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Midweek Muse: Kikagaku Moyo - Nick Blaemire - MOLLYANNA - The Company Stores

Kikagaku Moyo - In a Coil.

Background - Last week, Kikagaku Moyo released "In A Coil," the lead single, from their upcoming new EP. Their 5-track record 'Stone Garden' is set to come out April 21st, via Guruguru Brain. The band has recently announced their spring North American tour, to kick off in Philadelphia on May 2nd.

'Stone Garden' started in a basement studio in Prague with a nearly continuous session over several days and nights. The original concept was influenced by the raw and seemingly endless jams of psychedelic pioneers. The freeform songs that emerged from those sessions were refined over several months at the band's home in Tokyo where each song was sculpted into an uncommon form.

Compared to their relatively song based previous LP 'House in the Tall Grass,' 'Stone Garden' is a window into Kikagaku Moyo’s experimental side.  While improvisation is essential to their songwriting process it can take on many forms. This record enabled the band to experiment not only with instrumentation but also atonality and a playful approach to mixing.  The unexpected results have become five unique songs each woven together through the same process. Website here, Facebook here, tour dates on Beehive Candys tour page.

Musical sounds swirl around the hypnotic rhythm on 'In a Coil' whilst the vocals are softer and immersed in the mix. Trippy psych music that is just so engaging.


Nick Blaemire - She's You.

Background - New York City-based, “nerd soul“ artist, Nick Blaemire, shares his new single and music video, “She’s You” from his forthcoming release The Ampersand EP. The colorful choreography and 80s romance film inspired set is a fun look into Blaemire’s artistic mind.

Nick Blaemire’s upcoming solo release, The Ampersand EP, is a departure from his previous theater and television career. Punchland premiered the single, stating, “Every bit of this tune could easily cause one to walk the city streets and blend right in with it’s soulful bliss. Not a thing could bother a listener here. Pop and R&B merge well and the average Joe will linger on the subway just a bit more to stay in the musical dream even with that soft ending. Time to place on repeat” (Punchland). Check out the premiere here, and Punchland’s rave review of his set at Rockwood Music Hall here. With a performance at C’Mon Everybody on March 17th and an 80s teen romance inspired video on the way, Blaemire is one to keep eyes on. The Ampersand EP is due out in March 2017.

Stepping away from the Broadway stage, Blaemire is inspired by the wallflower, the underdog and that kid who doesn't yet have the guts to ask the girl out. His "nerd soul" vibe perfectly bridges classic soul with the innocence and cliche of 80s films - John Hughes, for example. Combining classic soul hooks with a pop energy, Blaemire’s collection of easily digestible tunes is not to be missed. Playing off of this character, Blaemire radiates positivity, bringing a new energy to the mainstream pop scene. Facebook here.

'She's You' is an infectious pop song with upbeat soulful vocals and a vibrant soundtrack. The music video catches and conveys the mood of the piece, it's now clear nerd soul rules, in the shape of Nick Blaemire.



Background - Raw, distorted guitars meet gritty synth and powerful vocals - MOLLYANNA are dark, dramatic and uncompromising. Their heavy sound and energetic performances make for an unforgettable live show.

MOLLYANNA have supported Joseph on their UK tour, and Kate Jackson, (formerly of The Long Blondes), appeared at Tramlines and won the 2016 SYFN award for Best Song in their annual music video awards.

 “Louder,” is a flawless track which we have really high hopes for. Everything from the effortless vocals to the overall composition of the song is perfect and we are excited to see it grow. Facebook here.

Slowly the power and drama unfolds as 'Louder' unleashes it's passion. The band provide energy and momentum occasionally adding melodic refrains. Vocals are poured out with passion and angst, there's a story to be told, and you will hear it!


The Company Stores - So Good.

Background - The Company Stores are proud to introduce "So Good", the first single from their upcoming sophomore LP, Little Lights (April 7th).  The band ventured to Echo Mountain Studios in Ashville, NC to begin the recording process with Grammy-winning Producer Julian Dwyer.  "So Good" features lead singer, Casey Litz's soulful, sultry vocals, a funky horn section, and a gritty backbeat that embodies the excitement of finding new love.  

