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Jillette Johnson - Blue Stragglers - Bikini Test Failure - Cordovas

Jillette Johnson is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who has just shared 'I Shouldn't Go Anywhere' and it's a superb modern country rocker. === Blue Stragglers have two new singles 'She' and 'Late At A Festival' where their brand of garage rock is robust and defined with plenty of clarity. === Bikini Test Failure has revisited and redefined 'Are We Having A Good Time Yet?' adding depth and richness to this fabulous genre spanning rock song. === From Cordovas we have 'High Feeling' ahead of their new album 'Destiny Hotel', out 30th October on ATO Records. The bands beautifully crafted mixture of folk, country and classic rock & roll is simply wonderful. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jillette Johnson - I Shouldn't Go Anywhere. Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jillette Johnson has released a stirring new track titled “I Shouldn’t Go Anywhere.” John

Wynnm - KEYS - Lady Dan

Wynnm first came across our radar back in February with 'Fire On The Moon' which we described as "a gentle and melodic song with fabulous vocals above a restrained musical backdrop" and with the new song 'The Morning' it's a case of "have some more". === KEYS were here last month and return with another fine track entitled 'Phases' which exudes some retro pop and rock vibes, something these folk are very good at. ===  Lady Dan shares 'Facta, Non Verba' today and its a highly addictive song, with a subtle musical arrangement that adds layers along the way supporting her gorgeous vocals. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wynnm - The Morning. Wynnm’s quicksilver sound is an elegant amalgamation of smooth folk and vital bass. Her music emerges from the dusty mirages of Arizona and the private mountains of Idaho and cycles to the electronic beats of her current residency in

Anne Malin - Brock Mattsson

Anne Malin has just shared 'Empty is the Day' ahead of the October release date for the album 'Waiting Song'. It's looks like we will be able to share two more tracks ahead of the release, in the meantime just enjoy this beautiful song from an album that is equally special and wonderful. === Brock Mattsson has released 'Are You Thinking Of Me' and it's a honest, personal and natural track to immerse ourselves in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anne Malin - Empty is the Day. The first single from Anne Malin's new album due in October is Empty is the Day. The album Waiting Song explores what it means to be forced into stillness. At times meditative, at times defiant, Anne Malin’s latest album turns inward, moving through themes of impatience, ambition, confinement and memory. Ghosts haunt the landscapes of these songs—ancestors, friends who left the earth too soon, aging and sick loved one

Josefin Berger - Kaylee Patterson

Josefin Berger shares 'Go Kiss An Orc - Chapter 1' accompanied by a dramatic and amusing story telling video, however the song stands well on it's own with bags of originality, incredible vocals and plenty of musical twists. === From Kaylee Patterson we have 'Other Side' and immediately her gorgeous melodic and distinctive vocals are simply captivating on this beautiful song. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Josefin Berger - Go Kiss An Orc - Chapter 1. Fun Fantasy Pop inspired by The Lord of The Rings. "Fantasy is real. When Josefin Berger brings to the masses, her brand of fantastical arrangements, chivelry rises again with gallantry and utmost beauty in musical ambitions. Josefin’s rendition, brings the other dimension to another precedence. Honesty and pure fun, lives in Josefin’s falsetto and the colors it brings," writes the music blog Comeherefloyd about it. "I wrote the song inspire

Samantha Tieger - Bag Of Cans - Komanda - Be No Rain

Samantha Tieger shares 'Close My Eyes' and it's a smooth flowing and melodic song delivered in a personal soulful manner. === Bag Of Cans are a five piece band from Norwich, England who recently released the rather fabulous 'Chris Alice' where indie rock rubs shoulders with surreal lyrics in an exuberant manner. === Komanda share 'Begin Again' where the musical arrangement is refined and the catchy nature of the piece leaves us with a warm, feel good vibe. === London-based artist Be No Rain has shared 'Media Luna' ahead of his debut album due next month, the track itself is a "study of dread" and despite that it glows with beauty. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Samantha Tieger - Close My Eyes. Nashville-based singer/songwriter Samantha Tieger (pronounced “Teeger”) is set to follow up her seductively resonant single “Eyes Wide Open” with a new soulfully sweet entry, “C