Friday, 20 January 2017

Weekend Wonders: VOWWS - Her Harbour - Kambui Chui-Moore - Lowlands - Tuffet Bunnies - Atticus Chimps

VOWWS - Heartbreaker.

Background - With their new single, “Heartbreaker,” VOWWS veer into the wrong lane - and smash backwards into Pop. The new single was released this week, coinciding with their North American tour in support of British post-punk band White Lies.

A flash-grenade of musical justice, “Heartbreaker” opens with the layered ramblings of a mad man - before exploding into an urgent groove of cascading beats, vertical guitars and a guiding, screaming synth - a musical offering that pummels you over the head with a sick smile on its face.

"We wanted this song to be a window into casual insanity. It's war music for peaceful people cos when everything looks the same, it's harder to choose,” says Matt. Heartbreaker was produced by the duo and Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Fear Factory, Youth Code). Their second album, the follow up to 2015's 'The Great Sun,' is due mid-2017.

Australian duo VOWWS met while studying music in Western Sydney. They played in multiple prominent experimental rock bands together and quickly became fixtures in Sydney’s underground music scene. It didn't take long for the duo to become restless however, and soon enough they packed up, said goodbye to Australia and moved to Brooklyn NY in 2011 - where where they began writing music together with full focus. Website here and Facebook here.

A thumping rhythm kicks in and 'Heartbreaker' is underway. Dark and moody in part, the song also develops a more melodic feel as it progresses, whilst the vocals are absorbed into the atmosphere.


Her Harbour - Chime and Knell.

Background - The song comes from her new LP Go Gently Into The Night, which will be released on February 3rd via E-Tron Records.

Gabrielle's thoughts on how the song is filled with the spectre of death, surrounded by the passing winter:

“Chime and Knell” is about the juxtaposition of life and death in the spring. I began writing it in the last stretches of the winter, when the snow was first melting and the dormant land was beginning to thaw. In a season that had always seemed abundant with life, I felt haunted by death; I saw it in the landscape and everything that surrounded me. I ultimately found peace in understanding the importance of loss to life renewing itself and hoped to convey that sentiment with “Chime and Knell”. Website here, Facebook here.

Second time around on Beehive Candy for Her Harbour this time with 'Chime and Knell'. last time we stated "a beautiful and tender song, where Gabrielle Giguère's wonderful vocals are supported by a haunting piano lead background". This is clearly something Her Harbour can deliver over and over as this charming song demonstrates.


Kambui Chui-Moore - Confier.

Background - Kambui Chui-Moore is thrilled to share his debut full length album Confier this week. Confier means “entrust” in French. Kambui delivers heartfelt lyrics covering themes of identity, vulnerability, and the fear of what’s next. Taking cues from James Blake and Kid Cudi, he creates otherworldly beats built on unconventional rhythms, sparse piano riffs, and multilayered vocals to be the emotive backdrop to his message. The production may seem minimal, but upon a repeat listen it’s clear that Kambui provides a nuanced complexity in his music that derives from his love of classical music. As his debut album, it’s clear that he’s holding nothing back.

Kambui Chui-Moore was born in Houston to a pastor and early childhood educator where music was the backdrop of their lives. From James Brown to Mahalia Jackson, music was always playing in their house but he was the only child of three to adapt his parents’ musical talents. Kambui first started playing drums in church when he was 7 and, with the help of his godbrothers, he began performing with local group Eternal Groove and played in his school’s concert and marching bands. Although Kambui came from a place of love and security, he never felt he had his own voice.

Upon new job opportunities, Kambui’s family moved to Detroit in 2001. It was here that he was forced out of his shell and expanded his musical tastes. Acts like Paramore and Evanescence first taught him about alternative song structures and inspired him to look at the science of music. He quickly became unimpressed with the structure of marching band and quit practicing drums throughout high school.

It wasn’t until he was at Michigan State University that Kambui began playing music again. His friends built a makeshift home studio and the group began making beats, recording, and freestyling any chance they got. Recording in that studio was a life changing experience for Kambui. He could take the music anywhere he wanted to with no restrictions. He had found his purpose and his voice. Kambui means “unafraid” in Swahili, and that he is. Facebook here.

'Confier' is one of five tracks I have heard by Kambui Chui-Moore, and on each occasion I have been struck by the intimate nature of the songs, and yet the atmosphere and detailed production adds so much additional depth.


Lowlands – Floating.

