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Robert Jon and the Wreck - ElectroBluesSociety feat Karin Roerdink - Unspoken Tradition

Robert Jon and the Wreck have a new album 'Last Light On The Highway' and it's streaming in full below. Fans of southern rock from the Allman Brothers through to The Black Crowes will simply love this rootsy, soulful album, for those not so sure, dive in and enjoy. === ElectroBluesSociety feat Karin Roerdink have just shared a cover version of Amy Winehouse's 'You Know I'm No Good' giving it a respectful and refined rendition. === Unspoken Tradition share a fresh and natural Bluegrass song called 'At the Bottom Again' the musicianship is fabulous and the vocals are spot on for this genre. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Robert Jon and the Wreck - Last Light On The Highway (Album). Unless you have quarantined yourself too long and too isolated you must at least have heard of Robert Jon and the Wreck. With 8 albums and an impressive live reputation under their belt we are very proud

TJ Roberts - Teghan Devon - Emperor of Ice Cream - Evening Hymns - Dougie Poole - Brenda Cay

TJ Roberts return today with the new single 'Sinceridipity' and on this occasion the energy levels are up as are the exuberant rock vibes. === Teghan Devon has a new E.P out entitled 'Little Lion' from which we have the title track, the four songs are distinctly different with Little Lion being a good indicator of her gorgeous folk orientated music. === Emperor of Ice Cream are finally going to release their debut album recorded back in the nineties and as a preview we have 'Lambent Eyes' which really does raise expectations. === Evening Hymns shares his new single 'Pyrenees' accompanied by an original video, the atmospheric track and imagery are beautifully matched. === Dougie Poole returns with 'The Who's Who Of Who Cares' in April we featured 'Vaping On The Job' and the latest song showcases his crooner vocals wonderfully. === Brenda Cay has a new video for her current single 'Unplug and Recharge' the modern country a

Little Kid - Goan Dogs

Little Kid have just released their new single 'All Night (Golden Ring)' and it's a gentle mix of folk and understated Americana with wonderful dual vocals. === From Bristol, England quintet Goan Dogs we have their brand new breathtaking, creative and vibrant song 'Zombies'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Little Kid - All Night (Golden Ring). Though Toronto's Little Kid have been bubbling under in DIY circles since 2011 the band are beginning to garner widespread international attention since their signing to Solitaire Recordings (Common Holly, Kate Davis) earlier this year. Led by songwriter Kenny Boothby the band built a cult audience through performances with artists like Car Seat Headrest, Horse Jumper of Love, Fog Lake and Half Waif, and a prolific output of idiosyncratic home recordings, before signing to the label earlier this year. They have since released two singles, the stand alo

Zoe Polanski - Eric Bolander - Jordan Lehning

Zoe Polanski has just released a new single 'Pharoah's Island' and it's an introduction to the forthcoming 'Violent Flowers' album due in July, the song itself is a mixture of ambient and dream pop styles and it's beautiful. == Eric Bolander has a new single entitled 'Magic Moon' which is a refreshing slice of Americana with some refined rock vibes. === Jordan Lehning shares 'Oolaloom' ahead of his next album, Jordan states that the track "acts as a prologue in the story of 'Little Idols'" (the album), it's also a fine taster for the collection. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zoe Polanski - Pharoah's Island. Zoe Polanski has released a new single "Pharoah's Island." The single features Polanski’s hypnotic vocals and shimmering guitar paired with electronic producer Aviad Zinemana Zinemanas’ blend of implied rhythms, soft percussion

Grizzly Coast - Katie Wood

Grizzly Coast returns with 'End Of The Night' just a month after we shared 'Catch and Release' and again her indie rock impresses, this time with a powered up and hook filled song. === This weekend Katie Wood released 'Uh Huh Yeah' a self produced track that focuses on her struggle with agoraphobia and doing so with a fine musical arrangement and her stylish vocals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grizzly Coast - End Of The Night. From the imaginative, yet highly-analytical mind of Alannah Kavanagh comes Grizzly Coast, the Toronto-based indie rock project with heavy-hitting instrumentation that tears up the stage and heavy-lifting lyrical narratives that compel you to think deeper. Formerly performing as an acoustic singer-songwriter, Kavanagh wears her expansion into full-band territory well on the brand new Party of One EP. Grizzly Coast’s newest single, “End of the Night,” is about leav