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McDermott & North - Hunny Buzz - Margo Cilker - The Ready-Mades

McDermott & North - The Hollywood EP. McDermott & North, the captivating indie folk duo known for their heartfelt sounds and irresistible melodies release 'The Hollywood EP'. Released yesterday via Weirder Together Records, the EP is a beautiful celebration of love, connection, and the beauty of everyday moments. Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, McDermott & North have been winning hearts with their busking performances and beautiful songs. The duo already have a stack of singles and an EP, countless tours and hundreds of hours of performing under their belts, including having played at Bluesfest, BIGSOUND and Ted X Brisbane. The unknown slow boil of 'The Hollywood EP' began in 2021 when the duo caught the attention of acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter and producer Ben Lee, who stumbled upon the two stylish troubadours singing in perfect 60s folk harmony. Little did they anticipate that this serendipitous encounter would pave the way for a remarka

Jay Wood - Bekah Bossard - bdrmm - Sparkle*Jets U.K. - Tilia

Jay Wood - Oh Well. West Australian alt-indie acoustic singer-songwriter, Jay Wood releases her highly anticipated single, ‘Oh Well’ today June 30th, 2023. This captivating single – A prelude to the 1st September release of EP, ‘Respire’ - serves as a testament to Jay's resilience and determination following a life-altering car accident that left her with a Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injury, and embodies her unwavering spirit, inspiring listeners with its uplifting message.  “[The song] began as a cute upbeat song professing heartfelt intentions toward her but morphed into more of an optimistic song with a lament of the love gone by, hence the weaving of the phrase “oh well” throughout.” – Jay Wood Through her lyricism, reminiscent of the meaning injected through the songs of Phoebe Bridges and Missy Higgins, Jay expresses herself with raw honesty, quirkiness, and a "no holds barred" approach. Her songs fill listeners with unique and enlightened thoughts about love, li

Briscoe - Jess Nolan - Viv & Riley

Briscoe - The Well. Rising Americana-folk-rock band Briscoe is set to release their debut album 'West Of It All' on 15th September via ATO Records. Produced by Brad Cook (Bon Iver, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats), the album features a collection of folksy hooks and bold songwriting that bridges the gap between classic American roots music and its modern-day incarnation. The band started on the University of Texas/Austin campus, with free backyard performances which quickly led to sold-out gigs at Antone's Nightclub and The Continental Club Gallery. Comprised of bandmates Truett Heintzelman and Philip Lupton, they built their fanbase the old-school way, by constant touring and authentic engagement with the audience. The Texas natives wrote 'West Of It Al'l as graduation loomed in the distance, funnelling the stories of their college experience — from heartbreak to hard-won lessons to weekend trips into the rural countryside — into a raw, rugged blend of c

Career Woman - Rubber Blanket - Bird Streets - Achings

Career Woman - Jupiter. Career Woman is the promising musical project of Melody Caudill, a singer songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. At just 19 years old, she exudes a genuine passion for crafting impactful indie rock songs. Growing up, she found solace in songwriting and released her first EP at the age of fourteen. Caudill was raised in a creative household that has shaped her deep connection to melodies and lyrics from a young age. Career Woman draws inspiration from a range of artists such as, Lomelda, Snail Mail, Samia and even the scores and soundtracks of her favorite video games like Life is Strange. These distinctive styles have left an indelible mark on her artistic voice. "'Jupiter' was the first song I wrote since coming to college and it encompasses all of the new feelings that come along with starting a new life" says Caudill of the new single, adding "I was experiencing overwhelming joy but also paralyzing fear because of all of the new people I met

Keni Titus - Adams & Costello

Keni Titus - if u want. Los Angeles pop artist Keni Titus shares her latest single “if u want”, along with a heavenly music video directed by Keni and her best friend, Victoria. Returning with her first song of the year, since her track “Come Back” in 2022, Keni has spent the last year writing a lot of new music, using songwriting primarily as a way to reflect on her experiences and relationships to date, and “if u want” is a product of that process. The track is beautifully delicate and melodic, touching on intimate themes of companionship and desire. In her heartfelt lyricism, Keni expresses a desire to be all that someone needs her to be, in whatever shape or form that may take. Despite not having met that person yet, she can envision it in all its loving togetherness. Keni passionately sings, “If u want I could fit right in the gaps of your teeth. If u want cover my mouth so there’s more air to breathe” “If u want” is the first single to be taken from her upcoming debut project, w

The Money War - TANDM - Endless Forms - The Kut

The Money War - I Don't Hear You Anymore (E.P). Known for their innate talent for crafting beautifully written songs, the Western Australian-based duo, The Money War, was just released their heartrending new EP 'I Don't Hear You Anymore' on Friday, June 23. Infusing their music with unwavering sincerity, Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper skillfully blend elegant pop purity with the resolute spirit of indie rock and folk, resulting in captivating melodies and refined production that eloquently capture their intricate experiences. In 'I Don't Hear You Anymore', The Money War demonstrates their adeptness at navigating tender stories of love, loss, change, and the desperate need for self-expression. This collection of songs, which is both authentic and relatable, allows The Money War to express their innermost thoughts and emotions as they navigate the challenges of raising three young children. Each track on the EP offers a unique and heartfelt experience, be