Background - Lowlands is an American bi-coastal music group based in NYC & San Diego, CA. Formed in NYC in 2014 by guitarist T.C. Garcia (of Mrs Magician) and vocalist Gabriel Spatuzzi, Lowlands play slow, dark, minimalist ghost-punk that draws inspiration from the likes of Rowland S. Howard and Ennio Morricone.

Recorded in fits and starts on two different coasts throughout 2014-2015, their debut album 'Lovers Blessings' is characterized by sparse droning arrangements and wistful, mostly ad-libbed lyrics that touch on themes of loneliness, isolation, architecture, sexual frustration & all forms of doubt (religious, self, etc).

Lowlands excellent debut album, Lovers Blessings, is now available on vinyl. This release is very limited (250 white LPs) so get 'em while they're hot here. Facebook here.

'Floating' reminds me in part of The Sisters Of Mercy with the vocals so deeply immersed in the mix. That said the band are no copycats, and this is one hook laden slow rocker, that pleads for another listen.


Tuffet Bunnies - Everything.

Background - Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Tuffet Bunnies is excited to share the music video for his single "Everything" off his debut release Love Songs For Scarlett EP. The video sees Clem Darling enjoying a day at the park surrounded by loving couples, an acrobat, and a sparkly butterfly. The video perfectly depicts the charming, happy-go-lucky love song.

Tuffet Bunnies is the alias for Clem Darling's musical whims. He's from the American northeast, born in Boston, MA and grew up in Albany, NY. His father is a surgeon. His mother is a therapist. He played music in the northeast for awhile, from ages 10-18, mostly making music reminiscent of Unicorns and Pavement. Clem then moved to Los Angeles to attend film school. After graduating, he moved to Austin, TX and played a lot of live music in garage rock bands. Then, Clem moved back to Los Angeles because he fell in love with an acrobat and burlesque performer who inspired this debut album of love songs.

The quirky nature of the video aside, 'Everything' is one cheerful melodic song that can surely put a smile on your face, with or without a clown juggling!


Atticus Chimps - Illusion.

Background - Atticus Chimps formed in November 2015. Founding members Theo and Sam are cousins who have played casually as a duo since their teenage years. Kerrod was a friend of Sam’s who had only started playing drums earlier in the year. The band played 3 small gigs together, in front of crowds no bigger than a classroom, before recording a 5 track EP, Hug Me ’Til You Drug Me in July 2016. After recording the EP Kerrod departed the band to move overseas, and Theo and Sam enlisted new member, Jordan, to fill in on drums; he has become an integral part of the group ever since.

The first single from the EP, “Illusion” was recorded at Tall Poppy Productions in July 2016 and was engineered by Nathan Woodrow. After writing several dark and edgy songs, the band started leaning more towards writing a song that was optimistic and uplifting - something that would make people feel good. “Illusion” has all the melodic qualities of a melancholic 90s rock song, while incorporating lyrics that touch on the all too familiar experience of growing up and living in a never ending state of perpetual change and confusion. “Dwell on the past, it only exists in your head.”

The song attempts to sooth anxieties and past regrets, while having a mindset that is happy and content with the present moment. The EP ranges from slow, calm and melodic love songs to angry, progressive, emotionally charged anthems that convey dissatisfaction and alienation from authority, bearing the influence of their Punk roots. Facebook here.

'Illusion' is a refined and smooth flowing alt rock song given some edge by the vocals. The band keep things tight and straight and there are a good few hooks thrown in along the way.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

BeeVids: Christina Rubino - MILCK - Hippo Campus - Crane

Christina Rubino - Down To The Sea.

Background - Brooklyn singer/songwriter Christina Rubino has a new video for a song entitled "Down to the Sea", off her upcoming full length album ''Godspeed and Guns" set for release on Valentines Day -February 14th 2017.

With the release of the Godspeed & Guns album, Christina Rubino brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with addictive progressions, soulful vocals, and an alternative edge, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems. Though the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds it all together, much like a concept album would. Most importantly, the record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.

In 2008, Rubino joined the all-female group Violator, a NYC based Depeche Mode cover band, as the lead guitarist. Throughout her time with the band, she loved the excitement of travel and live performance, but always longed to return to making original music. 2009 marked the transition by members of Violator to Josephine, an all-female trio in which Rubino, lead vocals and guitars, wrote and collaborated with drummer Tracy Thompkins (Aerial Love Feed, Violator) and bassist Leigh Regan (Violator). After releasing an EP with Josephine in 2009 under Feed that Baby Records, Rubino went on to write and record her debut solo record, Alive From The Scrap Heap in 2014 before returning to the studio for her 2016 Godspeed & Guns release. Facebook here.

