In 1980 the album Duke was released, and I was really impressed ! With hindsight this was the beginning of the end of my Genesis 'must buy - must have' era. After that for whatever reason only the odd song here and there appealed to me.

As regards Phil Collins solo material, sorry I have tried, but it ain't for me. I think early on, he made to much of an effort not to sound like Genesis, but with respect was never going to be a crooner.

To the point - This is Genesis towards the end of my 'Top Five Favorite' era.

The details - Genesis live at The Lyceum London (second night) on the 7th May 1980. The Lyceum was one of the smaller venues they played on this tour.

The Set list -

CD 1:
01 - Deep In The Motherlode
02 - Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (Intro)
03 - Carpet Crawlers
04 - Squonk
05 - One For The Vine
06 - Behind The Lines
07 - Duchess
08 - Guide Vocal
09 - Turn It On Again
10 - Duke's Travels
11 - Duke's End
12 - Say It's Alright Joe

CD 2:
01 - The Lady Lies
02 - Ripples
03 - In The Cage And Slippermen
04 - Afterglow
05 - Follow You Follow Me
06 - Dance On Volcano
07 - Drum Duet
08 - Los Endos
09 - I Know What I Like
10 - The Knife

The Sound Quality - From the BBC master recording of the show (pre FM, no static at all - if you excuse the pun). Put simply it is a professional recording, that merits superlatives such as awesome. It also helps that Genesis were really playing well that night!

High quality so split across three files click on the links to download.


My favorite Genesis era & albums HERE.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Elvis Presley - Greensboro - 1972

This is Elvis Presley Live at Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, on the 14th April 1972.

I am not an Elvis aficionado, probably not even up to amateur standard, by any Elvis Presley fans measurement criteria.

I do not impersonate him though, surely this gets me some street credibility back ?

I tried to get some background on this concert and failed miserably. I know Elvis toured in 1972, he sold out Madison Square Gardens for four consecutive nights, and a video of him touring won a Golden Globe for best documentary that year.

What is curious for me, is that the very limited notes that accompanied this concert say it was his first performance of 'Burning Love' on stage.

This was released in 1972 and was his last top ten hit in the U.S. single charts, so from that perspective there is a little bit of Elvis history here.

Oh well onto the main reason I am posting this, easy one as usual, not being a major Elvis fan, I swallowed the hype, and decided to give it a play, next thing I know, I am enjoying the whole concert, and as the audio quality ticks all the 'Beehive Boxes', so I thought ho hum, lets share it!

It goes like this:


Apologies if the set list is appallingly wrong, like I said limited info, not an Elvis expert...

This was a stereo soundboard recording.

Replacement link in comments below or 'click on the pic' - 13th December 2009.

Always happy to learn, if you can add to this please leave a comment.

Elvis Cd, options HERE.

Kraftwerk - Live In London 1981

This is Kraftwerk live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, on the 3rd July 1981.

This is one of those annoying 'I was there' posts, yep that may be me somewhere in the crowd cheering, applauding or yelping, and why not, it was one of the best live concerts I have ever attended - not a comment I make lightly!

Everything about them was refreshing.

Ralf Hutter's occasional ad lib's and his sheer intensity at times as he sung.

The use of electronic drum pads, and the whole tightness & rhythm of the band.

The simpler & very different lighting for that period, a generous helping of neon would you believe?

The uncanny resembling dummies, or was that robots?

Letting the audience join in during the encore using handheld devices (circa pocket calculator).

Most of all it was the underlying humour, the knowing smiles between each other that became laughter if one of them got something wrong. I expected technical efficiency, I got a band playing live and rocking in their own style.

This was part of the Computer World tour, and is summarised well from the current Wikipedia entry - "the band effectively packed up its entire Kling Klang studio and took it on the road with them. The band also developed an increasing use of visual elements in the live shows during this period. This included back-projected slides and films, increasingly synchronized with the music as the technology developed, an experimental light-beam activated drum cage allowing Flür to trigger electronic percussion through arm gestures, use of hand-held miniaturized instruments during the set, and, perhaps most famously, the use of replica mannequins of themselves to perform onstage during the song "The Robots."

I actually only received a copy of this specific concert recently, I am delighted with the sound quality. The set list is:

1 Intro - Numbers
2 Computer world
3 Computer love
4 Home computer
5 The model
6 Neon lights
7 Radioactivity
8 The voice of energy
9 Ohm sweet ohm
10 Autobahn
11 Hall of mirrors
12 Showroom dummies
13 Trans Europe Express
14 Pocket calculator
15 The robots
16 It's more fun to compute

I do not have details of the source, its very good audio quality - click on the links to download.

