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Saturday Four: Candi's Dog - Ellie Dorman - Salt Cathedral - Witching Waves

Candi's Dog - I Couldn't Ask For More.

Background promo - Tyneside trio Candi's Dog specialise in acoustic folk-pop, combining inventive structures with ludicrously catchy melodies. The result is a mash-up akin to the likes of Bright Eyes and the lyrical quality of Ed Sheeran. Creativity isn’t something that’s hard to come by for the innovative threesome who can regularly be seen sporting Melodicas, Kazoos and a homemade Acoustic Bass.

Not content with leaving the ear candy duties to their primary instruments alone (consisting of guitar, bass and percussion), Candi’s Dog add delicious, rich vocal harmonies to their audio arsenal, echoing the melodic vocal prowess of the Beach Boys and Crowded House. The satisfying suggestion of pop along with their folksy-rock feel results in their sound igniting a feast of welcomed familiarity, allowing the band to become part of your inner soundtrack with obliging ease.

Favouring the DIY approach, Candi’s Dog have not only opted to make th…

Alternative Take: Mantocliff - Future Unlimited

Mantocliff - These Words.

Background promo - Basel, Switzerland-based quintet Mantocliff make their debut with a powerful orchestral electronic composition. Their intense blend of emotional vocals, ethereal instrumentation, and refined production will leave you in awe.

Caveman Sound writes "Led by the brilliant vocals of singer Nives Onori and steeped in a vibrant atmosphere built by the groups five instrumentalists, "These Words" is an exceptionally stunning debut. It's creativity is made apparent from the start, with cleverly echoed arrangements of lighter-than-air guitar plucks, resonant percussion and poignant lyrics drawing us in. These lend themselves organically into a rhythmic ebb and flow of energy, combining orchestral elements with exploratory pop and spirited dance. They’ve created a magnetic web that will leave you with the feeling of having experienced something cinematic, endlessly expressive, and the affirmation that Mantocliff are definitely ones to …

Conway - Sudden Dawn

Conway - Sudden Dawn.

Promo words - Raised by a single mother in south side St. Louis, Conway's ambitious attitude moved her to New York after turning 17. While in New York she became best friends with drummer Amy Wood who convinced her to move to L.A. to record for free at her dad's studio. “She and I packed an old Honda and I moved to L.A. All I wanted to do was make music, so I was willing to leave everything in NYC with practically nothing but a bass and some clothes,” she says. “I thought I’d be there for six months. Six months turned into 2 bands and a solo project's worth of grinding it out: writing music, booking gigs, designing artwork, making videos and putting music out. When I was finally offered some support I was naïve, took some bad advice and signed a bad production deal."

After months of performing, writing and collaborating, she came up with the song “Big Talk.” When a friend's attempt at making a video didn't meet her standards, she followed …

A Couple Of Good Ones: The Plaidians - Thelma Ball

The Plaidians - Lights Out.

Background promo - ‘Lights Out for the Boy’  is a significant collaborative recording project featuring two of Melbourne’s artists of music in the form of The Plaidians. Gaz and JP have been co-writing music for many years and have established the kind of rare connection that has helped them carve out their own idiosyncratic niche. 

Following on from the success of their first single release “The Follower” in September 2015, The Plaidians are now releasing their debut album ‘Lights Out for the Boy’. 

Their album is a flavour of pop that is both unique and familiar: fully formed and thoughtful in a way that is surprising from a duo that is new to the indie scene. The Plaidians have presented ten tracks that offer a charming blend of rock and pop, even folk, with strings, guitars, vintage synths, and signature gritty vocals. 

JP said: “Much of this album was about challenging ourselves; seeing what was really possible. We wanted to create something that brought …

Good Ones: Draemhouse - Factory Brains

Draemhouse - Mr. Kerosene.

Background promo - Draemhouse began in 2014 as a bedroom recording outlet for former songwriter/guitar player, Chris Cheveyo of Rose Windows (Sub Pop).  After Rose Windows dissolved in  January of 2015,  Pat Schowe of whom also played in Rose Windows joined Draemhouse along with Emma Danner and Brock Carless.  The quartet then began rehearsing in March of that same year.  Playing renegade shows in living rooms, clothing shops, and underpasses throughout the Summer of 2015.  The band has gained a quick following for their dræmy sound and live fiber art installations by in-house visual artist/photographer Lauren Rodriguez.

The band released "Woundlicker" as a cassette single via the Blind Blind Tiger label out of Los Angeles to positive reviews in the Summer of 2015. Only Friends was recorded in Austin, Texas in 2014 at The Wonder Chamber by Justin Morris.  It was performed by Chris Cheveyo and some top notch musicians of Austin’s local scene.  It was…

Midweek Alternative Take: Apothek - Luke Chable vs The New Division

Apothek - Waiting For The Thunder.

Background promo - “There’s a gap somewhere that used to be us” – an opening premise, and emotional wormhole that lies at the core of Apothek’s latest offering ‘Waiting For The Thunder’. As solemn as it is soaring, the track navigates space and time with pitch-bending poignancy. “It’s about distance, about travelling; the spaces and places we leave behind,” explains vocalist Morten Myklebust. The sentiment is skewed in “little glimpses of memory that warp the truth,” he says. “How absolutely everything is temporary.”

It follows Apothek’s acclaimed debut single ‘Family’ – a track earning the collective praise of The Sunday Times, The Line of Best Fit, Clash and Hillydilly; also catching the keen eye of Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1), Mark Radcliffe, Stuart Maconie (BBC Radio 6music), Maz Tappuni (Radio X), Dani Charlton, Greg Porter (Amazing Radio) at UK radio and garnering support further afield via triple j (AUS), where the track was shortlisted for this…

Genre Wander: Natalie Lurie - The Boy From Space - Iska Dhaaf

Natalie Lurie - No Mercy in the Night.

Background promo - Nashville songwriter Natalie Lurie has released her debut single, "No Mercy In The Night." The track is available at all digital outlets and is the first single from her upcoming EP, No Mercy In The Night, due out March 25th. 

Natalie's fascination with the harp began at age 7 when she spotted the instrument in a music shop. She sat down and began strumming until the shop owner finally asked she and her family to leave because the store was closing. Natalie's harp studies have taken her across the globe. During her senior year of high school she attended the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. After that, she studied privately in France and Switzerland, before returning to the US where she completed her undergraduate work under renowned harpist Susann McDonald at Indiana University.

Though she is classically trained, Natalie has always held an interest in expanding the harp beyond its traditional classical gen…

Two Good Ones: Drew Worthley - Strange Fiction

Drew Worthley - John Proctors Lament.

Background - Drew Worthley is an East London musician who crafts a curious blend of cerebral indie-pop with a twist of lyrical Americana. His newly released sophomore record 'Crucible', recorded at Echo Zoo Studios has been praised by Louder Than War as 'one of the albums of the year without doubt.' The 'blisfully atypical' collection of songs explores memory, economics, London and literature, weaving heartfelt vocals around a smorgasbord of analogue synths, guitars, flugelhorns and battered drums.

Crucible has been receiving regular airplay on BBC 6 Music, BBC London and BBC Introducing, numerous features on Baeble Music and 'Tune of the Day' recommendations on Amazing Tunes. Drew will be touring in early spring 2016.

Yet another one of those 'ones to watch out for' artists, and some! 'John Proctors Lament' is but a toe in the water as an introduction to Drew Worthley. Plenty of buzz and notice alrea…