The combination of Christina's soulful vocals and the driving piano on 'Down To The Sea' makes for a very atmospheric anthem. Adding in the supporting arrangement gives the song additional warmth, ensuring this is a memorable track. New album in February!


MILCK - Quiet.

Background - After MILCK’s first single, “Devil Devil,” hit over 1 million streams on YouTube, landed on multiple TV shows and films including The Royals, Marco Polo, Lucifer, and Pretty Little Liars, and garnered her a spot on Shazam’s Watchlist, the Los Angeles-based artist found that her rebellious voice was gaining momentum. Her next single, “Quiet,” was released via iTunes and Spotify on January 18th, and feels perfectly timed as our newly elected leader has sought to silence any criticism he has faced and his egregious comments about women and minorities continue to circulate.

“Quiet” is a rally cry for men and women to not be afraid of their truth. It is MILCK’s self-proclaimed “thesis,” which she wrote as a rise against her own history of physical and sexual abuse, alongside pressures to fulfill commodified standards of beauty. “With this song, I feel like I'm finally allowing my truest inner self to be expressed," she says. "In this time of fear, propaganda and discrimination, it is critical for our individual and collective voices to be heard. With this song, I’m saying I am NOT the woman who is going to stay quiet where there are figures who promote oppression. I want to encourage others to give a voice to whatever they may have silenced, political or personal.” Facebook here.

'Quiet' is a wonderful song, that builds around a hook laden melody and the passionate and determined vocals of Milck. The piece follows the message of 'Quiet' in as much as, it's anything but, by the end. 


Hippo Campus - way it goes.

Background - Fresh from a breakthrough 2016 which saw them announce their debut record, ‘landmark’ Hippo Campus have unveiled ‘way it goes’ and its accompanying music video.

The single follows Hippo Campus recent critically acclaimed AA-side release ‘boyish/monsoon’, which marked the band’s first studio recordings in over a year and picked up substantial support from the likes of Annie Mac, Greg James, Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq, NPR and more, whilst the tracks currently sit on over 1,000,000 combined Spotify streams.

One of the band’s most immediate songs to date, ‘way it goes’ is an exploration of the human condition and self perception, whilst considering the idea that the culture of cool is rapidly becoming something of a religion in its own right.

Discussing the track, Hippo Campus offered the following; "Set in early spring on a frozen lake in Cumberland Wisconsin, "way it goes" was a moment of clarity; a realization that we are comedy. We exist in a world where our main news source is a social media website. Materialism is our dogma. We seek to control the way our peers perceive us. We engage social issues as a backdrop for our personal drama. It’s the rare moments when we can escape from this artificial reality, that really matter." Website here.

Back in October of last year we described a Hippo Campus song as having "charm, energy, melody and enough hooks to explain the bands success so far". The new song 'way it goes' not only endorses that opinion, it moves it on some, with another fabulous and very catchy song.


Crane - Fast Life.

Background - “For a long time, Crane was just me recording songs in my room,” says the band’s frontman, Bobby Crane, “and it probably would have stayed that way if I hadn’t believed in what I was doing enough to leave my bedroom and get into the studio.”

Crane had it’s genesis in early 2016 at The Abstract Recording Studios in Los Angeles, when Bobby Crane began recording his debut EP with the help of young producers Mark Einhorn (former member of Portugal. The Man) and Jesse Rhodes. The interpersonal and creative synergy between the three was undeniable, and they knew they were on to something worth pursuing. Shortly after, Crane recruited drummer Billy Parks, and the four got to work on their live performance.

Fear of Flight, Crane’s debut EP, has a distinctly recognizable sound while also seamlessly incorporating elements from a wide variety of genres throughout the record, from electronic to hip-hop to punk. The band has been tirelessly working on the record for over a year, and is proud to begin their collective venture into the Los Angeles music scene and beyond.

Get a taste of Bobby Crane's ability to tell a vivid story through his lyrics with "Fast Life," a track that describes the quintessential tale of a girl who moves to Hollywood with stars in her eyes to chase attention and fame. Her life soon takes a grim turn, though, when she finds there is nothing below the glittering, superficial surface of stardom. In our era of obsession with likes and follows, the track can't help but feel relevant. Fear of Flight will be available on March 10th, 2017! Facebook here.

I do enjoy a fine storytelling song and 'Fast Life' is all of that and more. The melody and infectious vocals of Bobby Crane give the song it's edge, the forthcoming EP sounds like a good one.


