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Hundreds - Melby - CocoRosie - Rosie Carney - Ross Palmer

We shared 'Body Of Water' by Hundreds in January and they are back with their third single 'Calling' and it's another splendid electro pop song. === It's a year to the day since we last featured Melby who have just released 'Things I Do When I'm Alone' a melodic indie folk track that is warm and so engaging. === Yesterday CocoRosie released their seventh album entitled 'Put The Shine On' from which we have already shared some tracks, now we have the whole collection and it is everything they promised and more. === Time flies by, it's been over a year since we last featured Rosie Carney whose back with the new single 'When I Look At You'. So this is appearance twelve on Beehive Candy, maybe that's enough of a recommendation in it's own right. === Today Ross Palmer releases 'You Wont Need To Cry' a smooth, melodic alt folk kind of a song and it's beautiful. ----------------------------------------------------

Derayernah - Ttrruuces - The Last Morrell - Claire Coupland - Sam Doores - Marlene Oak

Derayernah just released 'Siberian Scopes' along with the lyric video for what is an exceptional song where power meets creativity resulting in this gorgeous piece. === Ttrruuces have shared 'Sensations Of Cool'. We featured debut their track 'Sad Girl' last October and the new song has lush electronica with some psychedelic vibes and fabulous vocals. === The Last Morrell shares 'A Comedy' where majestic dual vocals (thanks to Caitlyn Scarlett) make this a very special song. === From Claire Coupland we have 'Leave Me Alone' where the folk/roots singer songwriter is in feisty form and the video adds more to this musical story. === Swedish singer song-writer Marlene Oak has released the rather gorgeous 'One Way', her vocals are melodic and powerful on this very catchy track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Derayernah - Siberian Scopes. Derayernah is not just a band name:

Yumi Zouma - Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas - Phantoms vs Fire - Pyrotechnist - Cayley Thomas

Yumi Zouma recently shared 'Southwark' which is taken from this coming Friday's album release by the band 'Truth Or Consequences'. Comprising of ten songs the album really is a breath of fresh air, the featured track indicating their refined quality and beautifully crafted music. === Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas have released 'Noon Drunk', following on from 'Cora Cora Cora' which we featured last month. We described the last song as no nonsense rock, this is some more and its gritty, fabulous, and I love the video (I miss those London Pub day's). === We have the new album from Phantoms vs Fire streaming in full below, it's entitled 'Superbloom II'. The electronic artist was featured by Beehive Candy back in 2018, his creativity and imagination impressed us then, this takes the music even further, it's glorious. === Pyrotechnist new album is called 'Fire Crackers' from which we have 'Noi-Zee Boy' and 'Captain

Artificial Pleasure - Chris Pellnat - Haneke Twins

Artificial Pleasure return to Beehive Candy with 'Lose Myself Again' (we featured 'Side By Side Together' last September). The new track mixes synth pop with deeper rhythmic vibes along with some notable, indeed splendid vocals. === Chris Pellnat has a new album entitled 'Rain'. Chris has appeared here as a solo artist, band member and also with Erin Pellnat, the one consistent in all guises is the quality of the music. New album 'Rain' takes us on a creative and variety packed journey, we have a video for the title track along with the full album below, enjoy! this is another really good collection. === We have enjoyed many artists down the years who have a day job along with their musical activities, however introducing a couple of CERN scientists takes us into new territory. Despite that Haneke Twins get our attention because of the music and 'River' is a fabulous post punk piece with that extra something that seals the deal. -------------

Pike & Sutton - Californiosos - Hannah Georgas - Grace Gillespie - Jett Kwong

Pike & Sutton have really impressed me these last couple of months and return for a third time this year with 'Let The Music Get You High' and once again their soulful vocals and bluesy rock feel are just incredible. === Californiosos have released 'Captain's Got A Brand New Heart' with a suitably matched video. Their described as psych-jazz-folk duo, the song explains that wonderful combination, better than I can. === We have the latest single from   Hannah Georgas entitled 'That Emotion' where her melodic vocals and a refined rhythmic backdrop work beautifully together. === We featured Grace Gillespie twice last year and now we have her latest song 'Goodbye' and it's an intimate, exquisite folk singer-songwriter piece. === Jett Kwong just released 'Tokyo Bath' and it's a sultry, emotional and personal song with a fabulously arranged musical backdrop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------