Hailing from Charleston, WV, The Company Stores combine Appalachian folk influences with a progressive, electronic sound that isn't afraid to break boundaries and genre lines;  even delving into hip-hop and funk territory.  The band quickly made a name for themselves following their 2014 regionally acclaimed LP, Rollin' In.  The Company Stores continued to tour, grow their fanbase, and hone in the eclectic sound that would become the groundwork for their upcoming full-length, Little Lights. 

This is a band that will never lose touch with their roots.  The moniker refers to a store in Appalachian coal towns during the 19th and 20th century, where workers were paid in coal money or "scrip", leaving them with no exit from the mines. It is a metaphor for the band's mountain sound as well as a throwback to their heritage and the struggles of the common man. Little Lights will be available Friday, April 7th via independent release. Website here, Facebook here.

'So Good' is the only track I have heard from the forthcoming album and excuse this moment of weakness but so far, So Good (ouch). This one of those songs that just about covers all bases, it's musically tight and polished, the vocals are feisty and passionate, the hooks are constant and dig deep. In a word, magnificent.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

BeeVids: Kelly Lee Owens - Morganway - Midnight Vesta - Marina Maximillian

Kelly Lee Owens – Anxi.

Background - Kelly Lee Owens, the 28-year old London-based producer, is set to release her self-titled debut album, next Friday, March 24th via Smalltown Supersound. Additionally, Kelly is excited to present the music video (her first!) for “Anxi” ft. Jenny Hval. Directed by visual artist Kim Hiorthøy.

Before starting work on her self-produced, debut album, Kelly Lee Owens turned her keen ear towards dance music after working in a record store with techno producer Daniel Avery. Her voice and contributions can be heard on Avery’s Drone Logic. Since then, she self-released two white label 12”s, with last fall’s “Oleic” EP to follow.

Her self-titled solo album is first and foremost Owens’ vision — it bridges the gaps between cavernous techno, spectral pop, and Krautrock’s mechanical pulse, and it brims with exploratory wonder. It delves into a variety of moods - sadness, anxiety, and darkly shaded ecstasy - with a trippy-eyed clarity and confidence. Live dates on Beehive Candy's tour page, Facebook here.

Imaginative and addictive 'Anxi' mixes flowing beats alongside some creative musical ideas. Working around these are calm and smooth vocals, complemented by a song that is happy to alter speed and direction keeping the listener intrigued.


Morganway - My Love Ain't Gonna Save You.

Background - Morganway, the Norfolk five-piece pride themselves on the high standard of their engaging live performances, and they have caught the eye of a range of festivals. Subsequently, they recently headlined The Open's prestigious OH1 festival, in their hometown of Norwich, on the Banking Hall stage. Other early 2017 shows include London gigs at The Troubadour, The Islington and The Bedford, as well as a special headline performance at Cambridge’s muchloved Portland Arms.

Morganway are working towards the release of their second EP ‘The Hurricane EP’ on April 7th, following the glowing reception of their debut EP ‘No Tomorrows’ last year. The lead single ‘My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You’ exposes the band’s diversity with a deeper, grittier sound, whilst still maintaining the familiar roots influence that fans of the band have come to know and love. With its captivating, catchy hook and electric guitar-driven chorus, the band’s sound bends into the pop terrain breaking genre boundaries to craft an irresistible fusion sound.

“Some songs are written exactly as they end up, others go on journeys. ‘My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You’ is definitely a traveler. The guitar riff and main melody came first, other parts were gradually discovered. I really like the vocals at the end, so much is happening all at once it feels like it’s going to explode. I think the song is all about that tension. The lyrics leave room for interpretation, but the idea is simple; you’re on your own. It asks questions but gets no answers… a bit like love really!” Facebook here, website here.

'My Love Ain't Gonna Save You' has something of a modern folk feel to it, with plenty of energy. Notable vocals and harmonies are supported by the bands tight and confident music.


