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2015 - Out Of Our Inbox - Edition Six

Sarah Neufeld has a strong solo career developing alongside her familiar touring with Arcade Fire. Her violin orientated solo work looks set to expand further with this exciting and intriguing song from her forthcoming album (no release date set as yet). The track 'We've Got A Lot' features Sarah Neufeld on violin and vocals along with Jeremy Gara on drums, Colin Stetson on lyricon, and Hans Bernhard on bass. If you want to much information then it was recorded by Hans Bernhard and Corwin Fox, mixed by Mark Lawson and Hans Bernhard, and mastered by Harris Newman. Sarah is touring still with a few more dates to go, on her website HERE. Well this is a welcome development and if the plan was to fill us with expectation, it has worked!


Meridian Lights are new to us and we are mightily impressed. Some background - Meridian Lights is Bradley Valentin and Yohimbe Sampson. They grew up creating and performing …

The Beatles - Decca Sessions 1962

Reloaded 29/May/2015 - another Beehive Candy favourite for so many reasons. The historical aspect speaks for itself, however musically it just makes me wonder what would have happened if Decca had signed them that day. Would the musical styling have altered and would Pete Best have remained on drums for example. All hypothetical I know however perhaps Decca's loss was everyone else's gain as things turned out. It all seems a long time ago now.

The Decca audition is the name given to the now-famous audition by The Beatles for Decca Records at their Decca Studios in West Hampstead, London, England, before they reached international stardom. Decca's decision to reject the group is considered to be one of the biggest mistakes in music history.

Manager Brian Epstein made numerous trips to London to visit record companies with the hope of securing a record contract, but was rejected by many, including Columbia, Pye, Philips, and Oriole.

The Beatles were driven down to London by …

Quality Not Quantity - Planet Earth Reports Fine Music

The story goes thus for Harts - laying all the instruments, writing all the songs and even recording and producing everything single handedly, the Aussie "one-man music making machine", virtuoso guitarist, songwriter & producer, Darren Hart has been hard at work recording and producing a brand new EP, titled 'Breakthrough'. He's touring Australia & New Zealand in June & July, listen to the featured track below and go buy some tickets - exceptional 70's rock is now in safe young hands & funk has won a reprieve, marvellous music!


The low down for Ambassadeurs - 'Breathe' (feat. Folly Rae) is the next track to be unveiled from ‘Patterns’, the debut album from the much-championed UK electronica artist, Ambassadeurs (aka Mark Dobson). The 12 track release will be available to download from 29 June on his own Lost Tribe Records imprint, preceded by a Spotify ‘First List…

The Jeff Beck Group - BBC Sessions 1967 - 1971

Reloaded 27/May/2015 - I wanted to feature this set of sessions recorded for BBC radio again for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it is so easy to forget the impact on pop, rock, blues and other genres, Jeff Beck had back then. He was respected by his counterparts and was not afraid to push the boundaries. Secondly Jeff Beck was a driving force for many other artists, witnessed by those around him on these sessions alone. It's all a long time ago now, but recognition for Jeff's musical legacy should I think be acknowledged.

This is a selection of recordings from The Jeff Beck Group, which were recorded as sessions for the BBC (Radio One), from 1967 to 1971. This is not the complete set of songs performed by the band for the BBC, however it does represent a very good flavour of the material the band were performing live at that time.

The audio quality of tracks one to nine are notably better quality than track ten to seventeen however the latter tracks include some classic …

The Rolling Stones - BBC Sessions 1963 - 1965

Reloaded 26/May/2015 - Another very popular rarity that remains searched after regularly amongst collectors of Rolling Stones material. This recording was seeded close to the original 'release' and the audio reflects that and is very clean and highly enjoyable. It remains a must have for anyone who remembers the raw energy the Stones had, that set them apart from so many right from the start.

Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb is probably the most comprehensive selection of The Rolling Stones BBC Sessions from 1963 to 1965 although many other bootleg compilations have surfaced, including 'Get Satisfaction If You Want' and 'Crackin Up'.

There is a question mark over the absolute accuracy of the dates of shows or recordings however Beat Beat Beat has a reputation for being well researched so are probably pretty accurate.

The cover art displayed is apparently from a rare 10inch German album version. As regards the actual performances themselves, then this is wonderful mat…

Quality Not Quantity - A Few More Good Ones

We are advised that - Scenic Voidis a music project based out of Chicago, IL intent on releasing its debut EP in May of 2015. Fronted by eclectic and multi-talented musician, Patrick Jennings, he is presenting a thrilling sound with subtle intricacy; a meticulously crafted, emotionally driven dream rock EP. The Scenic Void EP was made available May 5th via Dancing Berries Music and will be playing shows around the Chicago area in support of the new release.

We say - It's a goody! Nice vibe, fine songs and some excellent guitar work.


Dark and dreamy duo Ultra Violent Rays will digitally release their next single, "Wish," on May 26. The duo of Cooper Gillespie (vocals and bass) and Greg Gordon (drums and sequences) create a fresh and layered sound that does have a strong hint of 'Siouxsie Sioux' in her more ethereal vocal renditions (our words …

The Rolling Stones - Handsome Girls (USA) 1978.

Reloaded 24/May/2015 By popular request and a firm favourite for Rolling Stones rarities collectors, however we would like to point out that CD1 and 2 are within the official King Biscuit archives and will be deleted from this site once we have given a little time for the Stones completest fans who have requested this famous bootleg. Full artwork of the original packaging is included

This is a four CD box set bootleg of The Rolling Stones that was circulated originally on The Swingin' Pig label (TSP-CD-200) and in 1998 on the Dandelion label as part of their 'The Classic Rolling Stones Collection' (DL030 - DL033). The first two CD's include the entire Forth Worth show (which is also in the King Biscuit archives). CD's 3 and 4 have pretty much every song broadcast from the 1978 tour plus a few soundboard recordings that never made it to air. This version is sourced from the 'Dandelion' label boxed set and the audio quality is so good, it is of little surpri…