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Sterre Weldring - Vision Video - Abby Sage - SPECTRA*Paris

Sterre Weldring - The Best.  Yesterday singer-songwriter Sterre Weldring released her new single 'The Best'. Sterre Weldring's new release is a special one: for the first time, she's releasing a cover of "The Best," a song originally by Nashville-based artist Josiah and the Bonnevilles. Encouraged by none other than Josiah, Sterre decided to record an acoustic version of 'The Best', one of her favorite songs. "'The Best' is a sad and melancholic song, but will most of all bring comfort to those who recognise themselves in its story" says the artist. Sterre Weldring is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. Her music can be described as 'melancholic indie-pop', a genre in which she writes songs about all kinds of love and relationships, with the  aim of comforting others. Her passion for this music started around the age of 15, when she discovered British singer-songwriter Jake Bugg and experienced how much comfort sh

Bryde - Pixy Jones - Sky Barkers - Goodnight Sunrise - Gal Musette

Photo - Cae Candal Sato Bryde - Epilogue. Each track on Bryde’s new album Still explores a different kind of love. It’s a reflective and deeply psychological record, and though it comes with beautifully vulnerable moments that tap into our ideals of romantic love, it also pulls apart society’s pre-conceived ideas of what love should be, with songs that take us on a different path, one exploring concepts of self-love and embracing our shadow selves. New single ‘Epilogue’ sits somewhere in the middle, it’s undoubtable a love song, stripped down with Bryde’s achingly beautiful vocal vulnerably relaying her most inner thoughts (it’s opening line alone is pure heartbreak…. “I wanted you to call me baby, I wanted you to like my hazy world”). However, whilst tapping into the feelings of being in-love, it simultaneously steps away from the fairy tale ideal, offering a more realistic viewpoint. As Bryde expands: "Real love is about knowing someone. Their flaws, their annoying traits and h

Pale Blue Eyes - Well Wisher - Poolblood - The Local Honeys

Photo - Sophie Jouvenaar Pale Blue Eyes - Star Vehicle. Following the announcement of their debut album Souvenirs, coming out on September 2, Totnes’ Pale Blue Eyes yesterday shared a new track from the record. “It’s a hopeful and uplifting track,” says PBE singer/guitarist Matt Board. “It’s about daydreaming of the future and riding out difficult times together – kind of fantasizing about somewhere far away. It touches on times at art college, where there was a student bar called The Rat & Emu, out in the middle of the countryside. I remember the stars seemed so bright overhead.” Souvenirs was recorded in PBE’s own Penquit Mill studio, just south of Dartmoor, the studio having been funded by a bank loan and endless part-time jobs. PBE are the couple Lucy and Matt Board, crucially aided by Motown-mad bassist Aubrey Simpson. Matt (vocals/guitar) and Lucy (drums/electronics) met at Dartington College of Arts in South Devon, a storied establishment that’s been enlivened over the year

Son Little - Matthew Bailey - Erika Olson - LUKKA

Photo by Cynthia Perez Son Little - Deeper. Son Little announces his new album, 'Like Neptune', out September 9th via ANTI-, and in conjunction shares two lead singles, 'deeper' and 'stoned love'. Continuing to revolutionize the modern understanding and expectation of R&B, Son Little delivers an unadulterated transmission of Black American music performed in its praying and pleading mother tongue. Conceived in a cabin overlooking the Delaware River in upstate New York, 'Like Neptune' is an open and vulnerable portrayal of unbridled joy and self-acceptance. In this verdant space of freedom, Son Little transmutes the chronic pain of self-doubt into a beautiful opus about overcoming generational trauma, decorating the altar of the primordial blues and elevating the labour of healing to high art. "In the beginning of lockdown, I went into a closet full of junk and found a couple of boxes full of my old writing books,” Livingston explained. “There t

Chroma - The Accidentals & The Kaboom Collective Studio Orchestra - Sara Syms - Lowell

Chroma - Weithiau / Caru. Cyffuriau. 'Weithiau' (Sometimes) is an emotionally powerful song that is one half of Chroma's Double-A single 'Weithiau / Caru Cyffuriau'. This is the group's first release after joining the Libertino label. The songs were recorded live to capture the versatile and energetic sound of the Valleys trio by producer Kris Jenkins (Cate Le Bon, SFA, Gruff Rhys). “‘Weithiau’ is about ending a relationship with someone that you love deeply. The process of coming to terms with the fact that the relationship doesn’t work, and putting your self first in that situation.” - Katie Hall, Chroma In perfect musical contrast to the sometimes melancholy 'Weithiau', 'Caru Cyffuriau' is a non-stop 'in your face' punk song about being a teenager in the South Wales Valleys. “Caru Cyfffuriau is a song about being a naughty teenager in the valleys experimenting with drugs and sex because there’s not much else to do. I think there needs