The Dream - Get Dreamy (1967 Album Reissue).

The Dream - Get Dreamy (Round 2) 3 March 2017.

Background - From the somewhat sparse, yet unique catalogue of adventurous, high-quality rock music coming out of Scandinavia in the late 60’s, the sole album ‘Get Dreamy’ by The Dream has been one of the most hunted treasures. Originally released in 1967, the album proves that the youth of Norway were just as happy swinging as their Blighty cousins. It also marks the beginning of guitar legend Terje Rypdals journey from beat music and pop into new musical territories, which would ultimately lead him to become a key player in the European jazz world.

Any album that opens with a track (‘Green Things’) describing the heartbreak of aliens abducting your love, is clearly out of this world. But ‘Get Dreamy’ somehow fits there, and it doesn’t feel alarming when it takes you with it. Getting lost in the cosmos and making a great time out of it was the aim in ’67 and The Dream follow the tradition well. Having clear references to The Beach Boys (Driftin’), Floyd (‘Aint No Use) as well as some truly lust-filled riffs that sound like unreleased Hendrix tracks from a lost session, The Dream’s highly personal and almost fearless take on free rock and psychedelia was, actually, the first of its kind in Norway. With elements of jazz, glam horror (Hey Jimi), hazy sounding pop and the occasional whimsical Vaudeville-vibes so typical of 1967, it is a special slice of vinyl from the era.

Round 2 proudly presents this rarity and true Norwegian classic, remastered from the original tapes and with liner notes written by Rypdal aficionado and guitar ace, Reine Fiske (Dungen, The Amazing).

Comprising of ten tracks the reissue of 'Get Dreamy' takes us back to 1967, a time when a good number of bands were beginning to test the conventional pop music boundaries and psychedelia, was well into its first flourish of experimentation. The Dream however seemed to have already absorbed much of those values which is notable across the album, however the riff driven full on rock adds considerably more to the album. So there were most people in Great Britain thinking the Norwegians were still churning out their Nordic folk music, and it turns out they were having their own little summer of love...


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Midweek Muse: Analog Candle - The Captain's Son - Big Wreck - Alexandria - Low Island

Analog Candle - Trier.

Background - Analog Candle are pleased to share the first single from their upcoming EP. Hailing from New York City via England, Chicago, New Orleans and Boston – Analog Candle is an expressionist, avant-garde dream-pop collective formed by producer and songwriter Callum Plews.

Originally from England, Callum was inspired to create Analog Candle after collaborating with an array of musicians while living in the magic and bustle of New Orleans. The project began over six years ago, after Callum realised he was more comfortable with the concept of others performing and interpreting his creations than he was embodying them completely himself. Bringing together performers from the realms of avant-garde, folk and emo, the initial group began recording at Callum’s bedroom studio, and self-released a number of songs online under the moniker, Analog Candle (a reference to the Arcade Fire album ’Neon Bible’).

Influenced by the early albums of Animal Collective and Broken Social Scene, experimental-pop outfit Xiu Xiu (Callum has worked with Angela Seo in the past), acts like Arcade Fire, Beach House and the surrealist and absurdist creations of literary heavyweights like Haruki Muramaki, Franz Kafka and Sylvia Plath - the ‘art-rock’ collective is also largely dedicated to the hybridization of pop music and production technique. In this way, after settling in NYC, the Winter ’15 EP became the culmination of a variety of cultural and musical viewpoints. Facebook here.

'Trier' is a gentle and very atmospheric song where the vocals and harmonies are a delight. Melodic and soothing, this really is a dreamy and warm song.


The Captain's Son - Walking Around Purposely.

Background - The Captain’s Son combines indie surf pop, beautiful layered harmonies and classic garage rock n’ roll. Taking influence from 60’s artists and modern indie groups, the band have succeeded in crafting a unique sound all their own.

The Captain’s Son is Paige Byrd, Jarred Hayden and William Hopkins. Together they have the ability to blend catchy warm guitar melodies, laid-back harmonizing vocals and upbeat drum rhythms, reminiscent of early California surf pop. Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, the band formed after Byrd and Hayden started playing together as teens. Hopkins later joined the band and after realizing they shared the same passion for music, it encouraged them to continue their journey together as The Captain’s Son.

