Steve Miller Band - Live in New York 1975

Ahead of the 1976 release of the very popular album 'Fly Like An Eagle' Steve Miller spent a reasonable part of 1975 touring.

Having gone to Knebworth Park in England, in the summer of 1975, along with 100,000 other fairly typical 'raving and drooling' Pink Floyd fans, I was absolutely 'blown over' by the final band of the day prior to Pink Floyd, namely the Steve Miller Band.

This was my introduction to Steve Miller, and I have been after live material from that year, or tour ever since.

I have a recording of the Pink Floyd element of Knebworth 75, however the audio is very 'low tech' and I wonder if this particular festival is designated for the memories of those fortunate enough to have attended only.

Therefore I am delighted to have obtained a copy of Steve Miller live, from earlier in 1975 and in superb quality. I am not sure if this is a 'King Biscuit' FM broadcast, whatever it is an excellent recording. This then is The Steve Miller Band - Live At The Beacon Theatre, New York City, USA, during April 1975.

Source: Soundboard or FM stereo.

Sound Quality: Very good mp3@192kbps.

Set List:

1. Fly Like An Eagle 7:00
2. Wild Mountain Honey 5:00
3. Come On In My Kitchen 4:10
4. Goin' To The Country 3:12
5. Nothin' Lasts 3:28
6. Goin' To Mexico 4:09
7. The Joker 5:38
8. Take The Money And Run 4:15
9. Gangster Of Love 2:52
10. Your Cash Aint Nothin' But Trash 4:09
11. Shu Ba Da Ma Ma Ma Ma 6:14

Band Line Up:

Steve Miller: Guitars/Vocals
Gary Mallaber: Drums/Percussion
Lonnie Turner: Bass
Norton Buffalo: Harmonica
Joachim Young: Keyboards
David Denny: Guitars

Official Steve Miller Band material is available from their exclusive store HERE.

It's a rather ironic 'touch' that the bootleg cover above is 'lifted' from the following years album release, some say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, however you view it, this is an excellent show.

Replacement download link in comments (3rd January 2011).


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very nice choice. Miller at his finest.
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Thanks for sharing this. One of my favorite bands. Martin from Canada.
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thanx for the reupload!