Midnight Vesta - Moving Day.

Background from Midnight Vesta - Life is about managing the twists and turns that you encounter day-to-day.

The date of birth, the date of death, and the “dash” in between: the loss of loved ones, failed relationships, and the prospect of new ones. It's all about transition. With that in mind, Moving Day felt like the appropriate lead single from our new album.

‘Seconds’ was recorded in an auto garage tucked deep inside Toronto's east end, and mastered by Juno award winning engineer Siegfried Meier.

The resulting album is a sonic buffet of homegrown tunes that are fresh yet familiar. Facebook here, live dates on Beehive Candy's tour page.

Melodic and crisp sounding, 'Moving Day' is a refreshing indie pop or maybe rock song, with  reflective and thoughtful lyrics. The band come across as relaxed and capable, delivering a track that hopefully will tease a good few listeners towards their forthcoming album.


Marina Maximillian - My Boy.

Background - APE is a new kind of record label, with a new way of getting things done. Founded by Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box) and Eyal Gruenberg, APE Records is a hybrid between a production house, a music label, and a branding company. The label is set to release their debut EP, APE Vol 1, a compilation of the first three singles with studio and live versions, on March 24.

The primal creative force behind all APE projects is producer Tamir Muskat, founding member and drummer of Balkan Beat Box, as well one of Israel’s leading music producers. Muskat’s production credits outside of BBB include Asaf Avidan’s last two albums, Different Pulses and Gold Shadow, J.U.F. (Gogol Bordello), Firewater, and much more. Eyal Gruenberg, co-founder of APE Records, is as business-minded as Muskat is creative. “The difference between APE and traditional labels is that we don’t release albums – only singles,” Gruenberg says. “And most songs are in English, so they have international appeal, but don’t get pigeon-holed as ‘world music’.”

When APE launched, the producer wanted to challenge himself and his collaborators to exceed what they’d created in the past. “Making beats and combining sounds from all over was already part of my DNA,” Muskat says. “But I was looking for a path to the next level.” The search took time.

“My Boy” from Mariana Maximilian was the first release by the new label. Maximilian and Muskat wanted a vintage-sounding sample for the song, so the producer recorded and re-recorded into a tape machine until he found the perfectly damaged sound. Tamir's crazy beat painted a scene in my head, some mysterious environment with lots of action and movement," Marina says. The singer was several months pregnant while working on the single. "My unborn baby was always on my mind," she says. Through the writing process, Marina discovered the theme: carrying love from the inside to the outside. "I felt the melody should be a bit childish and repetitive. I guess the song is about the adventure that is life, but also the hidden dangers."  Label site here.

The EP comprises of: Marina Maximilian – My Boy
Loco Hot Feat. A-WA – I’m A Tribe
Renno Feat. Hen & Gili – Perfect Is Dead
Marina Maximilian – My Boy (Live in The Jungle Version)
Loco Hot Feat. A-WA – I’m A Tribe (Live in The Jungle Version)
Renno Feat. Hen & Gili – Perfect Is Dead (Live in The Jungle Version)

Taken from the labels compilation EP 'My Boy' is a very good indication of the vibrant and creative sounds that APE Records have gone in search of. Mixing eclectic creativity with plenty of hooks and stylish vibes, the six songs suggest they are on to something very good here.

 Plus a little 'extra something' for our discerning and appreciative friends here

Monday, 20 March 2017

Charlie Straw - People Flavor - Onesie - D'Yer Mak'er

Charlie Straw - All I Know.

Background - Originally from the Wirral and now based between Leeds and London, Charlie's music sits somewhere between Blues and Folk. Taking inspiration from artists including Justin Vernon and Jeff Buckley right through to Howlin' Wolf and Etta James, his sets consist of calming songs mixed with a dark, soulful edge.

His main objective is to connect with his audience in a way that is both intimate and epic. This is an objective he has taken to places as far as Thailand, to inmates in a prison and a school for the blind. Discovering how his music sits with these different groups of people has helped to shape him as an artist.