The Captain’s Son’s latest self-titled release found inspiration from self-discovery, growth and the realization of having freedom to create your own path even in a time of chaos. Lead vocalist Byrd describes how the music was influenced by time, place and everyday experiences. He confesses, "anything from the culture, the weather, the scenery, or the people you're with will influence what we write”. The laid-back and care free approach to the EP was designed to encourage their fans to feel free, "free to do what you want and be who you want, realizing your mistakes and accomplishments, and embracing all of the ups and downs and uncertainties life brings you”. The group explain how the whole process of recording was a fun and loose-hinged pursuit, during a period where they would listen to underground and analog recordings, which ultimately resulted in the desire to capture that exact sound. Byrd explains, "If there wasn't vinyl on the record player, the radio was on or there was a tape in the tape deck. The warmth of that old analog sound constantly filled the room”.

The leading 'Walking Around Purposely' captures the three-piece’s signature sound with jangling guitars, catchy melodies and upbeat, driving drums. In ‘For Free’ the elements of fuzzed out psych rock are paired perfectly with soul pop harmonies. The Captain's Son self titled EP is set for release March 10th. Website here and Facebook here.

'Walking Around Purposely' is a delightfully uncomplicated track with the band coming across as laid back and comfortable. Well that's the case until around the halfway mark, when the energy levels are stepped up and the bands garage rock capabilities are put squarely in the listeners ears!


Big Wreck - One Good Piece Of Me.

Background - Multi-platinum selling Canadian rockers Big Wreck are set to return with “Grace Street”, an album that continues to build on the creative momentum of their two previous JUNO-nominated releases, “Ghosts” and “Albatross”. The first single to be taken from the new album is “One Good Piece Of Me”.

Co-produced by Garth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers), the sonic diversity on “Grace Street” is indeed stunning. Heavy grooving tracks such as the lead-off single “One Good Piece Of Me” and “Digging In” rub shoulders with the atmospheric “A Speedy Recovery” and the epic seven-minute instrumental “Skybunk Marché,” while other tracks feature added touches such as Miles Davis-style muted trumpet, wine glasses, a sample of a child’s heartbeat, and a Leslie speaker guitar solo recorded on a mountainside adjacent to Richardson’s B.C. studio. Facebook here.

Taken from the forthcoming 'Grace Street' album 'One Good Piece Of Me' sees the band demonstrating their rock'n'roll credentials with a mixture of power and melody. The album explores differing ideas with the band testing new boundaries and seemingly stepping up a gear or two on the creative front, and in fairness carrying this off with real style and passion.


Alexandria - Home.

Background - The Stockholm-based band Alexandria muddling through the post-ironic middle class obstinate age. Their semi-electronic pop weaves together playful groove with muffled rhythms. Out of their combination of intoxicated palm tree sensualism, heard in their previous hit ”Secret Beach”, and melancholy influences from job anxiety arises an exciting harmony.

In short: umbrella drinks meets ”back to the grind”.

The band has found an unconventional and dim world of sound of catchy melancholy, where shimmering synths engulfs the listener in a dream-like state. Alexandria has created their own sound where realism and escapism is in a state of equilibrium.

- "Most good videos we've seen involve dancing in some way, so we figured we should also give it a shot. We told Adam Tonér about the idea and he transformed it into this super nice video."

The single will be followed up by the album ”Bossa” which is their first full-length. ”Bossa” will be released January 26th 2017 on Lab259. After that, the band will embark on a tour of Sweden. Facebook here.

We featured Aexandria last November describing their music as melodic and expansive. 'Home' continues that trend, with some cleverly layered sounds that surround the vocals and drive the melody. 


Low Island - Recent.

Background - In the space of just three tracks, Oxford quartet Low Island have inspired glowing comparisons with the likes of Caribou and Radiohead, as well as earning Radio 1 airplay courtesy of Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart, and they’ve been added to Spotify UK’s Fresh Finds and New Indie Mix playlists.

Although still in their early twenties, Low Island share a rich and varied musical background which informs their current synthesis of styles. Carlos (vocals/guitar/keys), Jamie (vocals/guitars/keys/electronics) and Jacob (bass/keys) first played in an alt-rock band together in their teens before Carlos and Jamie instead embraced dance music with some success: they held a residency at The Warehouse in Leeds; DJed at festivals such as Glade and Gottwood; and their original productions received Radio 1 airplay.

Drummer and percussionist Felix adds another dimension to his bandmates’ background in live bands and electro. In addition to touring with the Grammy-winning jazz/rock/soul fusion collective Snarky Puppy, Felix has also performed with the band’s found member and pianist Bill Laurance.

