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Genre Wander: Lola Sparks - The Last Royals - Inventions - DENNIS - Modern Inventors

Lola Sparks - Soon To Die.

Background promo - Lola Sparks is an English/German singer/songwriter and author based in Berlin, Germany. Moving there at the age of 18, she started having readings and quickly got discovered by her producer and co-writer Kris Steininger. They teamed up and decided to set her material into music.

The result is an album made of her very unique reality, flavored with Berlin's pulse of dirty dry electronic beats, analog synths glued together with the classical element of an epic Orchestra - A tuneful masterpiece leading us through everything that goes on in the deepest darkest cornersof Lola´s manic realities... The lead single "Soon To Die" is from her forthcoming debut album "Diary of a Lost Girl". An elektro/alternative-pop/orchestra-album, self produced with Lola Sparks and Kris Steininger.

Other guest collaborations include like James Dring (Gorillaz), Alan Moulder (Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol), Dan Gretch (Lana del Rey, Keane), Jul…

Weekend Wonders: Stiffy Jones - Ofelia K - Heidi Talbot - Gitta De Ridder - Quiet Quiet Band - Dyr Faser

Stiffy Jones - Echoes.

Background promo - Stiffy Jones is back with a brand new album. After the release of their latest EP, the Disconnect Me EP, Stiffy jones has kept on their legacy of loud, sweaty and energetic stage shows to venues all around Sweden. Narrow Road Of Memories is a record full of powerful, melodic and personal punk rock songs that will leave you wanting more. The record is set for release on October 28 CD and digital download.

Since 2009, Stiffy Jones current line-up has invaded the bars and venues of Sweden with their punk rock and constant need to be on the road. Formed in 2005 by four schoolmates in Stockholm without any wider musical knowledge but with the same passion for punk rock and a need to cure boredom. In 2012 their debut album was released and they've since toured Sweden. Stiffy Jones has over the years played with among others; Koffin Kats, Skumdum, Tysta Mari, Strawberry Blondes, Saturdays Heroes and The Friday Prophets.

'Echoes' was on the…

Two Good Ones: Liam Hudson - Kråkesølv

Liam Hudson - You'll Be Fine.

Background promo - Liam Hudson started writing music from a young age, but didn't begin to hone his skills till his mid-teens when he started writing Jazz, and Baroque and Movie style compositions. Through this time he was heavily inspired by the works of Jazz artists like Dave Brubeck, Bob Mintzer, Ray Charles and composers like Bach, Hans Zimmer, and John Williams. After finishing school, Liam started learning electronic production and recording, writing and recording entirely from his bedroom.

The song ‘You’ll Be Fine’ was written, recorded, and produced all at Liam Hudson’s home. The song came about after a break-up, when Liam’s friends were supporting him, telling him that he will be fine, and everything works out. The song discusses how just because you know everything will be fine in the end, it doesn't make the sadness any easier while you're in that place: “It’s all good to say it'll be fine. Don't tell me what happened to…

Quality Not Quantity: Dear Willow - Heidi Maree - Organised Scum

Dear Willow - When It Burns.

Background promo - Birthed from letters to her older self, Dear Willow is the musical project of Sunshine Coast creative Em-J Dau. Following on from last year's debut single 'Father's House', Dear Willow will be launching the moody new single 'When It Burns' at Sunny Coast's premier live hub Solbar, Thursday September 15.

Growing up with the arts close to her heart (just short of a family heirloom) has meant that Em-J expressing herself has been a storytelling affair. Dear Willow has been many things, first letters and poetry, then a solo folk acoustic act but it has recently evolved into something bigger than expected. Countless shows, an ever-growing repertoire of material and working with other creative types have helped mould Dear Willow from timid songstress to seasoned performer.

While 2015's offering ‘Father’s House’ saw Em-J dabbling in her folky roots, 'When It Burns' has Dear Willow flexing a much more dynam…

Twilight Fields - Further Up, Further In (Album)

Twilight Fields - Our Anthem (99).