Alongside sessions for BBC Leeds and BBC Introducing, he has supported artists such as James Morrison, James Bay, Nathaniel Rateliffe and Marika Hackman, as well as numerous UK festivals. Charlie has an extremely exciting time ahead, with his debut UK tour in April and then a summer full of festivals such as Citadel, The Great Escape and Hit The North. Facebook here.

'All I Know' is a very fine introduction to Charlie Straw. The songs opening is gentle enough giving focus to some refined and earnest vocals. As the song builds both in layers of sound and intensity, I had one of those stop everything and listen moments. One song puts Charlie Straw firmly on my musical radar.


People Flavor - No Vox.

Background - People Flavor share their new track "No Vox", out now on Dangerbird Records. "No Vox" follows the first single "Shake Well" from People Flavor in Dangerbird's Microdose series.

People Flavor is a four-piece rock band from Montebello, California. While new on the scene, the band can trace its genesis back to a teenaged solo project dreamt up by frontman Fernando Andrade,  along with best bro Byron Turner joining the process soon after. The pair then recruited high school cronies Giovanni Padilla and Andrew Valdez, to become the collaborative effort they are today.   Since rounding out the lineup in 2015,  People Flavor have been busy playing shows at house parties, DIY venues and some of Los Angeles’ most notable musical mainstays such as The Bootleg Theater, CIA, and Los Globos.

Continually crafted through the writing and recording process, their distinct sound incorporates jazz chords with post and dance-punk elements, delivering it all with 80’s new wave sensibility. The boys are heavily influenced by slinky Spanish rock and the refined cool of British tunes, evoking a likeness to both an Hispanic Duran Duran and early Radiohead. Contrasting with their dance-inducing grooves, the lyrics tend to focus on the more melancholic aspects of life and love, magically manipulating you into feeling good about being sad. Ultimately, People Flavor is a sonic experiment in self-expression geared towards finding yourself in others and finding the others in yourself. Dangerbird here.

We featured the last single from People Flavor and the latest offering 'No Vox' is at the very least, of equal calibre. Vocals and harmonies are delivered in a lazy, hazy style, above a beautifully loose and melodic soundtrack, although attention to detail suggests the band have developed the style to add a further element of cool. Fabulous song!


Onesie - Ballad of the Boomerang.

Background - Onesie is the musical moniker for Brooklyn-based songwriter Ben Haberland (ex The Isles). Stitching together vivid, hooky guitar pop anthems from scraps of British pop, American punk, and Classic rock, the band deals in the currency of anthems written on the voyage toward modern adulthood. The live band, formed in 2013 with fellow scene survivor Zack Fanelli (ex Man Without Plan), wields a visceral dynamic reminiscent of the pair’s early days in the DIY punk scene. Their debut album Leos Consume is due on May 12.

The project began as a collection of power pop demos recorded solo in Haberland’s bedroom. In 2013, fellow scene survivor Zack Fanelli (ex Man Without Plan) came onboard to form a live band that would wield a visceral dynamic reminiscent of the pair’s early days in the DIY punk scene. After playing shows at Grand Victory, The Gutter, Subculture, Trash Bar, Glasslands, Matchless, The West, and Cake Shop, the group descended into Mollusk Studio in Bed-Stuy to record the songs what would become their debut album, Leos Consume.

Basic tracks were recorded over a freezing February weekend. As Winter turned to Spring, Haberland and Fanelli continued overdubbing in spontaneous bursts; adding vocals, fine tuning guitars, and layering keyboards in their practice space. After returning to Mollusk to mix the following Summer, the record was mastered by Brooklyn whiz Josh Bonati, renowned for his work with Captured Tracks. Facebook here.

Whilst the song 'Ballad of the Boomerang' has been around for some time, it is now acting as a foretaste of May's debut album. There is a refreshing feeling to the song, that sits somewhere between pop and rock, and the video helps convey the mood of the song, and for me it's a good mood.


D'Yer Mak'er - Illicit Renegades.

