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Sunbather - Lenkie - Hausers - Sunburn

Sunbather just released 'Wide Open' and the Brisbane dream-pop duo serve up a smooth flowing song with some gorgeous atmospheric vibes. === Today Lenkie shares 'Trouble' where the 17-year-old South African artist (living in New York) impresses with some mature soulful modern pop. === Hausers recently shared 'Phoung Mai' and the Milan, Italy based four piece band deliver some powerful and expansive indie rock. === Sunburn are a Dublin based band whose latest song 'Jump The Gun' has already gained them some deserved attention, the track is a solid rocker with plenty of natural passion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunbather - Wide Open. Brisbane dream-pop duo Sunbather have returned with their second single ‘Wide Open,’ an emotive song about finding closure. The first song written for their upcoming debut EP Brown Bread set for release on Friday 26th June, ‘Wide Open’ features lightly

Slow Soak - Yard Arms - Roly Witherow - Marin Patenaude

Today Slow Soak have released their new E.P Mostly Fine which comprises of five new songs and the band test the boundaries of indie rock with sonic clarity, emotion and creative style. === Yard Arms new single 'Mantra' is impressive, the Bristol-based transatlantic duo mix powerful pop with rock sensibilities and a bus load of passion. === A couple of weeks after we first featured him Roly Witherow is back with 'Lord Franklin' a famous 19th century lament that's given a tasteful and intriguing modern feel. === Marin Patenaude shares 'Gone Blind' which opens as a gentle song that gradually builds into an expansive and atmospheric folk rock piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slow Soak - Mostly Fine (E.P). There is something that one may ask all over again: 'How do you feel?' – 'Mostly Fine', was Slow Soak's answer two weeks ago, according to the title of their last

Camille Delean - Moscow Apartment

Montréal-based singer-songwriter, Camille Delean has shared a video for her new single 'Go Easy' a beautiful track with a fabulously structured musical arrangement where the vocals rise above and occasionally become wrapped within the instrumentation. === Moscow Apartment just released 'Halfway' and the duo once again impress with their indie rock and particularly the gorgeous melodic vocals and harmonies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Camille Delean - Go Easy. Montréal-based singer-songwriter, Camille Delean, is today sharing her new single and video, ‘Go Easy’. Following on from The FADER and Line Of Best Fit-tipped single, ‘Fault Line (Late July)’, the new track poses as another glimpse at Delean’s sophomore album Cold House Burning which is due for release via the Hull, Québec-based artist-run label, E-Tron Records on June 5, 2020. Whilst becoming something of a staple on the East Coast Canadi

Velvet Vaughan - Phillip Michael Scales - Roddy Colmer

Velvet Vaughan shares her first single 'Sleep Walk' whilst she works on her debut album, the song combines alt rock with some country vibes and is very impressive. === Phillip Michael Scales song 'Find A Way' is both soulful and refined, as are the vocals and the musical arrangement allows his voice to shine through. === We have a video to accompany 'White Little Lights' by Roddy Colmer and it adds to the story line for what is a stunning and beautiful song. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Velvet Vaughan - Sleep Walk. Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Velvet Ray Vaughan has been surrounded by the music industry since she was conceived after her parents played a gig together at Dollywood. Her father, a legendary session guitar player and mother, a respected background singer and multi-instrumentalist, brought her on the tour bus when she was 6 months old. Vaughan grew up touring the c

Lesley Barth - Grizzly Coast - Bee Bee Sea - Rett Smith

Lesley Barth is back just a month after we featured 'Woman Looking Back at Me' with the new song 'Nashville' which mixes folk with a good hint of country and sounds beautiful. === Making her fifth appearance on Beehive Candy Grizzly Coast returns with 'Catch and Release' and it's another refined indie rocker where the melodic vocals shine. === We have to go back to 2017 for our only other feature for Bee Bee Sea however it's good our paths have crossed again with 'Daily Jobs' a fiery garage psych track amassed with hooks. === Rett Smith shares the second single, 'Hardship Highways,' from his upcoming album 'Giving Up On Quitting' and it's a lyrically reflective singer-songwriter piece with some good solid rock vibes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lesley Barth - Nashville. We are excited to share the second single, "Nashville" from NYC singer-so