Background promo - Allister Thompson has led a varied musical life, having been a solo folkie but also a member of cult 70s-style glam band Crash Kelly. He has recorded Krautrock under the project name The Gateless Gate and a psych album as Khan Tengri, as well as several solo folk albums. His 2009 progressive rock album Shadowlands was well-received by progressive rock reviewers. Teri-Lynn Janveau is a classically trained pianist who also has composed and played as a member of The Gateless Gate. Tim Timleck is a veteran Canadian drummer with such playing and recording credits as Carole Pope, Emm Gryner and Universal Honey, amongst many others.

“Further Up, Further In!” is the debut full-length art-rock album by Twilight Fields, of North Bay, Canada. The expansive sound and reflective, philosophical tone of this recording stem from many influences, from psychedelic and progressive rock to eighties neo-psych and alternative, psych-folk, and even ambie…

And The Beat Goes On: Ine Hoem - No Monster Club - Neil Brophy Band - Slow Down Molasses - The PepTides

Ine Hoem - Moonbird.

Background promo - Ine Hoem´s voice hits you right in the heart. Her vocal strong sound has elements from both modern electronic music and the jazz universe.

Her debut album "Angerville" received tons of positive reviews, and her single "This year" gained a lot of airplay in her native Norway. That song was also used in the Canadian/US TV series "Degrassi".

Ine Hoem has spent the last 12 months in a studio in Gotland, Sweden, together with producer Tobias Fröberg (Ane Brun, Loreen, Anna Bergendahl) and the musicians Lars Skoglund (Lykke Li) and Robert Elovsson (Robyn).

The result is the album "Moonbird", due to be released February 10th. These nine strong songs creates a dark musical universe, and makes you think of artists like Kate Bush and Lykke Li. The first single, and title track, "Moonbird" is out now.

With rich swirling synth sounds 'Moonbird' grabbed my attention before Ine Hoem had even begun to si…

Four More: Fleurie - Kroy - Bridges and Powerlines - 88 Palms

Fleurie - Soldier.

Background promo - Nashville alternative artist Fleurie has announced the release of her new album, Love And War. The album will be available to purchase and stream at all digital outlets when it releases on September 19.

This eight-song release features four new songs, and four previously released tracks which have received considerable TV/film attention. "Soldier" was used in the international film trailer for Concussion starring Will Smith, "Hurts Like Hell" can be heard in MTV's Scream, and she's had multiple placements on CW's The Originals with "Breathe" and "Sirens." The four new songs on Love And War have also been written with TV/film in mind, and that focus can be heard in each track's lush, orchestral, and cinematic soundscape.

In addition to releasing Love And War, Fleurie will also support hip-hop artist NF on tour this fall. Her direct support slot begins on September 20 and and will feature songs f…

Genre Wander: Hidden Stash - Jesse Mac Cormack - Terry Malts - I Grow Paper Wings

Hidden Stash - Chasing Sunsets.

Background promo - Hidden Stash is a new 6-piece roots rock band led by emerging songwriter Michael Gray offering up rock, pop, blues, soul, C&W and folk with a retro twist. Their debut album Mixed Cassette Tape is a 70’s inspired rock album that takes listeners back in time when people used to listen to albums from start to finish.

Mixed Cassette Tape is expertly co-produced and arranged by Derek Downham (The Beauties), and features Divine Brown, Damhnait Doyle, Shelley Coopersmith, Denis Keldie, Jim Bish, Russ Boswell and a sizzling duet with rising roots n’ roll singer Samantha Martin.

Being the son of Jerry Gray, the legendary folk musician who was a founding member of The Travellers and the brother of James Gray who served more than 13 years’ in Blue Rodeo, Gray grew up surrounded by music.  The band name Hidden Stash comes from the idea that he has kept this hidden stash of songs that he wrote for years and is now ready to reveal them to the wor…