Frank Sinatra - Live In Australia 1974

This is Frank Sinatra performing live in concert on the 16th July 1974, in Sydney Australia.

Frank caused something of a stir on this tour (see comments). This was a busy year for him, he returned to to Las Vegas, performing at Caesars Palace in January, and then after the Australian tour, he appeared at New York City's Madison Square Garden in a televised concert that was later released as an album under the title The Main Event – Live. He then went on to tour in Europe.

Source: FM Stereo

Sound Quality: Good stereo MP3@160kbps

Genre: Traditional Pop, Jazz, Big Band Vocals.

Set: Full concert performance.

Set List:

1. I Get A kick Out Of You
2. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
3. Let Me Try Again
4. If
5. Bad Bad Leroy Brown
6. Angel Eyes
7. I've Got You Under My Skin
8. My Kind Of Town
9. Send In The Clowns
10. Nancy
11. The Lady Is A Tramp
12. My Way

Links: Official site HERE.

Comments: It was during this tour that Frank Sinatra caused an uproar by describing journalists there — who were aggressively pursuing his every move and pushing for a press conference — as "fags", "pimps", and "whores."

Australian unions representing transport workers, waiters, and journalists all went on strike, demanding that Sinatra apologize for his remarks. Sinatra instead insisted that the journalists apologize for "fifteen years of abuse I have taken from the world press."

The future Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke, then the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) leader, also insisted that Sinatra apologize, and a settlement was eventually reached to the apparent satisfaction of both parties, Sinatra's final show of his Australian tour was televised to the nation.

None of this seems to have had much of an impact on his stage performance, which of course is what this posting is all about!

Replacement download link in comments (21st November 2010).

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Anonymous said…
Hi ! I've got a problem with track 7 (I got you under my skin) It seems it's corrupted Thank you for this beautiful blog !!!
Anonymous said…


Mike - Beehive Candy
Anonymous said…
oh my good!!! Sinatra with no voice left!!! what happened? he made great concerts in that year. Here you can hear rare mistakes on the end of track 1 and 2, and, sadly, in other songs.
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MarkyJ said…
Thanks for the re-up of track 7 - keep up the good work! :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi - I'm afraid there's still a fault with track 7 as of 20-11-2010.

I'm from Australia...
Beehive Candy said…


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