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Genre Mix: David Trull - Daniel Trakell - Dear Thieves - Broadway Sounds - Hunter As a Horse

David Trull - Beautiful World.

Background bio - Back in his high school days, with one faithful roadie and one faithful Fender amp in tow, David Trull was a regular feature at the Roadhouse in Webster Groves, MO. Every Tuesday, the Roadhouse Bar and Grill would have local blues hero Alvin Jett onstage to lead a jam session. David headed to the Roadhouse, rain or shine, for three years’ worth of Tuesdays. On that stage, David struck his musical roots in the soil of the blues. His great loves at that time were The Allman Brothers and The Derek Trucks Band; he was known to laugh in rapture at the grinding, throaty “breathing” of Derek Trucks’ guitar.

Years later, at college, David found a different kind of treasure: he discovered The Milk Carton Kids. Their blend of eclectic, punchy song‐writing and limpid melodies inspired him to write music more restrained, music more focused on lyrical power. He began by covering several of his favourites at an open mic night in the spring of 2013, whe…

Friday &: The Phantom Sound - The Redhill Valleys - Vague - Bencoolen - Manon Meurt

The Phantom Sound - Crushing.

Background promo - The Phantom Sound recall the best of the 70’s & 80’s with contributions from the Punk & New Wave hall of fame in the powerhouse of a single: “Crushing” out May 16th 2016. The band’s powerful sound and brooding vocals of songwriter Marisa Schlussel has seen the likes of BBC and Amazing radio jump on board the good ship Phantom.

“Crushing” the standout track from the band’s special edition release of debut album “The Phantom Sound”, begins with a truly defiant swagger befitting of the punk ethos. With the unstoppable momentum of an out-of-control steam locomotive, the track leads to its iconic chorus that would be at home at both grimy rock clubs and major summer festivals.

Following her dream of working with the very artists that inspire her, Schlussel sought out the legends of the late 70’s and 80’s Punk & New Wave movement, aspiring to make sure that they loved her music. As it turn’s out, they didn’t need much convincing wit…

Suzerain - Identity (New Album - May 27th)

Suzerain - Always (Radio Mix).

Background promo - We live in a world that is rapidly changing around and within us. Each day is a time capsule: a snapshot of who and where we are at that precise moment. Perspective is key, but by nature human consciousness isn’t built to process experiences in such a manner. People can struggle to get a helicopter view when they’re stuck in the eye of the storm that is life. It’s a concept which London noise merchants Suzerain have been exploring with second album 'Identity' – their very own dystopian nightmare born from the winds of change.

“We made this album across two years,” reveals singer Thomas Pether. “So it took a while to break into something we wanted it to be. Identity is something that is difficult to grasp on a day-to-day basis, it can change but isn’t always obvious. For us, this album feels like our identity at the moment.”

“We wanted to strip away as much as possible,” continues guitarist Rich Summer. “It sounds like a cliché bu…

Wednesday Rock Blast: The Lost Poets - This Party

The Lost Poets - Insubordia Pt. II.

Background bio - The Lost Poets - a mysterious dark impact from Sweden. Their faces are unknown and covered by a tar like substance. Wearing top hats and suits. Even though strange and dark, the music is full of beautiful melodies, positive elements and unique vocals.

The Lost Poets originates from Stockholm, Sweden. Their only release is an EP from 2014 "Insubordia", and the single "Mouth". Both received raving reviews internationally and in a very short time they have become hugely sought after.They are to be included in Dolph Lundgrens forthcoming feature film "Without YouI'm Nothing" and they opened for "Volto" (Tool drummer Danny Carey's band) at the infamous Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard merely weeks after arriving to Los Angeles. The Lost Poets are also currently working on the short film "Tales from Insubordia" and the children's book (!) "The Lost Poets".

The Lost Poets …

Tuesday Mix: Lauren April - The fin. - Wendy James

Lauren April - Picture On The Wall.

Background promo - At the forefront of the bustling Country Music scene in the UK, Lauren April launches herself to the top of the most promising new artist’s lists with the remarkable debut single “Picture On The Wall”, released Monday 16th May 2016.

“Picture On The Wall” comes from a very personal place, showcasing April’s unique ability to connect with audiences through her vivid storytelling and prolific song writing. The debut single resonates with emotive, relatable stories of the lessons learned in love and with tension building musicianship that oozes with modern flair.

Lauren was discovered after astounding audiences with her souring vocals and her ability to connect at open-mic nights in her home town of Nottingham. Word soon spread leading to spins from BBC Introducing, nationwide airplay across all regional BBC Radio stations on Mark Forrest’s evening show and Nottingham Trent University Radio becoming keen supporters of the 20-year-old si…

Monday Music: Bonnie Prince Billy - Chief Ghoul - Carly Jamison

Bonnie Prince Billy - Most People.
Background - The first track from the 'Refugee' compilation album has surfaced. 'Most People' is the contribution from Bonnie 'Prince Billy. 
Featuring Richard Dawson, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Linda Thompson, Alasdair Roberts, Ricky Ross, BMX Bandits and many more, the 'Refugee' album is a united effort from some of folk’s most esteemed and cult figures, who’ve contributed an original or unreleased song each to the ‘Refugee’ project.
‘Refugee’ (out digitally on June 3rd through Brainfog) is a highly significant collaborative recording project which reflects, through song, the issue of the refugee crisis in its many forms, from Syria and beyond. It’s been curated by Scottish folk artist Robin Adams, who called on his close friends and musical colleagues from around the world to contribute to the project.
Each track is an unreleased original song, with contributions from the likes of the above artists. All proceeds go to the MOAS…

Genre Wander: Corbu - Allie & Ivy - Helix Pulsar

Corbu - Polygon Forest.

Background promo - New York neo-psyche band Corbu are streaming ‘Polygon Forest’, the first track from their forthcoming debut album. With its choral harmonies and tribal drumming over shimmering, glacial synths ‘Polygon Forest’ is a glorious and uplifting trip, taken from their album Crayon Soul, out 5th August 2016 via 3 Beat (EU) & Big Picnic (US).

Recorded and produced by the band, Crayon Soul was mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, MGMT). A vivid exploration inspired in part by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Graves’ lucid dreams, Crayon Soul is a truly realised vision. “It’s a journey through a series of “gates”, or events that you pass through with the narrator,” says Graves of the album. “At each event, you change and shift into a new part of the story.”

Extremely visual, Corbu create captivating, kaleidoscopic visuals to accompany their music. Encouraging listeners to paint their own path through Corbu’s world, Crayon S…