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JYLDA - Josh Del - Todd Warner Moore - Charlie Hole - Portland

'Reeled' from JYLDA is dreamy, melodic and her vocals are alluring, add in the vibrant beats and the song is indeed extremely catchy. Josh Del is another artist where the vocals are a key ingredient, their natural Americana instinct coming to the fore on 'Rolling Stone' a timeless country piece. Todd Warner Moore has just released 'Love & Change' an album comprising of thirteen songs, where his musical talents explore a variety of genres, and with excellent production this is a fabulous collection of music. Charlie Hole latest song 'All The Roads To Heaven' is just beautiful, the singer/song writer brims with feeling and the melodic hooks do the rest. Expansive, atmospheric and dreamily seductive 'Expectations' by Portland is a mixture of emotion, calmness and power, now there's a combination. JYLDA - Reeled. JYLDA is Italian-German Gianna Gehlhar's musical alter ego. Now based in London after a stint in Berlin, she releases he

GURU - Wy - Kris Kelly - Silent Forum

'Fixation' from GURU is a formidable punk rocker, the vocals are fierce and not to be left behind, the band are equally forceful. We have already featured a couple of gorgeous songs from Wy's forthcoming album and the final teaser 'Swedish Summer' ups our anticipation even more! We are a little late sharing Kris Kelly's music video for 'Birthplace' but this is such a wonderful song, it simply has to be featured. Cardiff (Wales) based Silent Forum's third single 'Safety In Numbers' is imaginative and not easy to categorise, so we will file under creative post punk, indie something. GURU - Fixation. Brighton’s endless production line continues to reinforce their status as one of the UK’s finest indie hotbeds and in punk sensations GURU they’ve certainly found another to add to the growing list. Bursting out of the blocks with their rollicking third instalment Fixation, the rising quartet demonstrate all the makings of a band ready to m

Zoe and Cloyd - Sandtimer - Thin Lear

We have some splendid and totally natural roots music from Zoe and Cloyd, the musicianship is just right and the dual vocals and live feel to the song adds even more character. Sandtimer have just shared 'Dormant' along with a fine video, their indie folk is outstanding and the vocals are wonderful on this addictive song. 'Death In A Field' from Thin Lear (songwriter/producer Matt Longo) is a beautiful piece, where his vocals are just so engaging and the musical arrangement is seemingly pristine. Zoe and Cloyd - Looking Out For You And Me. Roots duo Zoe & Cloyd have released a video for their latest single, “Looking Out For You And Me,” a song that illustrates today's issues of change and how it affects us. It warns against allowing self-interest and short-term gain to take precedence over the well-being of future generations. Husband and wife artists Zoe (Natalya Weinstein) and Cloyd (John Miller) blend their long-crafted folk harmonies with fellow ban

Talkboy - Jenn Vix - Nathan & Jessie - Jacko Hooper

Talkboy return for a fourth time on Beehive Candy, this time with 'Wasting Time' another gorgeous indie pop (with a touch of rock) song, firing melodic hooks in all directions! We featured Jenn Vix a couple of times in 2017 and she is back with a new E.P '6' of which we can share the video for 'Ride' the first song in the collection and a good indicator of the quality of her highly engaging electro pop. We have two wonderful songs from Nathan & Jessie whose mixing of jazz, folk, country and more is simply incredible, expect up-skilled talent, you won't be disappointed. First featured here in November last year Jacko Hooper is back with a video for 'Sidelines' and for a change we have added some reviews from others, equally impressed by his material and vocal ability. Talkboy - Wasting Time. Taking things up a notch with sparkling new anthem Wasting Time, Leeds sextet Talkboy reaffirm their budding status as one of Yorkshire’s most exciting

Hannah Rosa - Alex Spencer - Lauran Hibberd - Alejandra O'Leary

An all female line up today on Beehive Candy starting with Hannah Rosa and 'Fire,' a song that sees her captivating indie pop showcased with style and quality. The merging of jazz and folk music not only works, it's somewhat breathtaking on Alex Spencer's new album 'Shine' which you can stream in full below. 'Hoochie' is the sixth song we have featured by the very talented Isle Of Wight artist Lauren Hibberd, it's as good as any of the others, and we have raved about all of them! Alejandra O'Leary new album 'Everest' comprises of eleven tracks of which 'Wires' is the opener. A gorgeous rocker, it is but just one dimension of this variety packed collection, the musicians are impressive as are the songs and Alejandra's adaptive vocals. Hannah Rosa - Fire. Capturing hearts and commanding attention, Brisbane's indie-pop darling Hannah Rosa is back and better than ever with dreamy new single, 'Fire'. Following