Background - D'yer Mak'er was established early 2016 in the small town of Paterson, NSW. It started as a trio, with Tim Howell, Ben Youngman and Tom Turner, writing electronic reggae fused with rock. It wasn’t long until Alex Dorn and Michael Chilcott joined in late 2016, this was when D’yer Mak’er was truly born. D’yer Mak’er became Tim Howell on lead vocals, Ben Youngman on bass, Alex Dorn & Tom Turner on guitar and Michael Chilcott on drums.

Taking their individual influences from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sticky Fingers, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Jimi Hendrix and many many more. D'yer Mak'er honed their skills and after several months, played their first gig at the Oxford Art Factory in late 2016.

D'yer Mak'er are due to release the first single, ‘Illicit Renegades’, off their upcoming ‘Moonshine Divine’ EP. One of the first songs they’ve written ‘Illicit Renegades’ is a reggae infused rock song, drawing it’s sound from all their major influences. The bands ‘Moonshine Devine’ EP explores the whole range of elements that the band has to offer. D'yer Mak'er are currently in full swing, working on their debut album, in which they’re aiming to release later this year. ‘Illicit Renegades’ will be in Digital Stores on the 31st of March, ‘Moonshine Divine’ EP by D'yer Mak'er will be released 14th of April 2017. Facebook here.

Bright and sweeping guitars, a funky almost reggae style beat, and then a more alt rock feel as the song fully opens up, hopefully conveys the rich array 'Illicit Renegades' is awash with. With a single like this leading the way, the EP should be a good one.


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sunday Rock: Mick Clarke - Blood Command - KNIFEY - Varvara

Mick Clarke - Smokestack Lightning.

Background - Mick began his career with Killing Floor part of the British blues boom of the late 60s. The band backed Texas blues guitar star Freddie King and toured with legends such as Howlin' Wolf and Otis Spann. In the 70s Mick co-formed SALT, a powerful four piece band which was a big hit on the UK club and college scene, opened for Muddy Waters in London and played at the Reading Festival.

The Mick Clarke Band was formed in the early 80s and Mick has become an established name on the European scene, touring regularly in every country from Finland down to Italy, plus tours in the USA and Asia. Praised for his fiery "straight from the wood" guitar sound, he has appeared on numerous festivals with artists such as Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter and Joe Bonamassa. The Southern California Blues Society called him "one of the finest blues players to come out of England". Mick is the winner of the 2014 "best international act" from, India.

The new album "Diggin' Down" is released March 2017 - new European festival dates TBA.  The album features 13 tracks - ten MC originals plus versions of the Wolf classic "Smokestack Lightning", Elvis Presley's "Any Place Is Paradise" and the country evergreen "Sweet Dreams". Recorded here at Rockfold Studio, 2016 / 17. Website here, Bandcamp here.

From the brand new album we have the classic track 'Smokestack Lightning' given the Mick Clarke treatment. From the opening track (Dry Road Blues) the albums kicks in with driving and passionate blues rock, with Mick's vocals totally immersed in the moment. The pace varies across the collection of thirteen songs, the blues rock in consistently delivered with passion and skill. Guitar breaks are relevant rather than indulgent, and a robust level of emotional involvement is there throughout, which for me meant I was quickly lost in the music and loving it. Blues rock fans, this is a must have!


Blood Command - Quitters Don't Smoke.

Background - Blood Command have released the second single from their forthcoming album 'Quitters Don't Smoke'. Speaking about the single the band said, “If you quit smoking you’re a quitter, right? And no one wants to be a quitter,” says singer Yngve Andersen. “This song is about judging others. Minding the splinter in others eye, and deny the f-ing  forrest in your own. It’s also about lost impossible love and the road it leads to destruction

After two albums, numerous EPs and four radio hits, Blood Command are hungrier for success than ever. The sound still has the distinct fingerprint of producer and songwriter Yngve Andersen: Sharp and challenging, but still so universal and seductive that you will throw your hands in the air and run into the crowd before the first chorus ends. Since the last album, Andersen has received wide recognition in Norway as a successful producer and is responsible for several local hits. But Blood Command remains his favourite pet and Cult Drugs might be the point where all of his talents finally hit their zenith.