Such reference points operate as a waypoint en route to a richer palette of sounds which encompass electronic and live elements while also balancing raw performances with carefully nuanced productions. Their influences include Arthur Russell, Caribou and Grizzy Bear. Facebook here.

Deep rich vocals are accompanied by a stripped back and potent rhythmic rock soundtrack. 'Recent' has the sound and calibre I would expect from a more seasoned band, it would seem fair to state that Low Island are ahead of the game in that respect!


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Quality Not Quantity: Freedom Fry - Gillies Daddy - Lesley Barth

Freedom Fry - Awake.

Background - Freedom Fry is about to release a ton of great new music to follow up last year’s “Shaky Ground” single which is approaching 6M plays on Spotify, leading up to their debut album, and here’s the first single of the year. Prior to the release, “Awake” has been synced already in a handful of places including the Netflix show “Love” and the film “Baby Baby Baby.”

The name “Freedom Fry” – a satire on French/US relations during the Iraq war. The French & American duo have racked up over 40 appearances on the music blog aggregator, including SEVEN Top 10s and TWO #1s. While independent, they’ve amassed over 20-million combined streams on Spotify & SoundCloud and received support across airwaves from radio tastemakers KCRW, KEXP, BBC Radio 2, Radio 6, SIRIUS XM, WXPN, RTL2, and beyond.

Freedom Fry’s music, which heavily bleeds the warmth and sunshine of their home state of California, skirts the lines between pop, folk and indie rock – always blended with danceable rhythms and a sing-a-long chorus. Website here, Facebook here.

There is nothing like a well produced bright and breezy indie pop song to lift the spirit and 'Awake' does that in style. Delicious harmonies and vocals and a hook laden melody makes this song really stand out.


Gillies Daddy - Mr. Robertson.

Background -  Straight from the frozen tundra of Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the sunlit shores of Los Angeles, California, came the two Canadians. They met in the confines of a summer session at United College, due to an aversion to math. They soon discovered an equally shared love of music.

Over the years the two have worked as songwriters, musicians and producers in both the film and music business. Through it all they have maintained their passion for melodic pop music. Culminating in this latest endeavour "Delusions of Grandeur", reflections of both writers weave in and out of the CD. John the optimistic, methodical one and Graham the moody, contemplative one- blended in more or less equal parts.

Hope is a necessary ingredient for any artist, and speaking as an emissary for the team, we hope that some part of this latest project touches you in some small way.

Delusions of Grandeur  is our 21st century evocation of the golden age of pop music , mainly the 60’s with an emphasis on the wonderful productions of the Beatles and George Martin though the influence of the Who , the Beach Boys , the Zombies and others can be heard throughout. It is designed to be listened in it’s entirety , complete with segues and transition pieces, That is perhaps a bit of an archaic concept in and of itself in this age of single downloads but we had a great time doing them nonetheless. Website here.

Although 'Delusions of Grandeur' has been around for a little while now, Nub Music have picked up on the duo and hopefully their wonderful music will reach a wider audience.  'Mr. Robertson' is typical of the wonderfully creative re imagining of all that was good about sixties pop music. Love it!


Lesley Barth - Just Like Summer.

Background - New York-based singer-songwriter Lesley Barth is a master of fusion.  The daughter of an opera singer and an actress, she grew up in a very musical and creative household, studying classical piano, devouring Romantic poetry, and swimming in 60s/70s pop, rock, and soul. Following a few years of teaching music in Philadelphia, Barth moved to New York City 5 years ago and has been consistently building a name for herself.

After performing around top NYC singer/songwriter venues for a few years and capturing audiences with her strong voice and compelling lyrics, she released her debut EP, “Good Like This,” as a surprise to her supporters on her 28th birthday in summer of 2015, quickly building a loyal and devoted fanbase off of its warm reception.  Only several months later, in partnership with OvationTV and Rockethub as part of their first “Creative Studio” of artists, she was able to crowdfund her first full-length album from the growing number of supporters who were hungry for more from Barth.

The album “Green Hearts,” out January 27th, 2017, was made at Brooklyn’s Mission Sound, where Barth recorded her debut EP in 2014.  Elements from disco, folk, country, blues, and retro pop have been woven together by themes of longing, soul-searching, and young love in her first full-length album. Website here and Facebook here.

The new album 'Green Hearts' is packed with melodic and creatively varied songs that are produced to a very high standard. 'Just Like Summer' showcases Lesley Barth's superb vocals with one of the more uptempo tracks in this high quality collection.