Some Kraftwerk Cd options HERE.

New file link in comments below - Re-uploaded 2012 (Stealth project).

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Frank Sinatra - Oakland Coliseum USA 1968

I first got hold of this particular concert recording a few months back, because I thought my dad would appreciate it.

What surprised me, was how much I enjoyed it myself !

I know very little about Frank Sinatra's music, beyond what I heard being played around my home as I grew up.

It was a generation gap thing.

I associated Frank Sinatra with my 'out of touch' parents back then, and could not understand why they failed to appreciate The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and so on...

OK this was the sixties, a long time ago.

Enough about my personal Sinatra growing up thing. This is a really good concert musically and sound quality wise. I find it a little bizarre, that according to some mainstream websites, this is still considered a rarity, and yet I obtained it without effort, whatever the case, here it is!

A little background:

MAY 22, 1968: Frank Sinatra headlined at a fund raising rally and concert for the then presidential candidate, Hubert Humphrey at the Oakland Coliseum, California, USA.

Set List:

1 Day In Day Out
2 I Get A Kick Out Of You
3 Moonlight In Vermont
4 The Lady Is A Tramp
5 I Have Dreamed
6 I've Got You Under My Skin
7 That's Life
8 O'l Man River
9 All I Need Is The Girl
10 Willow Weep For Me
11 Goin' Out Of My Head
12 Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
13 Fly Me To The Moon
14 It Was A Very Good Year
15 My Kind Of Town
16 Frank Says Goodbye

Put simply, this is a really vibrant performance, a really tight and on form orchestra, and obviously a professional recording crew, despite the fact this was never intended for full public release. (Stereo Soundboard).

Replacement link in comments or click on the picture (8th January 2010).

Buy The Platinum Collection HERE.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

A Trip With The Beatles - The Esher Demos

Also known as Acoustic Masterpieces, I am very pleased to be able to share the Esher demos from 1968.

These were recorded in late May 1968, at the home of George Harrison, and how is this for detail, his home was Kinfauns, a bungalow-style house, located at 16 Claremont Drive, Esher, Surrey, England, KT10 9LU, on the Claremont Estate, and only a short drive from the homes of John Lennon (Kenwood) and Ringo Starr (Sunny Heights).

Hmmm - I need to get out more...

These demo recordings would eventually develop, with a few exceptions, into 'The White Album'. (Seven of the actual demos also appear on The Beatles Anthology, Vol. 3).

They were made on George Harrison's Ampex four-track reel-to-reel tape recorder.

The songs are performed by John, George and Paul, recording some of the material, they had written during their time in India, along with other recent numbers.

Track listing as follows:

1. Back In The USSR
2. Blackbird
3. Child Of Nature (eventually Jealous Guy on Imagine).
4. Circles
5. Cry Baby Cry
6. Dear Prudence
7. Every body's Got Something To Hate
8. Honey Pie
9. I'm So Tired
10. Julia
11. Sour Milk Sea
12. Mother Nature's Son
13. Not Guilty
14. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
15. Piggies
16. Revolution
17. Rocky Raccoon
18. Sexy Sadie
19. Junk
20. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
21. What's The New Mary Jane
22. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
23. Yer Blues

Total duration: 67:18

These as far as I can establish, are all of the recordings, made at that time, and are sourced from an older boot (tape) of good quality. With the exception of those songs that made it on to 'Anthology 3', my understanding is that these, are as good as you can get.

If you have more songs, or better quality versions, please, please let me know!

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Worth a thought? Considering these are (very nearly) forty year old demo tapes, never intended for more than an early run through, pre studio, a chance for the other band members to get a feel for the songs, why are we so interested? I guess whatever you may think of The Beatles, they certainly left their fans wanting more!

Check out Anthology Three HERE, along with other Beatles Cd's.

More Beatles material will follow in due course.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Van Morrison - The Inner Mystic Remastered [2CD legendary boot]

At $250 USA, I am not about to buy the genuine autographed album featured left.

I am very pleased to share something that is just as collectible, the remastered edition of what is, for most Van Morrison fans, the boot that should have been released as a bonafide double album.

Here's a synopsis cut & pasted from a Van Morrison website (being lazy - I apologise).

This show was recorded live in the studio before a small audience.

The band is essentially the Caledonia Soul Orchestra.

This show is probably the most booted recording out there and for good reason.