The band's previous album, ‘Funeral Beach’ (2012) received a 5/5 in Kerrang (who also placed them at no. 8 in their end of year list), 9/10 in Rock Sound, 5/6 in most Norwegian broadsheets. Metal Hammer UK awarded the album a 9/10, saying that Blood Command is one of the best they have heard in recent years. In 2010, Blood Command was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy for their debut album ‘Ghostclocks’.

Blood Command have played numerous festivals such as Roskilde, Nova Rock in Austria (where they shared the stage with, among others, Iron Maiden) and The Great Escape in Brighton, where they won the "Best Concert of the Year" in Artrocker Magazine. New album pre-order here.

Your straight into a wall of rocking sound and energy with 'Quitters Don't Smoke'. Feisty and intense vocals hold their own against a band who clearly love to make some rock'n'roll noise, doing so with wild abandonment and style.


KNIFEY - Tanlines.

Background from the band - Cutting through the bleak twilight of winter in Toronto, we've put together ‘Tanlines’ which is a nostalgia-fuelled chronicle of better, warmer - and more naked - times. With desperate energy, the song reaches for the not-too-distant memory of a lover’s touch made soft by seawater and tropical air. The song’s essence is certainly fantasy material for blurry late night trips on decrepit streetcars. It'll be on our upcoming LP, out this September.

Our new LP is a wash of reverb, the nostalgic longing for the ideal California lifestyle and the often dour reality of urban life are blended into a mélange of surf riff-driven chord progressions.

We're calling out for a more simple life free from the tedious complications of the modern world and we hope that you'll join us. Facebook here, Bandcamp here.

Sub two and a half minute surf punk comes in the shape and sound of 'Tanlines'. It's a short, sharp, musical assault, with hooks digging in deep and a sing along chorus, to leap about and sing along to.


Varvara - Weatherman.

Background - Varvara from Finland celebrates their 10th anniversary with a brand new single called ”Weatherman” to be released 17th March worldwide via their own label and musicians collective Haminian Sounds. The new single follows the turbo charged triple-guitar powerpop path found on their third album ”Death Defying Tricks” released last year. The new single is the first official release captured live in the bands career and it was recorded and mixed by Lauri Eloranta (Disco Ensemble, Pää Kii!, Melrose, Damn Seagulls etc.). Single will be available in digital formats and limited edition 7” vinyl.

”We got loads of material for album 4. Theres so much of it that we decided to record an extra single. So we went to studio with Mr. Lauri Eloranta and did it - Live! It’s 10 years of rocking and 4th album coming out this year. It will be great. It will be spectacular! There will definitely be a party! We are also gonna do some gigs during the spring. We'll let you know some specific dates later. Keep your eyes and ears open!” - Mikko Kiri

The bands third full length album ”Death Defying Tricks” was released in Finland in January 2016 via the bands own Haminian Sounds imprint. Produced by the band themselves the album was mixed in Stockholm by Pelle Gunnerfeldt, who’s best known from his work with many international success stories such as The Hives and Refused. The album got great response in media with rave reviews and for the first time in the bands history the music was also released and promoted outside the Finnish borders. ”Death Defying Tricks” was released in Germany and in the UK in the end of 2016 and have got great feedback from leading rock and alternative music media such Classic Rock, SLAM!, Clash and others. During January 2017 the band also made their first shows in Germany.

Varvara is currently preparing to record their 4th full-length album for late 2017 release. During the Spring the band will play couple of live shows in Finland and abroad. The first date for the Spring was at Pintandwefall record release party at Suisto in Hämeenlinna yesterday. More dates will be announced later together with a music video for Weatherman single. Website here, Facebook here.

'Weatherman' is energised alt rock, that packs emotion and feeling alongside some slick and potent musicianship, and vocals that were seemingly just built for the music.