Van is on fire from the very start with a slow burning Into the Mystic which is, in my books, the best version I've heard. A frantic I've Been Working is next. Six minutes of pure funk ending with Van whispering "you send me" to a fade out.

Awesome and once again, the best version of this song there is."The small audience couldn't have believed their luck to strike Van on this sort of form. To reinforce this Van strikes out with a wonderful version of the Them song Fridays Child and follows it up with Elvis Presleys Hound Dog.

The double album has been predominately circulated as 'The Inner Mystic' and was recorded live at the Pacific High Studios, CA, USA, during September 1971. The remastered version, brings the quality up to CD/digital standards.

Track listing is as follows:

Disc 1
01 Into The Mystic (8.2MB)
02 I've Been Working (8.7MB)
03 Friday's Child (8.2MB)
04 Hound Dog (4.1MB)
05 Ballerina (12.4MB)
06 Tupelo Honey (8.8MB)
07 Wild Night (6.9MB)
08 Just Like A Woman (11.1MB)

Disc 2
01 Moonshine Whiskey (11.1MB)
02 Dead Or Alive (7.3MB)
03 You're My Woman (8.4MB)
04 These Dreams (Of You) (4.8MB)
05 Domino (8.4MB)
06 Call Me Up In Dreamland (5.2MB)
07 Blue Monday (5.6MB)
08 Bring It On Home To Me (5.9MB)
09 Buona Sera (5.0MB)

I am very keen to share high quality bootlegs on this site, the danger is, I use to many superlatives, and sound like I am trying to sell them to you. Trouble is I do get a bit passionate about some of these boots, simply because alot of them are so very very good.

You be the judge, leave some feedback, I just reckon this is something special..


Usual buy something option HERE, in Van Morrison's case always worth considering!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Humble Pie - Live USA Tour 1981

I try and share really good quality boots, (unless the material is very collectible) I am really pleased with the sheer audio quality of this one.

This particular bootleg, is mainly known as Route 66, live in LA and PA.

Humble Pie originally formed in 1969, and had a large and loyal fan base right through to calling it a day in 1975.

In 1980 founder Steve Marriott revived Humble Pie with former drummer Jerry Shirley, adding Bob Tench (from Jeff Beck Group) on guitar and Anthony "Sooty" Jones on bass.

Two albums were released 'On To Victory', and 'Go For The Throat', however the 'second' Humble Pie called it a day by 1982.

The tour(s) supporting these two albums became known as the 'Route 66' era, and despite the short lived reformation, the band were really good in concert, probably because Humble Pie were always a live band first.

This is Humble Pie - Route Sixty Six.

01 ~ I Don't Need No Doctor (10:01)
02 ~ Infatuation (5:23)
03 ~ 30 Days In The Hole (9:45)
04 ~ Tin Soldier (4:32)
05 ~ Fool For A Pretty Face (5:47)
06 ~ Route 66 (6:34)
07 ~ Bebop A Lula (2:22)
08 ~ Tulsa Time (3:20)
09 ~ Four Day Creep (3:18)
10 ~ Stone Cold Fever (8:53)
11 ~ C'mon Everybody (6:31)

The sound quality is full stereo soundboard (excellent quality), the band really on form!

(click on the links to download)

Humble Pie ~ Route 66 Live.rar

Humble Pie ~ Route 66 Live - part two.rar

There has been a problem downloading the above files for some visitors Please try this full zip file below, if you have had a problem.

Humble Pie ~ Route 66 Live in

Thanks - Mike
Some really good Humble Pie albums in the Beehive Candy Store HERE.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Heart - Portland Oregon 1987

Well would you believe it, I first heard the band Heart on Radio Caroline, and guess when? Yep in the 1970's!

They may have been given air time elsewhere in the UK, but the option of suffering The Bay City Rollers, Donny Osmond and possibly Cliff Richard's to eventually here them does not require consideration.

This is Heart some time later, 1987 to be precise, however I must apologise I do not have the actual day or month to hand.

This concert is from the tour supporting the release of 'Bad Animals' - not one of their best albums as far as I am concerned, and yet, they are on sparkling form here, and with plenty of other Heart material, very, very good!

Set list:

1. Bad animals
2. Wolf
3. Barracuda
4. Nothing at all
5. What about love
6. Dreamboat Annie
7. These dreams
8. Straight on
9. Who will you run to
10. Never
11. How can I refuse
12. Crazy on you
13. If looks could kill
14. Bebe le strange
15. Alone
16. Rock and roll

Quality is excellent - first generation FM stereo recording.

Replacement download link in comments below (02 March 2012).